Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security

Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security - Review

Bitdefender Gravityzone Business Security exists to enhance small to medium-sized businesses’ IT security. It contains a comprehensive set of tools with robust capabilities to protect company servers and more. If you have teams that need to manage your vast computer system, it has multiple features for endpoint protection. Let’s see what Bitdefender for Business has on offer in this detailed review.

Written by Ria du Plessis - Web Developer

Updated on September 22 , 2021

Why Choose Bitdefender for Business?

There are multiple reasons why Bitdefender Gravityzone Business Security could be ideal for your company. Of course, there are also a few disadvantages to take note of before making a final decision. Here are the pros and cons we found with it.


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Multiple layers of security
  • Ideal for small and medium businesses
  • Reliable protection and detection
  • Includes policy management features
  • Provides a free trial


  • Doesn’t include protection for mobile devices
  • Beginners might find it complicated
  • Email protection has a separate platform

Check out the Offer of Bitdefender for Business

  • Multi-layered malware protection
$39.99 annually/m


You’ll find many Bitdefender Gravityzone Business Security features that set it apart from the standard antivirus plans, honing in on the protection companies need to prevent IT hacks, defects, and attacks. Most of the functionality relies on heuristics and machine learning. It also integrates with several other functions.

Advanced Threat Detection and Control

One area where Bitdefender for Business excels is endpoint detection and control of threats to the IT system. Besides defending against malware and phishing attacks during web browsing, your team won’t suffer from poor computer or server performance while the program is running in the background. 

Here are some of the tools used for threat detection:

  • Process inspection: The Process Inspector is a proprietary technology that assesses all computer processes throughout your company. It hunts down any strange behavior on the server, such as tasks disguised as vital system software
  • Machine learning: Gravityzone detects threat patterns using machine learning algorithms, assessing them against data collected from 500 million endpoints worldwide. Artificial intelligence uses this system to reduce false negatives
  • Exploit prevention: You’ll find real-time protection against zero-day attacks and exploitation. These processes attempt to find weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your company’s IT system that haven’t been identified yet.

Reporting and Analytics

Bitdefender Gravityzone Business Security has plenty of reporting and analytics functions for evaluating the network status, updating security policies and protocols, and incident transparency. There’s a Control Central platform for managing all aspects from one central location, except email protection, as that works from a different system. You can also customize the built-in reports that you want running simultaneously and how you want to view them.

Other Integrated Features

Besides the central platform where you can manage all processes, there’s a separate email console. The risk management protocols let you view app vulnerabilities, while there’s a sandbox mode for you to analyze specific files for possible detonation. You can also implement numerous policies for endpoint users with advanced controls.

Performance and Protection

Even with all these amazing features from the Bitdefender for Business solution, you’ll find that it barely puts a strain on your IT network or endpoint computers. Processes run smoothly in the background without anyone noticing until a threat is detected. Here are some of the protection features you’ll have available.

Protection Against Malware and Viruses

The antimalware and antivirus sections continuously monitor heuristics, signatures, processes, and files for any malicious content as identified on the global threat network. It checks for abnormal behavior on your system while ensuring real-time scanning for any threats. You can run a custom scan or schedule one for after-hours when your employees have gone home.

Scans options

Defense Against Network Attacks

Network hackers and attackers love finding system vulnerabilities that they can exploit. Some methods they use include password stealing, phishing, spyware, and brute-force attacks. You can take a stand against these attempts with GravityZone’s network defense protocols.

GravityZone’s network defense protocols

Email Security

If you’re worried about malicious files entering your IT system via email, Bitdefender Gravityzone Business Security has an advanced approach to defend against it. It uses its threat intelligence network to identify spam, malware, spoofing, CEO fraud, and fake marketing mail, to name a few. You can also set custom rules for inbound and outbound content.

Email Security

Elimination of Competitive Solutions

Your company’s IT system may have conflicting firewalls or antivirus solutions that are causing slow performance. When you install and run Bitdefender for Business, it automatically detects and removes these products for you. You can choose to let the program do so for the entire network or at each endpoint device.

Elimination of Competitive Solutions

Privacy and Security

GravityZone has several tools to ensure that the privacy of your IT network is secure. In the modern age of sophisticated technology, it’s easy for hackers to enter your company’s system and steal information. Bitdefender has some features in place to ensure that doesn’t happen.

