Best Adware Remover

The Best Adware Remover in 2021

Adware or advertising software is the unwanted software that displays ads on your device while you are browsing the web. What makes it very annoying is, adware interferes with your online experience by showing excessive ads, pop-ups, banners, text links, and automatic play of commercials.

Written by Ria du Plessis - Web Developer

Updated on September 22, 2021

This is why we urge you to keep reading to find out our recommended adware remover software. 

Top 5 Best Adware Removal Tools in 2021 ( Quick Look )

  • Simple installation
  • Quick scan times
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
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  • Real-time malware protection
  • Around-the-clock support
  • Strong privacy protection
  • Safe web browsing
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  • Real-time malware protection
  • Safe-browsing using Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Remote Firewall
  • Multi-device use
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  • Enhanced ransomware and malware detection
  • Multiple devices (up to 25)
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Pocket-friendly pricing
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  • Complete Protection For All Devices With a single License
  • Configurable Firewall
  • Virus Protection Pledge Or Full Refund Guarantee
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What Is Adware Removal And Why Do You Need It? 

While blocking certain kinds of scripts from running in your browser may help with blocking adware, it might not really help.

Why not you may ask?

Well, Adware is usually written with the same programming language used by a legitimate website so it can be hard to pick up. Disabling these scripts will also mean disabling the web as you know it. 

You will need to make sure you remove adware from your computer with a specialized adware removal tool like an antivirus solution. Adware can get really annoying if not removed from your system.

The 5 Best Adware Removal Software in 2021 ( Detailed )

#1 Malwarebytes - Best Adware Removal Software ( has a free version too)

Malwarebytes image

Malwarebytes AdwCleaner tool helps you to find and remove annoying toolbars, unwanted plugins, add-ons, and extensions in your web browser, as well as various advertising components and hijacker utilities. 

Supported Devices: Windows 7,8,10

Supported devices, Pricing Plan and Packages:
  • Free

Key features:

  • The scanner of a command line;
  • Graphic interface for Sendmail;
  • Sophisticated database update utility;
  • Built-in support for all mail attachment formats.
  • Doesn’t require installation
  • Lightweight and easy-to-use
  • Not intuitive interface
  • Might slow down your device a bit

The AdwCleaner program is specially designed to assist users in getting rid of this malicious and unwanted software.


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#2 Norton Power Eraser - Good Adware Detection 

Norton image

Removes adware from all devices and browsers, with real-time scanning to prevent future adware downloads and malicious pop-ups. Also includes extras like advanced anti-malware scanning, anti-phishing protection, a VPN, webcam protection, parental controls, dark web monitoring, and lots more.

Supported Devices: Windows, Android, Mac, iOS

Pricing Plan, Packages, and Supported Devices: 
  • Norton Antivirus Plus - $39,99/year - Supports up to 5 PCs or Macs
  • Norton 360 Premium  - $54,99/year - Supports up to 10 PCs, Macs, Smartphones or Tablets
  • Norton 360 with LifeLock Select - $99,48/year or $9.99/month - Supports up to 5 PCs, Macs, Smartphones or Tablets
  • Norton 360 LifeLock Ultimate Plus - $299,88/year or $29,99/month  - Unlimited PCs, Macs, Smartphones or Tablets
  • Norton power eraser tool is a free tool that can be added on to these packages.

Key features:

  • Removes hard-to-detect Adware
  • User profiles scanning
  • Java vulnerabilities search
  • Secure Mode support
  • Doesn’t work without the Internet
  • Might delete the necessary files too

Norton Power Eraser uses our most aggressive scanning technology to eliminate threats that traditional virus scanning doesn’t always detect.

Norton Power Eraser

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#3 TotalAV - Fast Anti-Malware Scanner

TotalAV Image 

TotalAV comes with a pretty good adware removal tool and doesn’t come with many web protections, but the features it has are all very good. 

Supported Devices: Windows, Android, Mac, iOS

Supported devices, Pricing Plan and Packages: 
  • TotalAV Antivirus Pro - 3 Devices - $29/year
  • TotalAV Internet Security - 5 Devices - $39/year
  • TotalAV Total Security - 6 Devices - $59/year
Subscription Options:Yearly


  • Real-time malware protection
  • Adware Protection
  • Anti-phishing protection
  • System clean-up
  • VPN 
  • Password manager
  • Data breach monitoring
  • Identity theft monitoring
Pros: Cons: 
  • Strong protection against malicious URL
  • Solid phishing protection
  • Comes with user-friendly apps for all four major platforms
  • Advanced firewall protection is only available with the paid plans
  • No real-time protection with the free version
  • Doesn’t come with many web protections

TotalAV has a good advanced anti-malware and adware engine (it’s a white-label of Avira), and an easy-to-use interface. 

advanced anti-malware and adware engine


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#4 Avira - Cloud-based Anti-malware Scanner 

Avira Image

Avira has a really good free antivirus with an excellent adware removal tool. It also offers protection against web trackers, phishing sites, pop-ups, and YouTube ads. 

