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ESET For Mac Review

What is ESET for a Mac? ESET antivirus is software used to protect your computer or device. You can use ESET on many platforms, whether a Mac, Windows, or Andriod. ESET is designed to protect your devices against viruses, spyware, worms, and hackers. If you want to safeguard your Mac, ESET is the way to go.

Written by Ria du Plessis - Web Developer

Updated on September 22 , 2021

Why Choose ESET for Mac?

You can find viruses everywhere; if they affect your computer or device, they can do a great deal of damage. It’s necessary to protect your computer before it happens to you. The design of ESET is specific to protecting a Mac and macOS. 

People tend to think if they have an Apple product, they’re safe and guarded against viruses and hackers. While Apple products do have a lower chance of exposure to hacks, they aren’t fully protected. That’s where ESET antivirus comes in. 

Check Out the Offer of ESET for Mac

  • High level of online protection


You have already invested so much in your computer and put plenty of composition into your work. Now it’s time to protect it from the various dangers that your devices can encounter. ESET is a compatible antivirus to secure your device and protect it from vile viruses. ESET for Mac will protect it from all sorts of malware. Invest in ESET for Mac and safeguard your privacy.

General Features  


ESET for Mac won’t impact the overall performance of a Mac. It allows the Mac to continue running the way it normally does. ESET is also straightforward to use. We know these days many applications are challenging and complex. 

Who doesn’t like an easy program to download and learn? That’s why ESET for Mac should be your choice of antivirus, as it’s made for the average, non-techy individual who wants to protect their devices but wants it achieved in a simple form. ESET works in the background and helps protect against various threats. 

Another positive feature about ESET for Mac is that it doesn't use lots of your device’s memory space. This will mean you’ll be leaving more room for more essentials. Mac computers limit the amount of space for your storage usage, so this becomes an essential feature to have. 

Eset Pros


There are a few cons to ESET for Mac that aren’t changeable. With ESET, you’ll be exposed to third parties. ESET may release some private information to third parties and they determine how your data gets stored. For this reason, it may be more difficult to pinpoint who can see what. 

Another disadvantage with ESET for Mac is the existence of its parent companies who’ll have access to some of your information. 

To know precisely what the parent companies have access to is information not given to us. Parent companies usually need some information from users to learn what they want to buy. Then, they can persuade you into purchasing some other products offered by ESET. 

Some private information stored on your device may be open to the parent companies to give them easy access to what it is you search for online or what you download. Third parties companies advertise products using your information. This can sometimes be an asset as it also helps third parties better understand the customer’s wants and needs.

Threat Protection

ESET for Mac monitors threats detected on your device. It protects your Mac before the threat is released and does its disastrous work. Through its program, a threat can be detected early on and stopped if exposed. It gives users a chance to preserve their information in a safeguarded way, preventing their personal information from being exposed to potential threats.


Scanning is what the ESET for Mac antivirus system does. ESET scans your computer’s files for any detection of tampered security. Scanning needs to be run on a device regularly to ensure that a virus hasn’t compromised files and folders.


Performance and Protection

Malware Protection

Malware is a form of a virus that comes in a variety of formats. Malware is a name that covers a broad range of spyware, hackers, or worms. When you have Malware protection from ESET for Mac, it prevents these forms of the virus from attacking your computer.

mac protection

Ransomware Detection

Files taken for ransom are what we call Ransomware. A hacker or virus has the ability to steal your files. How do they steal them? Hackers break through the encrypting walls protecting your information. 

When hackers or viruses break down this wall, they’re given immediate access to your personal information.  After your information is stolen, you’re approached by hackers for a ransom to recover your files. They give you instructions about the form of payment and how they want it delivered.

Phishing Detection

Web phishing is when a virus is out to “fish” out your private information. Whether that be user names, passwords, or financial information, it’s a security threat. ESET for Mac is a program that can detect this sort of virus. It can protect your information from phishing detection.  

Spyware Detection

Spyware is a program installed into your device without your knowledge. Installing spyware to a monitor allows hackers to view what you are doing on your computer. 

