Best Antivirus Software: Find the Top Protection for 2020

If you don’t have anti-virus software on your personal computer, the odds are close to 100% that you will eventually suffer a cyber-breach. – Joseph Steinberg

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  • AI technology for scanning and data protection
  • Remote access to the system
  • 30+ years of experience
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  • Real-time protection
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  • Live scanning files as you access them
  • Detecting PC-based malware
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  • Real-time malware protection
  • Safe-browsing using Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Remote Firewall
  • Multi-device use
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  • Around-the-clock support
  • Strong privacy protection
  • Safe web browsing
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In today’s online world, you’re more connected than ever before, but also more exposed.

The number of ransomware, malware, and phishing attacks continues to rise, and attackers are finding increasingly innovative ways to prey on unsuspecting online netizens. You must protect yourself.

But, with so many anti-virus packages on the market, how can you know which one is best for you? Which ones will give you the protection you need, with the ease of use that you require, and a price that you can afford?

This site provides valuable data to help you choose an anti-virus solution – and, if you still have any questions after visiting the site, please feel free to contact us and we will get back to you.

Here are some of my top antivirus software candidates

The Best Antivirus Black Friday 2020 Deal

Bitdefender Black Friday

The Best Antivirus Deals This Week

    Intego Content Barrier X9
    Intego Mac Internet Security X9
    Total AV Antivirus Pro
    Total AV Internet Security
    Total AV Total Security
    Bitdefender Antivirus Plus
    Bitdefender Internet Security
    Bitdefender Total Security
    Bitdefender Premium Security
    $59.99 (List Price $79.99; save $20.00)
    $39.99 per year (List Price $49.99; save $10.00)
    $19.00 per year (List Price $99.00; save $80.00)
    $39.00 per year (List Price $119.00; save $80.00)
    $59.00 (List Price $149.00; save $90.00)
    $19.99 (List Price $39.99; save $20.00)
    $24.99 (List Price $59.99; save $35.00)
    $29.99 (List Price $79.99; save $50.00)
    $59.99 (List Price $139.99; save $80.00)

    Review Our Antivirus and Internet Security Brands 

    1. TotalAV
    2. PC Protect
    3. Norton Antivirus Plus
    4. Intego
    5. ESET
    6. McAfee
    7. MacKeeper
    8. 360 Total Security



    Operating Systems: Windows, iOS
    Top Features: Disk Cleaner, password vault, Malicious URL protection, protection for all platforms, web extension
    Pricing: $19


    • Solid phishing protection
    • Doesn’t use up much system resources


    • Advanced firewall protection with paid plans only
    • Can only be used on 6 devices

    Total AV has been a popular source for antivirus protection since it was founded back in 2016. Though it’s pretty new on the market, its key features and services, like malicious URL protection, availability for all platforms, and integrated web extension, easily compete with that of other more established providers.

     For just $19 a year, Total AV customers benefit from advanced, seamless antivirus technology that protects from issues like phishing, malware, and adware.

    PC Protect Antivirus

    PC Protect

    Operating Systems: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
    Top Features: Built-in VPN, performance optimization tools, ad blocking, digital password vault 
    Pricing: 1-year subscription starts at $24.95


    • VPN rated highly for usability
    • Includes great optimization tools
    • Easy to use and navigate


    • Can sometimes impact PC performance
    • May have too many features

    PC Protect stands out for its feature list, which despite perhaps being too extensive, does include some great value in addition to your antivirus protection. This includes a great VPN client which works well in most of my tests, as well as around the clock support that was able to answer most of my questions quickly and effectively.

    I was also pleased with how easy PC Protect was to use and configure, making it an ideal antivirus if you’re a beginner, or simply don’t want the stress of having to set up a complex application.

    Norton Antivirus Plus

    Norton Antivirus

    Operating Systems: Windows
    Top Features: Password manager, integrated VPN client, top-rated malware protection, global civilian intelligence network 
    Pricing: 1-year subscription starts at $39.99


    • Scored high in test lab benchmarks
    • Strong ransomware protection


    • Licenses only for a single device
    • Scans can slow down PC performance

    Norton has more than earned its reputation as one of the top antivirus tools on the market. The company consistently ranks at the top of the pack in tests, and I’ve found it to be easy to use and effective at keeping you safe.

    Additionally, Norton offers excellent browser protections including a URL blocker that keeps you safe from malicious sites and a VPN client to protect your privacy. Most importantly, it’s easy to use, so you can set it and forget it without having to stress about possibly getting attacked.



    Operating Systems: Mac, Windows
    Top Features: Firewall, real-time scanning, anti-spyware, anti-phishing, anti-Trojan
    Pricing: $39.99 Per month for 1 year


    • Real-Time Protection
    • Certified For iOS


    • IAdvanced VPN with paid plans only
    • Weak phishing protection

    Intego has been protecting systems with leading antivirus tools for more than 20 years. Not only is it simple to use but it’s proven effective at thwarting the ever-developing malicious programs that are on the web.

