Avast for Mac

Avast For Mac

Avast Security for Mac has grown extensively over the years, with a brand new interface incorporating all of its latest features. You can now use tools on browsers that include the likes of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Let’s look at whether you should use the free or Premium editions for your Mac devices.

Written by Ria du Plessis - Web Developer

Updated on September 22 , 2021

Why Choose Avast For Mac?

There are many antivirus solutions available on the market begging for your attention. The Avast Antivirus Mac free edition has many features available that’ll cover most malware, viruses, and other threats. If you want more advanced functions, you’ll need to subscribe to the Premium version. Overall, the product presents a neat package to manage all your settings from a central GUI.


  • Free version covers most of the malicious threats
  • No performance issues
  • Includes a password manager
  • Monitors email attachments
  • Fast virus scanning
  • Brilliant phishing protection


  • Network scanner isn’t as effective as the Windows version
  • Doesn’t cater to bloatware
  • Need to pay for ransomware and Wi-Fi security alerts

Check Out the Offer of Avast for Mac

  • Real-time malware protection


When it comes to Avast Security for Mac, there’s a generous amount of features and tools that you can use. Everything is packed neatly in the interface, and you only need to click on one menu option to open others. Besides hunting down and blocking viruses, there are other elements that it covers.

General Features

If you’re worried about any new viruses appearing that might bypass your firewall or infect your system, you’ll be happy to know that Avast has a Virus Chest feature. It stores any suspicious files securely, and they are able to be sent for testing before use on your macOS device. Once Virus Chest determines the file’s safety, you can start using it; otherwise, it gets destroyed and removed.

Virus Chest feature

You may trust your Wi-Fi network at home, but what if there are vulnerabilities that hackers can use to access your device? Public networks are also prone to being defenseless against attacks. Fortunately, Avast Antivirus Mac has a Wi-Fi Inspector where you can scan to see if there are any potential risks. It then lets you take further precautions when using the internet.

Another handy feature of Wi-Fi Inspector is that it works in the background to detect if someone is accessing your network without your permission. These intruders love hacking modems so that they can use your data to stream videos and download content. Avast blocks these attempts and sends you an alert to make you aware.

Wi-Fi Inspector

Threat Protection

At the forefront of the software are the Core Shields. The first one is File Shield, which checks all documents or apps that enter via the web or an external device. Your files remain protected on your devices, and new ones are assessed as you download them. 

The Web Shield watches out for threats when you browse the internet, ensuring that no one is spying on you or trying to steal your information. It’ll also assess whether sites are safe to visit, protecting your Mac computer before the page opens. If you plan on saving anything, Avast will check it first before the download begins.

Emails are prime targets for phishing and ransomware. Email Shield ensures that no attachments contain harmful content intending to steal data or hold your content hostage. 

Core Shields


Avast Security for Mac runs scanning operations in real-time no matter what you’re doing. If you’re playing a game that takes you hours to enjoy, it’ll continue checking your system for malicious files. It also protects your information if you’re playing online and someone attempts to steal your password, username, or bank details. When it comes to viruses, you can perform a manual scan or schedule one for later.

Custom Scans

Performance and Protection

The one aspect you’ll love about Avast is that it won’t cause your device to run slower while it’s busy scanning. Of course, it’s better to close all apps while it’s working, but you won’t notice any substantial lagging. Here’s some of the protection you can expect from the free and Premium versions.

Malware Protection

here are so many fake websites on the internet that look like real sites due to their altered URLs. When you select them or false marketing campaigns, a harmful file downloads or cookies track your activity. The content can ruin your browser or Mac OS settings.

The free Avast Antivirus Mac edition has several tools available to block malware from infecting your system. You’ll receive a notification of the attempt, indicating the virus type and where it came from. It’ll also ensure that you don’t enter similar sites with the same content.

Websites Scans

Ransomware Detection

Avast’s Ransomware Shield checks emails and online pages before you open them to prevent hackers from obtaining your private data and asking you to pay for them to unblock it. It’s a strong feature for Mac devices that catches even the most robust threats. Before you access this content, the software will inform you that it contains ransomware and warns you to avoid it at all costs.

Ransomware Shield

Phishing Detection

Some emails, adverts, and sites appear to have genuine content, leading you to click on them. When you do, it asks you to perform specific functions that’ll lead to the bot stealing your card, password, and username details. Avast sends you an alert when you find content like this, protecting your data and preventing you from continuing with the required actions.

