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Multiple new antivirus solutions are being released every day to fight the battle against these cyber attacks. We are here to advise you on what antivirus is the best for your device type.

Written by Ria du Plessis - Web Developer

Updated on September 2, 2021

We live in a busy world. We know everyone is busy, and sometimes there is not enough time to do the proper research needed before choosing and purchasing an antivirus program for your device. Don't worry, we did some research for you! You can save yourself a lot of time and take advantage of our top picks. See all the information on all the top-recommended antivirus software on the market right now. You can compare several software providers that are suitable for your device type and brand. 

Short On Time? See our top antivirus programs by device:

  • AVG - Best for PCs | All-in-one security solution
  • Norton - Best for Mobile | Multi-platform support
  • Bitdefender - Best for Laptops | Integrated VPN
  • McAfee- Best for Tablets | Top malware protection

Best Antivirus For PC

Best antivirus for PC

Antivirus software is designed to detect and remove viruses and other kinds of malicious software from your PC. Malicious software can harm your PC. When not detected and removed on time.

Once your PC is infected with viruses, it can steal your data, encrypt it so you can't access it, or even erase it completely. This is why it is so important that you always use antivirus software, and keep it up to date to protect your data and personal information.

Antivirus is essential, especially these days as there are constantly-emerging cyber threats. If your PC doesn’t have antivirus software installed, your device is at risk. Now you may wonder if the built-in antivirus software is enough to protect your data and files. Well, if you already have built-in antivirus software, you may believe you’re all set. But you are not. 

With technology changing faster every day and new and savvier cyber threats and viruses surface, it’s important to stay current with the latest in antivirus protection. A built-in software will not fully protect your PC as it will be outdated and not have all the information needed to protect you.

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Best Antivirus For Mobile Phone

Best Antivirus for Mobile Phone

These days, it is an obvious step to safeguard your mobile device from possible danger. We use our mobile devices to do everything from banking, emailing, and storing files to editing documents, staying in touch, and doing business. Our whole life is on our mobile devices.

All of these functions and tasks we use our mobile device for, could present a security risk. How do you protect your mobile device from cybercrime? You may have thought about installing an antivirus solution on your mobile phone. This is a reassuring idea, as you’ve probably been using an antivirus on your computer either at home or at work.  

The main function of antivirus software is to scan your phone for malicious apps and files. The software will alert you if any cyber problems are picked up. Most of these antivirus apps even provide real-time alerts for any potentially unsafe websites you might visit. 

Some antivirus apps offer security features that go beyond just dodgy apps and files by blocking unwanted calls and messages or giving you the option to wipe your phone. For just this reason alone, it should quite clear why a built-in antivirus solution is not enough to protect your personal data.

We do extensive research regularly to give you the best possible advice on how you can protect your phone and other devices. 

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Best Antivirus For Laptop

Best Antivirus for Laptop

When it comes to your laptop and the safety of your personal files and information, it is important to remember that the threat of virus infection to your laptop is real.

Even when your laptop has antivirus and firewall software, active malware infections can still occur. This is why it is so important that you not only keep your antivirus software up-to-date but also install any updates for your operating system. Make sure that you have the best antivirus software compatible with your operating system installed. Attackers are always looking for security holes in the operating system to find ways to install malware on your computer. 

Built-in antivirus solutions don't usually have an up-to-date database of the latest viruses or the ability to deal with some of them when your laptop gets infected.

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Best Antivirus For Tablet

Best Antivirus for Tablet

These days, tablets are just as vulnerable as regular computers. Viruses and malware are often used to get into your private accounts and steal valuable information. Your tablet is a gateway to a lot of personal data, and these viruses are designed to break into your email, online banking, and other important apps.

It is important to get a good antivirus solution on your tablet as soon as possible, because the more time the virus has, the more it will try to manipulate your tablet and have the opportunity to steal from you.