When spyware is downloaded, hackers have a visual of everything you’re doing on your computer. Anti-spyware tools can detect the spyware when a scan is run. Spyware exposure is one of the most common threats to users. 

With ESET spyware, viruses are detected and eliminated before it can do harm to your computer. It will also automatically protect your private information, by opening a secure browser for banking and online payments. It helps control what information can be seen or sent through applications. 

Firewall Protection

Firewalls are programs installed to protect your computer. A simple way to understand firewalls is to think of them as a wall barrier. These barriers protect your information on your computer. They protect your personal details from any potential hackers or viruses. 

When installing firewall protection to your computer, it covers exposure.  ESET firewall protection lowers the chance of a virus attacking your wall. ESET for Mac will protect your firewall and your information.

Privacy and Security

Apple products are less likely to have exposure to a virus compared to other brands. Apple prides itself on protecting its users. Apple has privacy and settings features that can better secure your computer if you set them up properly.  However, it’s a misconception to think that they’re completely protected and will never be exposed to viruses. 

In addition to Apple’s personal protection, it’s recommended to add additional protection. A protection plan for browser protection, identity protection, ad blockers, and more is an effective way to keep your computer safe.  

Whenever you’re asked to create a password, remember to create a unique one, adding caps and lowercase letters and numbers. Adding special characters to give your password a creative twist can also make your password even stronger. 

The more unique your password, the harder it is to be hacked and have your information stolen. Mac also allows locking of applications after a specific amount of minutes of inactivity. 

Macs also have the option of a virtual private network (VPN). VPNs are a strong aspect of Mac computers, and they help to protect your computer. The virtual private network ensures that your information isn’t released to outside sources. 

Pricing Plans

  • One year for one device is $49.99
  • Add one year and save $20.00
  • One year for three to five devices will range from $39.99 to $79.99

There are occasional specials with 60% off bundle deals for more than one device. Make sure to check our website and see what options are available.

Ease of Use and Interface

ESET for Mac is one of the simplest interfaces available. ESET is resizable and easy to navigate. It has a dropbox for easy installation and for streamlined searches. 

To make it user-friendly, ESET is color-coordinated to symbolize what attention it needs. If it’s green, everything is secure and ready to go. Red obviously means it’s been exposed to a virus and your device isn’t safe. While yellow means there’s a threat, and while your device may not yet be compromised, it needs to be fixed. These colors serve as an easy way to notify you about all threats on your device.

ESET for Mac has everything organized in a way that will make all options easy for you to find. Update, Tools, Computer Scan, and Help can all be found on the left side of the dashboard. If you find yourself needing more assistance, they turn off a business phone line to call for support. 

ESET interface

How to Set it Up and Uninstall

Are you upgrading your antivirus protection for your computer? It can be done in a few simple steps, all on your own. If you have a Mac, then you’re familiar with the process of downloading and installing programs. 

Below are steps to follow for the complete installation of ESET for Macs.
How to Install ESET on a Mac Computer:

  1. Remove any other antivirus or spyware on your Mac
  2. Visit the ESET website to download and install the ESET product on your Mac.
  3. Once downloaded, the install product is found in your downloads folder; double click it to open
  4. Double click on Install ESET Security
  5. Press Continue to resume
  6. Review all system requirements and read the license agreement, agree to it, then press Continue
  7. Enter the Purchase License Key which you received when you purchased ESET  
  8. Press Continue  
  9. Click Install Software; as a Mac user, you may be asked for your password to safeguard.
  10. Click Done 

installation 1

installation 2

installation 3

How to Uninstall:

  1. Open Control Panel
  2. Select Programs and Features
  3. Select ESET
  4. Then click Uninstall 


Uninstall 2

Is ESET the Right Choice for Mac?

ESET for Mac is antivirus software to protect your computer against potential threats. It’s easy to use, which is usually one of the most important traits when shopping for antivirus software. 

ESET for Mac can protect against several threats such as malware, phishing, and spyware. Follow the few simple steps to install it on your computer given above. Once installed, your computer will be safe from virus threats from the internet and hackers.