Phishing Detection

Spyware Detection

Avast Security for Mac prevents sites and files from adding content to your device that allows others to spy on your activity, either online or via your webcam. Some harmful apps even let hackers take control of some of your applications, giving them an open gateway to your finances and virtual wallets. The antivirus software will scan your MacOS device and eliminate any traces of spyware.

Spyware Detection

Firewall Protection

Your Mac computer should already have a firewall installed. However, hackers have already found their way around this default system, and you may not be prepared for it. Avast adds its own firewall shield with the latest virus and malware database updates, ensuring that your system’s secure from any new threats.


Privacy and Security

Privacy is an essential factor for most people. If they lose their passwords, usernames, media, and bank details to others, it can lead to catastrophic consequences. In many cases, hackers use this information to sell to third parties or hold it for ransom.

Avast Antivirus Mac doesn’t merely look at viruses and malware, but it also evaluates whether your personal data is at risk of being stolen or used against you. There are many tools available for this, as one solution isn’t enough for the variety of threats on the internet.

Browsing Safely

Your browser is the prime spot for any threat to enter your MacOS device. When you're reading your emails, surfing pages, or checking your social media, you open the doors for a myriad of malicious content. Fortunately, Avast lets you add a plugin from the interface onto your Chrome, Safari, or Firefox browser, keeping your data secure.

Browsing Safety

SecureLine VPN

Sometimes protecting your information is as easy as switching I.P. addresses. When you join a secure network through Avast’s VPN system, no one will be able to see your activity or trace your cookies. You can safely play online games or stream movies from other countries without being detected by spying eyes.

online privacy protection

Ad Blocking

Adverts and marketing campaigns can be annoying, especially when you’re playing browser games or looking through your favorite site. You may not know this, but some of these ads redirect to bad links that are designed to steal your information. Some browsers like Safari and Chrome offer minor protection against it, but many still slip through the cracks.

Avast has an Adblock tool that you can add to your browser, which you can configure in the interface. It lets you set which types of adverts to look out for and how you would like it to react. There’s also an option to pause the feature on all sites for a specific period, but you set your device at risk of infection if you do so. 

Ad Blocking

Password Manager

You don’t need to rely on your Mac device or browser to keep your password secure anymore. Many brands have suffered from leaks in the past, compromising hundreds of accounts worldwide. Avast not only lets you protect your passwords, but you can sync it across all of your devices that have the antivirus program.

Password Manager

Pricing Plans


Number of Devices

Top Features

Avast Free Security



Blocks malware and viruses, anti-tracking, ad blocking, Wi-Fi security

Avast Premium Security 

$69.99 yearly

$89.99 yearly



Ransomware shield, VPN, Wi-Fi intruder alerts

Ease of Use and Interface

Avast Antivirus Mac has a stunning, dark blue interface with all the functions neatly tucked away in menus. When you select one tool, it opens up several options for you to use. For example, Scan Central has four different modes that work in different ways. Opening one will show you the relevant configuration settings.

Scan Central

You can easily set up any of the protection features we’ve mentioned in this Avast for Mac review from this user interface. The main menus are on the left, which opens up a subset of choices for you to scroll through. Ensure that you set up each of them before you start using the internet or downloading files.

How to Set it Up and Uninstall

Installing Avast on Mac is relatively easy, but it differs slightly from other operating systems. There are a few steps that require your devoted attention, and you’ll need macOS 10.11 and at least 750 MB storage. Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Head to the Avast site and create an account for the free or Premium version
  2. Download the antivirus file for MacOs
  3. Double-click the setup file to start the installation
  4. Accept the Privacy Policy
  5. Agree to the End User License Agreement
  6. Select the install location
  7. Insert your Touch ID if necessary and provide a password
  8. You can now complete the installation.


Removing Avast from your Mac computer is also straightforward:

  1. Head to the MacOS menu and click on “Go”
  2. Go to ‘Applications’ and select “Avast”
  3. With the Avast menu open, choose “Uninstall Avast Security”
  4. Confirm that you want to uninstall
  5. Insert your Touch ID, username and password
  6. Once it is done, you can click on “Quit”


Is Avast The Right Choice For Mac?

Avast has a splendid reputation for its excellent performance on Windows devices, and the same can be said for macOS. There are numerous tools available to protect against threats, ensure your privacy is secure, and provide an enjoyable browsing experience. While the free version holds enough defence, there’s no harm in paying for the extra features.