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    Compare The Best Antivirus Solutions Of 2021

    You can find hundreds of antivirus solutions on the market, and each claims to safeguard your system and provide well-rounded protection at the best price. As overwhelming as this sounds, your perfect match can be found with just a little bit of research.

    It’s always advisable to protect your system with a proper antivirus solution, be it a home or business setup. As threats and accompanying needs grow, you can find antivirus software with many more value-added functionalities and abilities beyond detecting and removing viruses. In today’s market, a competitive antivirus solution is expected to incorporate malware detection, virus identification, and the functionality to remove malicious content such as rootkits, trojans, worms, ransomware, and zero-day vulnerabilities. 

    Find The Right Fit With Our Expert Reviews Of Antivirus Solutions

    Starts From
    • Real-time protection
    $24.99 - $69.99/m
    • Multi-layered malware protection
    $39.99 annually/m
    • AI technology for scanning and data protection
    $45 Yearly/m
    • Real-time malware protection
    • Real-time malware protection
    • Customized protection
    • High level of online protection
    • Threat detection from sophisticated malware
    $49.99 per year/m
    • Free antivirus protection
    $FREE /m
    • Real-time malware protection
    • Multi-layered ransomware protection
    • Complete Protection For All Devices With a single License
    • Firewall Security and VPN
    • Device boost and optimization
    $75 in Savings/m
    • Advanced Protection from malware
    • Real-Time Antivirus Protection
    • Enhanced ransomware and malware detection
    $51.58 /m
    • No-Commitment Subscription.
    • Zero-day malware protection
    $39.95/year /m
    • Game mode
    $29.99 yearly/m
    • Multi-device protection
    • Affordable browser protection
    $19.99 Yearly/m
    • Free of charge software
    • Easy installation and configuration
    $13 per year/m
    • Efficient scanning
    $10.00 Per Year/m
    • Best free antivirus
    • Carbon Black Cloud Endpoint Standard
    • Total ransomware protection
    • Multi-device protection
    • Enhanced malware detection
    • Multipurpose VPN and web shield software
    • Machine learning used to counter malware
    • Signature-based engine to block malware
    • Great threat protection
    • Web browser isolation
    • Recommended for IT management
    $30/workstation Per Year/m
    • Protection against ransomware and malware
    $ $29.95 Per Year/m
    • Cutting-edge AI software
    • Build-in phishing detection
    • Free of charge
    • Simple installation
    $39 or free/m
    • Easy-to-use one-click process

    How Do We Rate Antivirus Solutions?

    We run first-hand tests to determine how each product performs. Listed below are our primary criteria for evaluating the best antivirus solutions:

    • Ease Of Installation - The setup is the first process after registering for an antivirus solution. Accordingly, this process needs to be as easy as possible. If the installation process is complicated and demands a high level of technical expertise, it won’t stand a chance in the standard market
    • Features - You need to analyze the characteristics of any software you buy, especially for antivirus solutions. Make sure that you receive all your desired features for the price you pay. For packages specifically, you typically have numerous secondary features like malware scanners, disk cleaners, VPNs, password protection, and sandboxing. All of these valuable functionalities add to the advantages of your application
    • Malware Protection Abilities - As mentioned previously, robust malware protection plays a significant role in identifying efficient antivirus software. Most of the top antivirus companies exhibit commendable antimalware abilities apart from the standard embedded protection features
    • Scanning Options - Most security systems have variable scanning options that’ll empower you to select the different files, folders, and hard disks you monitor, making the process a lot more productive
    • Performance - You can receive extensive features from your protection system. Still, if they harm overall system performance, it can pose a severe disadvantage for users. Seamless performance that runs quietly in the background with minimal impact is a must for any effective antivirus arsenal
    • Protection Level - What is the point of having a protection system that doesn’t quite serve the purpose of "providing protection?" The level of protection offered must be a deciding factor for selecting the appropriate option
    • Ease Of Use - User experience and ease of use top the list of factors that comprise a robust security system for your computer or network. The interface must be constructed in a way that’s easy to understand and navigate. The main screen and the dashboard should make all the critical features easily accessible. A customizable interface makes a solution even better
    • Customer Support - Providers should offer interactive and attentive customer support to clarify any doubts or address any problems that may arise during use
    • Pricing Plans - Make sure that the pricing plans are flexible and reasonable before narrowing down the final option

    What Does A Good Antivirus For Home Users Stand For?