    With its enhanced firewall, anti-spyware, and anti-phishing features, it offers a solution that keeps its customers safe online. Just set it up and the software will operate in the background without any troubles, so you needn’t worry about anything. For just $39.99 a year, Intego customers can feel safe online.

    ESET Antivirus


    Operating Systems: Windows
    Top Features: Ransomware protection, cloud-based scanning, exploit blocking, UEFI scanner 
    Pricing: 1-year subscription starts at $39.99


    • Easy to set up and configure to your needs
    • Excellent added features including UEFI scanner
    • Control who accesses your devices


    • Device control can be complex
    • More geared for experienced users

    ESET is an excellent antivirus if you’re familiar with computers and want to customize your device’s protection to fit your needs. Although it may not include as many features as some competitors, ESET’s NOD32 antivirus offers robust protection that continues to be top-of-class.

    You can set how much access external devices can receive from your computer and have real-time protection while you browse the web with URL filtering.

    More importantly, the antivirus software doesn’t slow down your computer significantly while you’re running scans, so you can configure it and let it operate in the background.

    McAfee Antivirus


    Operating Systems: Windows, Mac
    Top Features: Ransomware protection, PC boost tools, password manager, digital file shredder 
    Pricing: $44.99 per year for a single device


    • Near perfect scores on zero-day and other tests
    • Easy to install and configure
    • Available on multiple operating systems


    • PC boost only works from chrome
    • Scans can sometimes take a while

    McAfee is perhaps the best-known antivirus brand on the market, and for good reason. The company’s antivirus software continues to perform among the best in the industry, and the offering is focused on providing top-notch support for its users.

    Most importantly, I found it refreshingly easy to use, from installation to configuration, and it will guide you through most of the complex settings. Additionally, McAfee offers a strong malware protection tool that keeps your computer free of nefarious software. 

    McKeeper Antivirus


    Operating Systems: Mac
    Top Features: Disk cleanup utility, adware cleaner, memory cleaner 
    Pricing: Starts at $7.95 per month for a 12-month plan


    • Affordable monthly subscription
    • Great optimization tools for your Mac
    • Good customer support


    • Some features are redundant
    • Memory cleaner has some issues

    With a focus exclusively on Macs, MacKeeper stands out for its streamlined and focused approach to protecting devices. The company’s antivirus software doesn’t include many features, but it does provide some useful optimization tools which can help you get a little more out of your computer.

    Additionally, it’s lightweight and incredibly easy to use. Once you’ve downloaded it, most of the installation happens with a single click, and MacKeeper will run scans equally easily.

    In terms of support, the company offers a great live chat feature and provides remote support which lets experts help you directly on your device. 

    360 Total Security

    360 Total

    Operating Systems: Windows
    Top Features: Password manager, integrated VPN client, top-rated malware protection, global civilian intelligence network 
    Pricing: 1-year subscription starts at $39.99


    • Scored high in test lab benchmarks
    • Strong ransomware protection


    • Licenses only for a single device
    • Scans can slow down PC performance

    With a growing user base and reputation, 360 Total Security offers a great tool for beginners who are starting to think about cybersecurity. The company’s antivirus software is designed to be easy to use and optimal for even the most basic PC specifications. It also includes a free version, though it does restrict many of 360 Total Security’s great features behind a paywall.

    You can also customize your scans to run faster ones, and even examine external storage devices as well. With a light system footprint, 360 Total Security is a great starter antivirus.

    The Best Free Antivirus Protection for 2020

    1. BitDefender
    2. Avast Antivirus
    3. Sophos Antivirus
    4. Kaspersky
    5. Avira

    BitDefender Free Edition


    Operating Systems: Windows, Mac, Android
    Top Features: Automated scans, anti-phishing tools, behavioral analysis scans


    • Quick scans and powerful detection
    • Easy to use and set up
    • Great URL blocker


    • Missing some of the more advanced malware protection tools
    • No scheduled scans

    One of the most impressive things about BitDefender’s free antivirus is that it’s the same one the paid version uses. This means that in terms of scanning and protection, you get the same top-rated service at no cost.

    Moreover, I found BitDefender easy to use and the interface quite intuitive. When you install BitDefender, you also receive access to the paid version’s core malware protection tools, which gives you an added layer of security. With great phishing protection included to boot, BitDefender free antivirus is a great choice.

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    Sophos Antivirus


    Operating Systems: Windows, Mac
    Top Features: Parental controls, anti-phishing tools, license for up to 10 PCs, remote management


    • Manage your device’s antivirus settings from anywhere
    • Runs quietly in the background with little impact


    • Not the most customizable software
    • Can’t schedule scans

    Sophos is a great choice if you’re looking to protect not just your own, but also your family’s devices. One of the best things about Sophos is that a single license covers up to 10 pcs. When combined with the company’s cloud-based remote-control tools and parental controls, you can easily set your family’s security settings and ensure their privacy is protected. Additionally, Sophos has rated well on some of the biggest industry benchmarks. Finally, the interface itself is easy to use, making it a great choice if you’re in charge of security, but aren’t a tech expert. 