Operating Systems: Windows, Android, Mac, iOS


Supported devices, Pricing Plan and Packages:
  • Free

Other features:

  • Antivirus scanner
  • Real-time protection
  • Phantom VPN (with 500 MB of free data per month)
  • Browsing security
  • Device optimization
  • Safe Shopping browser


  • Excellent detection for non-zero day threats
  • Great cloud engine
  • No firewall
  • No sandboxing technology

Users looking for a great adware removal tool should look no further. Avira is a great all-round antivirus tool for no money.

all-round antivirus tool


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#5 McAfee - Comprehensive Adware Blocking

McAfee Image

McAfee Total Protection provides advanced adware scanning and removal — along with some of the best web protection on the market today.

Operating Systems: Windows, Android, Mac, iOS

Supported devices, Pricing Plan and Packages:
  • McAfee Total Protection Single Device - $29.99 - 1 Device/1 year
  • McAfee Total Protection Individuals - $34.99 - 5 Devices/1 year
  • McAfee Total Protection Family -  $39.99 - 10 Devices/1 year
  • McAfee Total Protection Unlimited Devices - $69.99 - Unlimited Devices/1 year

Features also included:

  • Anti-phishing protection
  • Home Wi-Fi network scanner
  • VPN (unlimited data)
  • System cleanup tools
  • Parental controls
  • Safe Family parental control
  • Security for every device in your household
  • Encryption weakened by simple security questions

McAfee has excellent adware removal capabilities. McAfee also comes with a good anti-malware scanner, anti-phishing protection, a network scanner, and a VPN with unlimited data.

adware removal

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How Does An Adware Remover Work? 

Once adware hijacks your device, your device will be going into overdrive with ads and popups, etc. Adware is more of a nuisance than a harmful malware threat to your cybersecurity, but if the adware authors sell your browsing behavior and information to third parties, they can even use it to target you with more advertisements customized to your viewing habits.

With this in mind, you want to do everything you can to remove adware from your device or keep them from accessing information from the start. 

So, how does an adware remover work? An adware remover will mostly be an add-on to big well-rated antivirus solutions. These antivirus solutions might have a scanner that will pick up when your device is infiltrated by adware and then the adware will be removed immediately. 

This is how the Malwarebytes scanner work;

how the Malwarebytes scanner work

how the Malwarebytes scanner work

Key Features Of The Best Adware Removal 

Removing unwanted toolbars, plugins and unwanted ads can be tricky, especially when there is no convenient and effective tool at hand. When searching for the most effective adware removal tool, it is important that these key features are kept in mind;

  • Adware Removal - Make sure the antivirus solution you choose is able to detect and remove unwanted adware from different device types 
  • Real-Time Protection - The perfect choice should be able to block adware infections in real-time, along with other types of malware, including viruses, spyware, and ransomware
  • Web Protection - Adware infects a device when it does not have strong enough online protection. Look for software that includes internet security features like anti-phishing protection, a virtual private network (VPN), a network firewall, identity theft protection, and others to make sure no adware can get onto your system
  • Easy-to-use - All of the products that made it to my list are easy to use, with intuitive user interfaces and helpful instructions. They are all suitable both for advanced users and non-technical users.
  • Value - I compared each product’s adware removal tools, anti-malware engines, internet security features, and cost to ensure that each of them provides a good value.

How To Choose The Right Adware Removal Software? 

Finding a program that provides good protection against adware is not easy. Some security software solutions offer adware detection as a feature or add-on. Others are bad at identifying and blocking adware, and some anti-adware programs are actually adware in disguise. It is so important to do your research and make the right decision!

The most powerful adware removal tools are found inside antivirus packages with internet security features such as:

  • 100% Adware Removal
  • Real-Time Anti-malware Engine
  • Anti-phishing Protection
  • A Firewall
  • VPN
  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • Identity Theft Protection

As we mentioned, there are a few decent proprietary tools for adware removal, but they aren’t as good as full-featured antiviruses. They don’t have advanced malware scanners or additional internet security protections like a well-rated full antivirus software solution.

Additional Ways To Avoid Adware 

Adware targets your online behavior so it is obvious that you have to stay clear of any sites that may appear suspicious. When browsing sites, it’s better not to click on any advertisements or notifications.

For example, intruders like to show notifications that your PC is allegedly infected, and therefore you need to install antivirus. A lot of people fall into this trap and get infiltrated by Adware.

To be extra careful, you need to ensure that all of your devices have their operating system up to date. A Non-updated system is more vulnerable. Think twice before downloading and installing any new software, especially freeware.

Remember to read the terms and conditions before agreeing to them, and quit out of the download process if anything smells like permission to load adware. Always avoid torrent sites, illegal downloads, and never ever open an app from an unknown source..

Bottom line

There you have it! If you are getting unwanted ads and popups while browsing the web, it is safe to say you need an adware remover.  Make sure to follow our recommendations and choose the best adware remover from our list.


Do I need an adware remover if I already have an antivirus?

No, if your antivirus solution already has an adware remover and scanner included, it is not necessary to install an extra solution.

How dangerous is adware?

Adware is not dangerous, but it can be very annoying.

Do I need an adware removal tool on my mobile?

If you get unwanted ads and popups on your mobile device, you can install an adware remover.

How do I know if adware remover is trustworthy?

Make sure to read reviews or only purchase well-known and well-rated antivirus solutions with adware removers included.

Does adware slow down my computer?

Yes, the first warning of malicious adware is the deterioration in your computer's performance.