ESET for Linux

ESET for Linux Review

ESET is one of the best antivirus software brands on the market right now. Our software is a powerful, robust piece of technology that's best in class across multiple industries such as Home and Enterprise. We’ll look at how the new antivirus software for Linux is a perfect fit for you if you're a Linux user and are looking for a unique experience. We’ll examine features such as virus protection, ransomware detector, phishing detector, spyware detection, and firewall protection. By examining these features, it’s our hope that you’ll find it easier to choose us as your preferred antivirus for your Linux machine.

Written by Ria du Plessis - Web Developer

Updated on September 22 , 2021

Why Choose ESET for Linux?

The internet is becoming an incredibly unsafe ecosystem. New and sophisticated hacks are developed daily to dupe the unsuspecting casual user. Having a powerful antivirus and internet protection software is now more critical than ever. Our legendary NOD32 antivirus software is now available for Linux users. 

Our anti-malware and anti-phishing internet security software is primarily an excellent pick for Linux users since the Linux operating system is a favorite in the hacker community. Granted, the OS (operating system) is more flexible and lighter, but just like with everything else in life, there’s a price to pay. Since the whole OS is built on open-source technology, there’s a high risk of exposure to potentially malicious third-party software. 

Our ESET Antivirus for Linux comes with complete protection (antivirus software plus internet security software).

Pros & Cons


  • Real-time protection against malware and viruses
  • User-friendly interface and sleek design aesthetic
  • Real-time protection when using social media


  • Can be difficult to find the advanced settings tab on the interface
  • No live chat or phone support for tech-related support

Check Out the Offer of ESET for Linux

  • High level of online protection


Linux users are a special breed of computer users. These guys are the DIY kids of the internet. ESET for Linux works hard for you in the background, protecting you from clandestine opposition that's always looking for unsuspecting victims on the internet. 

Your job is to worry about how you’ll ethically learn how to hack your WiFi router using Virtual Machine Box and the various open-source apps for Linux that you can use to accomplish this task. 

Our software package includes antivirus software that protects you in real-time and anti-malware and anti-phishing software, which helps to ensure that you won’t be a victim of a denial-of-service(DOS) attack or the like. We can’t promise you that you’ll never have an attack successfully ran on you if you use our product since there are always new threats every day and it would be unethical for us to make this promise. We can, however, say that your Linux machine is safer with our antivirus software protecting it versus not having it running on your system.

General Features

Our ESET NOD32 Linux proprietary software comes with ransomware apart from virus protection and spyware protection. This is a great feature since most ransomware attacks are built on open-source software support. In layman's terms, if you're a Linux user, you're an open-source user, and with that freedom comes a lot of responsibility on your part.

Picking a suitable antivirus is of paramount importance if you don’t want to find yourself a victim of fraudulent open-source software.

eset features

Threat Protection

Our software comes with advanced firewall protection. This is especially beneficial to Linux users who are always online as the software makes sure that your device is safely connected to the internet at all times. Additional protection features, which come standard with the software, besides the Linux offer, include phishing detection, malware detection, ransomware, and spyware protection. 

You’ll use your device with a certain degree of comfort, knowing that ESET is working hard in the background to protect you and your Linux machine.  

Threat Protection


Our NOD32 platform makes running system diagnostics as easy as counting from one to three. We created the software so that you can do a system scan and clean up locally and for your online-based files. 

system diagnostics

Performance and Protection

Our software is one of the leading antivirus and internet security software in the marketplace right now. Linux users will especially enjoy our real-time protection when they install open-source software from less trusted vendors. And our software is less taxing on CPU usage; suffice it to say, you won’t get lag due to our software unless you’re running it on an overloaded machine, which isn’t our fault (jokes).

Malware Protection

We pride ourselves on our award-winning NOD32 software. Our Linux antivirus comes standard with malware protection, ensuring accurate time protection against malware attacks on your machine.

Ransomware Detection

For this review, we won’t dive deep into the inner workings of ransomware. Our software protects you against such attacks. Whether it's a random script kiddie trying their luck with you or you find yourself a target of a sophisticated underground scam, you can rest easy knowing that our software immediately detects and prevents ransomware attacks from penetrating your device.

Phishing Detection

The internet is like the Wild West; the imminent danger is always around the corner. Whether you’re running on a Linux machine or another OS, the fact remains that you need a hard-working antivirus protecting you all the time. 

Our antivirus also comes standard with real-time phishing detection; this means that whenever cybercriminals go on a fishing expedition and decide to try to fish for your information, our software will detect and prevent such attacks from succeeding,

Spyware Detection

Online attacks are getting more sophisticated, and privacy is swiftly dwindling down the drain. Linux users are particularly concerned about their privacy and data. Our antivirus software eliminates virus threats and detects and shuts down spyware attacks on your device.

Firewall Protection

Linux, while able to function without the internet, is a platform that’s heavily online-based even before cloud computing became an actual thing. Our antivirus protects you from online threats such as firewall attacks.

Privacy and Security

Privacy is a big issue in today's digital economy. When you think about internet security, among other things, you need to consider ad blocking, as some sites run intrusive ads that often carry malware with them. It would help if you felt your identity is being protected when browsing online. Does your browser have adequate protection? Can you browse anonymously with a VPN? 

While Linux OSes like Ubuntu and Mint use Firefox as a default browser, having additional internet security from a trusted brand like ESET doesn’t hurt.
Linux was built with privacy and freedom for the internet user in mind, but all good things are susceptible to corruption. The very same tools that help keep you safe are the same ones that unscrupulous characters use online to steal your data.

Pricing Plans


No. of Devices1-year plan2-year plan3-year plan

Ease of Use and Interface

Our software comes with an easy-to-follow interface. We pride ourselves on designing technology for humans first. You can rest assured that you’ll hit the ground running with our software, and if you experience difficulties using it, you can always contact our support team who are ready to assist you.

Protection status


How to Set it Up and Uninstall

Setting up our software is easy. It's a matter of following instructions from the installation wizard after buying our software and running it on your machine. The process is quick and straightforward. Within a few steps, you’ll be secure and ready to go. 

How to install the software: 

  • If you have a copy of the software on a CD, you would run the CD on your CD/DVD drive first.
  • Secondly, you should see the installation wizard and at that point, you follow the installation instructions as per installation wizard commands.
  • If you have a digital copy, the installation process is still the same, just that the file would be on your computer already but you’d still run the installation file and follow the installation wizard prompts. 

Here are some illustrations to highlight the process.



Is ESET the Right Choice for Linux?

If you're looking for robust software that's light on your processing power and offers 360 protection, then ESET is the right pick for you. Our dedicated customer team is always ready to assist you, too, and our pricing plans ensure that everyone can afford 360 protection at a reasonable price. 

Linux is a great OS, but since it's hacker-friendly, you’ll find dozens of shady chancers on the open-source communities trying to scam and defraud you. That's not to say that you don't get the same with other platforms, because you do, and their users are generally more prone to these threats than Linux users. The main point is, you need protection online, and NOD 32 for Linux is a great option. 

The final verdict here folks is ESET NOD32 antivirus for Linux is a great antivirus software with all-around protection and you wouldn’t be disappointed if you chose it as your preferred antivirus.