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    Operating Systems: Windows
    Top Features: Real-time malware scans, phishing protection, email security, anti-spyware tools


    • A highly user-friendly interface
    • Perfect scores on anti-phishing and antivirus tests


    • No direct tech support for free users
    • Features are somewhat limited

    Kaspersky is another major name in the antivirus field, and its free offering doesn’t disappoint. The company’s antivirus software is known for its high performance and reliable scans, which have scored excellently on several industry benchmark tests. Additionally, its focused approach, which dispenses with some nifty features from the paid version, offers a no-frills and powerful tool to protect your PC. If you’re only interested in protecting your computer from attacks and can do without the bells and whistles, Kaspersky might be the right tool for you

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    Operating Systems: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android 786 786
    Top Features: Password manager, integrated VPN client, top-rated malware protection, global civilian intelligence network 


    • Low impact on your computer’s performance
    • Scored well on industry tests
    • Great malware protection


    • Anti-phishing tools could use some tuning
    • Browser protection only on Chrome and Firefox

    With an impressive 99.7% detection test on the demanding AV-TEST benchmark, Avira is one of the top free antivirus options on the market. The company’s clean and easy-to-use interface is ideal for beginners and can help you protect your computer easily. Additionally, Avira helps you manage your Windows Firewall to get the most out of it and offers a variety of scans that keep your device and data secure. I also liked to see that although it doesn’t come pre-loaded with a variety of features, Avira lets you quickly download additional tools to round out your security.

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    Best Enterprise Antivirus for 2020

    Antivirus for Enterprises


    Avast offers a highly customizable and intelligent stack of features that lets you create the right level of security for your business. With an intelligent firewall and compatibility with Windows, Mac, and Windows Server, you can quickly create a security net for your company. You can choose from both self-managed and externally managed antivirus tools to give your company the right IT support and easily manage your endpoint protection though the company’s easy to use console.


    With an eye toward future tech and providing a more adaptive security suite, Kaspersky provides tools for IoT networks, hybrid cloud setups, and endpoint security to ensure every step of a company’s technology stack is fully secured. The company’s real-time security also prevents unexpected attacks, both from malware and social engineering tactics such as phishing and spear phishing. You can also use the platform’s predictive tools to learn from attacks and prevent against future incursions.


    Norton’s Symantec enterprise suite is powered by the company’s civilian threat intelligence network and offers endpoint security in addition to advanced defenses such as memory exploit mitigation, advanced Machine learning tools, and deep scanning for all files entering the network to ensure your devices and data are always kept safe. The company also protects against zero-day attacks, as well as offer protection against social engineering attacks. 


    Avira offers endpoint and full business protection that covers both the client-side—your users—and the server-side to prevent attacks from any angle. The company offers a variety of scans that include malware, ransomware, and even exchange server protection, which keeps your email networks free from attacks and malicious software. The company also provides several levels of protection, which can help cover your business regardless of size.

    Trend Micro

    For enterprise customers, Trend Micro delivers a service that includes its hybrid cloud security, robust network defense, and endpoint security for users. The company’s services include intrusion prevention and protection against advanced threats, as well as specialized security for DevOps, cloud migrations, data centers, and even containers. For end-users, it includes email and web security, as well as SaaS application protection features and gateway safety.

    Best Antivirus for Small Business


    Symantec’s endpoint protection offers coverage for both Windows and Mac, as well as Windows servers, and includes easy setup, dynamic scalability, and strong malware and exploit security that covers most common attacks. With several awards for antivirus performance from the top labs, Symantec is always a top choice. 


    Panda’s services are designed for the entrepreneur on the rise, with tools that include endpoint protection with robust anti-malware tools, powerful analytics, and a strong classification tool that detects nearly every process your organization produces to create smarter defenses tailored to your company.

    Trend Micro

    If you’re looking for a cloud-based security tool that lets you set it and forget it, Trend Micro may be the right call. The company’s suite protects all your devices and your company email, scanning them for spear-phishing and other advanced attacks before they’re even opened. With advanced threat detection and powerful whitelisting engines, you can rest assured your business is secure


    F-Secure is excellent if you’re in charge of managing your business’ security. The company’s management portal lets you manage any deployment, monitor user accounts, and set up automated patch management for your tools. Additionally, the company is fully cloud-based, so you don’t need a server to run the program.

    What is Cybersecurity? 

    The term cybersecurity refers to the tools and protections built to defend your personal information and devices while you connect to the internet.

    More broadly, it’s about the practices I use and the systems I have in place to protect my devices, networks, servers, and even cloud assets from hackers and other malicious actors. 

    What Does Antivirus Software Do? 

    In short, antivirus software does a lot of things. Primarily, it protects you from computer viruses, but today that also includes a broader number of attacks that include malware, spyware, ransomware, phishing, and even identity theft.

    Antivirus software today is built more to protect your devices and your online identity than to simply detect computer viruses.

    Antivirus scans your computer periodically to see that you don’t have any malicious software hidden in your files, but also scans your email to detect potential phishing attacks, and even keeps your web browsing secure.