Browsing Security

At the top of the list is web browsing security, which the system implements across your entire system. Every endpoint is protected when users go online to view sites and download content. You can also edit the exclusions and indicate which categories you want GravityZone to focus on.

Browsing Security

Application and Process Control

To prevent someone from accessing your webcams to spy on you or taking control of your applications, Bitdefender Gravityzone Business Security has protocols in place to protect your devices. The Process Inspector will also view all tasks running in the background to ensure that no one is silently stealing company information from you. The program manages the relevant patches to keep your operating systems and network up-to-date.

Application and Process Control

User Modes

Unfortunately, there are times when someone from the inside might be messing with your company’s information or accessing content that they shouldn’t. You’ll be able to assign user permissions for who can do what, protecting your network from employee mistakes. It gives your IT team control over which employees can access specific sites or download files from reliable sources.

User Modes

Bitdefender VPN

When you get Bitdefender for Business, you’ll automatically receive the free Bitdefender VPN with limited features. While it provides access for 200MB daily traffic, the Small Office Security Plan upgrades it to 500MB. To take full advantage of the VPN’s services, you’ll need to subscribe to the Premium Plan.

Bitdefender VPN

File and Policy Management

The top priority for any company is to ensure that files are safe and protected from prying eyes. While GravityZone makes sure that no one outside your network has access to your documents and data, it also prevents any changes from being made. You’ll receive a notification if any such attempt is made.

File and Policy Management

Confidential Information

Your saved files aren’t the only items on your network that are under threat from being stolen. There’s confidential information that you don’t want in the wrong hands, such as employee data, salaries, business accounts, and digital products. All of these will be safe from online hackers who wish to sell the details to the highest bidder or use it to hold you to ransom.

Confidential Information Protection

Pricing Plans

PlanPriceNumber of OptionsTop Features
GravityZone Business Security$369.99 yearly up to 10 devices; increases per additional deviceUp to 100 computers and 30 serversEndpoint risk analysis, web-threat detection, application control
GravityZone Advanced Business Security$579.99 yearly up to 10 devices; increases per additional deviceUp to 100 computers, 35 servers, and 150 mailboxesSmart central scanning, fileless attack protection, network attack defense
GravityZone Elite$814.99 yearly up to 10 devices; increases per additional deviceUp to 100 computers, 35 servers, and 150 mailboxesSandbox analyzer, HyperDetect machine learning, advanced exploit detection

Ease of Use and Interface

The GravityZone user interface has an elegant, clean appearance with most of the features locked into place. When there’s an attempted attack on your system, it’ll show you the play-by-play replay of what happened and how it was blocked. You can also make effective decisions on whether you’d like to quarantine some items or implement better endpoint policies.

Bitdefender interface

All the main functions appear on the left bar, while a submenu appears to the right in another menu with further options. There are also various portlets on the platform where you can customize what information appears. Learning how to use the Bitdefender Gravityzone Business Security central console is straightforward with the built-in help center.

How to Set it Up and Uninstall

Setting up Bitdefender for Business isn’t straightforward, and you’ll need a host of information before you begin. There should be a database server that you’re running the program from, which will then deploy to all endpoint devices. In general, your IT team will need to follow this process:

  1. Purchase the plan you need for your company
  2. Create an account on the Control Center web interface with the details emailed to you
  3. Download and install the platform with the installation wizard
  4. Provide all the relevant information, such as DNS names, username, password, server details, license keys, outgoing mail settings, and security certificates
  5. Download, install, and import GravityZone’s virtual appliance image
  6. Install security agents on the virtual or physical endpoints
  7. Configure your settings

Setting up Bitdefender for Business

Uninstalling the software from a single endpoint is easily done in the Control Center. Simply select the device and prompt the system to remove it from this individual device. You can use the same method to uninstall all the protection from the database server, but you’ll need to remove the security agents you’ve installed.

Uninstalling the software

Is Bitdefender GravityZone the Right Choice for Businesses?

Whether you’re a small or medium business, there are many tools and functions that’ll serve your IT system well. It takes a holistic approach to ensure that nothing attacks your network, while also shielding against information theft. Your employees can safely surf the web and download content without worrying about phishing or online scams infecting the system. 

Overall, it’s an excellent choice for businesses that want their network to remain as secure as possible.