Most of the latest tablets have built-in antivirus solutions when purchasing the device. The fact is these built-in solutions often only protect your device to a certain extent. Your device will still have a lot of vulnerabilities, making it an easy target for cybercrime.

You don't want cyberbullies, breaking into your apps and stealing your personal information. So, we recommend you install a well-rated antivirus solution on your tablet as soon as you purchase and set it up.

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Why Should An Antivirus Be Compatible With My Device

Over the years, companies have manufactured many different types of antivirus software to combat attacks on computers, tablets, and laptops, but only over the recent years, began manufacturing mobile antivirus solutions. We all know just how important antivirus software is. 

The different devices may have different types of viruses attacking their systems. The traditional “virus” is common on PCs and laptops. It is software that replicates itself by attaching itself to another program. Certain types of antivirus solutions can combat these viruses. 

When it comes to mobile phones and tablets, you don’t get these traditional viruses, but other malware. Malicious software is designed to secretly control your mobile device or even steal private information. The virus could hide on your mobile device and record phone calls, save text messages, record videos, take pictures and collect your location.

A good antivirus specifically designed for your mobile device will make up for the weaknesses your mobile device is prone to. Whether it’s protection and performance you’re interested in or you have privacy and anti-theft concerns, some features will alleviate these troubles. As mentioned above, some of these features won't be available in antivirus programs designed for PCs and laptops. So, it is important to purchase or get an antivirus program suited for your device type.

Should I Go For A Multi-Device Antivirus Solution?

Wondering what a multi-device antivirus solution is? Well, it is all in the name. A multi-device solution is an antivirus program that is perfect for all operating systems and devices. These types of programs will work on your PC, Laptop, Tablet, and mobile phone. Examples of multi-device solutions are programs like Norton, McAfee, Avast, Avira, and TotalAV. When buying a multi-device antivirus solution, you don't have to buy individual software for your various devices. Although this is very convenient and can save you a lot of money, it has its pros and cons.

  • You will save time and money when buying one antivirus solution
  • You won't have different programs to install on a different device
  • Your antivirus may have limited detection techniques on one or more of your devices
  • When you use the same antivirus on your mobile phone, your battery might run out faster
  • Your device might become slower over time

Looking for the best multi-device antivirus? Look no further!

Norton is our recommended multi-device solution.

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Bottom Line

There you have it! Now you know the importance of choosing antivirus software for your device. There are many factors to consider when choosing an antivirus for your device. From price to functions to appearance. We hope that this article helps you pick software that is best suited for you!


1. How to choose the right antivirus protection for my device?

When choosing antivirus software for your device, it's important to consider the functions that are offered with the available antivirus solution. You need to make sure it has all the specific functions and features to protect your device. You also need to keep in mind your personal needs and budget.

2.  Why is the built-in antivirus not enough to protect me?

Most devices these days have built-in antivirus solutions when purchasing the device. Built-in antivirus defends your device right from the start after installation. We know this is very convenient, but the fact is, it is not good enough. The built-in solution may not have the features to protect your device from all cyberattacks. Your device will still be very vulnerable.

3. Is it ok to have multiple antivirus programs on one device?

No, it's definitely not. It is highly recommended to install only one antivirus program on your device. If you have more than one antivirus on your device, it can cause many issues. The most common issue is that it can cause conflict between the different antivirus programs, causing your device to become unprotected.

4. Do I need to uninstall the old antivirus before getting a new one?

You can uninstall your old antivirus solution just after you installed the new one. We know that multiple antivirus programs can come into conflict with each other when they’re installed together. But remember, you want your device protected at all times. So, the right approach is to uninstall the old one just after installing the new one. This way, your device will be protected at all times during the transition.

5. How do I know if my device has antivirus software or not?

The best way to tell if you have antivirus software installed on your device is to use the security feature to determine in what way your device is protected. When you buy a new device it is important to make sure that your device is protected from the start, so it is recommended that you make sure that you have a good antivirus solution installed from the beginning.