    When it comes to antivirus software for home users, you need to prioritize compatibility and ease of use. It’s better to have a very straightforward interface that doesn’t overwhelm less-experienced and technically-savvy users. It should ideally be designed so that most people with minimal computer knowledge can deploy it seamlessly. The interface should be driving the user and be self-explanatory for a straightforward implementation. The navigation must be coherent as well to avoid complexity.

    The antivirus interface need not necessarily be an appealing one. You need to look into the functionality flow rather than the appearance. Too many menus and screens will overwhelm users and make it challenging to use effectively. 

    Check Out OurTop 3 Picks for Home Users

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    • Real-time malware protection
    • Safe-browsing using Virtual Private Network (VPN)
    • Remote Firewall
    • Multi-device use
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    • Multi-layered malware protection
    • Fast system scans
    • Secure web browsing
    • Enhanced security suite and advanced features
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    • Multi-device protection
    • Game Booster
    • Extremely lightweight software
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    For details on the top protection providers, read more in this comparison article.

    What Is The Best Antivirus For Business?

    Today's digital era has forced us to stay connected via the internet most of the time. As advantageous as this is, you’re increasingly exposed to multitudinous threats from different vectors. If you’re at the helm of a business, it’s of utmost importance to protect your systems and network to avoid any breaches.

    If you want to keep your business operations defended against malware or other malicious content, you must stay a step ahead of hackers attempting to wreak havoc. Any infiltration could lead to a significant loss of efficiency across your company's operations or compromise sensitive data.

    Every organization needs to protect its business endpoints effectively. For a business, there are significant elements that demand consideration. These include uninterrupted performance, additional features, regular updates for definitions, libraries, compatibility, management tools, and more. Cloud antivirus may be best-suited for organizational level protection.

    • Real-time malware protection
    • Advanced security features
    • Cross-platform compatibility
    • Value for money
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    • Threat detection from sophisticated malware
    • Encrypted online browsing and transactions
    • Encrypted online browsing and transactions
    • Recovering damaged files
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    • Real-time malware protection
    • Around-the-clock support
    • Strong privacy protection
    • Safe web browsing
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    See all our top picks here. 

    How To Choose The Right Antivirus Solution

    To find the antivirus software company that matches your requirements, you need to evaluate the following aspects:

    • The most critical aspect boils down to the efficiency of protection and how well your antivirus software can safeguard your system. Nobody wants to entertain a substandard product, especially given that most products out there provide more than 95 % protection
    • Malware threats are becoming more complicated these days, and it’s essential to have real-time protection to thwart them
    • Consider solutions that offer several layers of protection with different levels of scanning and termination of unwanted programs
    • DNS based scanning and filtering have proven to be great when it comes to defending your system effectively
    • Look for signature-based scanners that help isolate known threats. This method is helpful when there is a footprint or when the danger has already been encountered
    • Make sure that your protection system can handle zero-day attacks by using various methods such as behavior blockers. These blockers can sense commonly occurring patterns that are identified in case of malicious content and also put up offensive systems to improve the protection
    • Privacy is unanimously a vital practice for all the best antivirus solutions. Given these systems continuously collect system data to increase their efficiency, your privacy may be at risk. Any solution that doesn’t provide adequate privacy and data protection measures should be outright avoided
    • All data collected from your computer must be used ethically and responsibly by your antivirus vendor. Especially for businesses, sensitive information and data must be handled with utmost care. Any breach in the databases could cause severe damage to a business as a whole

    Bottom Line

    Protecting your system from all manner of threats is vital for both home users and companies. Many home users have the misconception that only businesses and large enterprises need to a robust defense against these threats. However, even ordinary users can have personal information stolen, and it could lead to undesirable consequences. Therefore, it’s advisable to weigh these factors before selecting the AV solution that is best for your specific use case.