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A Dedicated Review - Intego for Mac

We'll be reviewing a specific Mac security system. If you’re in the market to buy an antivirus program, this article is for you. It's pretty challenging to find a decent antivirus, mainly if you use a Macbook. However, after checking out other antivirus programs, it’s clear that Intego for Mac comes out on top. Read on and decide for yourself why you should choose Intego.

Written by Ria du Plessis - Web Developer

Updated on September 22 , 2021

Why Choose Intego Mac Security?

The following table briefly outlines the advantages and disadvantages of Intego Mac security. Take note when considering your purchases.


  • Intended for macOS but does offer limited protection for Windows
  • Full range of macOS protection and system optimization features
  • Provides extensive explanations of technologies


  • Product configurations can be challenging
  • No VPN or identity theft monitoring included
  • Maximum five devices coveredCheck Out the Offer of Avast for Mac

Check out the Offer of Intego Mac Security

  • Real-time protection
$24.99 - $69.99/m


For us, three features stood out when trying the Mac Premium Bundle X9 from Intego. If you are looking for an excellent system cleaner and optimizer, then the washing machine tool is a definite choice. For superior data backup, We are all in favor of Intego's backup mechanism. If you’re a parent, then definitely the "ContentBarrier" feature will stand out for you.
After reading on, you will agree that the performance and protection offered by Intego outweigh its competition. Intego has proven itself with its two macOS malware protection engines — VirusBarrier and NetBarrier — both of which scored exceptionally well during our checks. We’ll discuss these in some detail below.

Malware Protection

You can run virus scans on your entire Mac and any external drives or even your smartphone. If the VirusBarrier detects Malware, it’ll give you three options. Depending on your choice, you can:

  • Trust — Marks potential threats as safe                      
  • Quarantine — Holds harmful files in a secure vault
  • Repair — Removes viruses from infected files

VirusBarrier also contains a "Safe Browsing On" possibility that tests whether your browser's anti-phishing settings are on. A nifty tool is also VirusBarrier's ability to scan your email.

Ransomware Detection

We also tested VirusBarrier's real-time malware engine by launching a range of ransomware simulations. As promised, the real-time engine instantly blocked all of the simulated ransomware attacks.

Phishing Detection

VirusBarrier also offers a "Safe Browsing On" feature that checks to see if a browser's anti-phishing settings are on. While this is somewhat useful, this isn’t its most significant feature. Intego should look into offering its unique built-in web security features. However, VirusBarrier's email virus scan option compensates for its lack of web security tools, as we haven't seen many other Mac antiviruses offer an email scan option.

 Spyware Detection

VirusBarrier lets you control access from your Mac to the internet and local networks by individual applications. While your firewall settings may allow unrestricted network access, the Anti-Spyware tab lets you control what VirusBarrier does when specific applications try to access the network. This helps you in two ways:

  • You can prevent users from accessing the web with particular applications.
  • If an application attempts to connect to the network behind your back, VirusBarrier obstructs it, alerts you, and waits for you to decide whether to allow it to do so or to block it.

Firewall Protection

Intego's firewall feature, NetBarrier, is an advanced firewall with some extra options that aren't included with Mac's built-in firewall. NetBarrier automatically detects what network you're using — your home network, work network, or public Wi-Fi hotspot. It’ll change your firewall security settings based on the detected network.

We tested this feature using the Wi-Fi hotspot of a local restaurant. NetBarrier automatically changed my firewall settings to ensure my MacBook was protected from threats associated with these public Wi-Fi hotspots. Interestingly, we were also able to manually modify our settings to either allow or block both incoming and outgoing internet connections and incoming and outgoing local (LAN) connections.

Overall, we like the NetBarrier firewall. Intego has done a great job with this feature. It's easy to navigate, has a simple layout, has much better functionality than Apple's built-in firewall, and includes features that help block programs making unwanted internet connections.

ContentBarrier - Parental Controls

Intego's parental control software is "ContentBarrier". It allows you to check your kids' internet activity. It’ll do much more for you than block unsuitable websites. It has features such as keystroke tracking, screenshot recording, application blocking, and anti-predator alerts. You can choose to block entire website categories, like gambling and adult content, as well as blocking all websites (apart from a chosen few), and your child won't be able to access them until you unblock them. 
The best feature of ContentBarrier is the Anti-Predator monitoring function that will let you know if your child is collaborating with corrupt actors online.

The big drawback of ContentBarrier is that it isn't easy to set up. You’ll not find any easy-to-follow instructions.  However, even having said this, you definitely will find it helpful.

Washing Machine - Mac System Optimizer

The washing machine allows you to both clean and organize your Mac. You can choose to either:

  • Reclaim – This will scan your device for any old files you don't use that were on your hard disk. You can also filter each scan to detect any types of junk files. You can then select which files you want to delete – excellent to free up space.
  • Duplicates – This will scan your Mac for any duplicate files. This feature will allow you to preview the files to decide if you want to delete these files.  
  • Organize - This will allow you to sort your desktop files into folders, rearrange apps in My Dock, and add new "Smart Folders". 
    Clicking the drop-down menu and selecting the appropriate Folder to organize or drag and drop files into specific folders or the trash bin is an easy task.

Personal Backup - Customizable Backups

 Personal Backup allows you to personalize and backup important files. You can back up specific files or folders to an external hard drive or a separate integrated hard drive.

Personal Backup also allows you to:

  • Bootable Backup - Backup your entire system with the current Mac OS X version that is installed on your device
  • Synchronize - Once you change a file on your Mac, the same file located on your external drive will also change. Synchronize is extremely useful if you use multiple devices — such as an iMac at your office and a MacBook when you're traveling.
  • Restore - This important function restores the backups made on your external drive. This gives you excellent peace of mind in case of a drive failure.

You’ll agree that Personal Backup is more comprehensive than Apple's Time Machine.

Privacy and Security


Intego is determined that the privacy and security of its clients are protected. Intego will gather your personal information (such as your name, email address, phone numbers). Intego will also collect your non-personal information (such as language preference, login time, browser type). When you provide Intego with personal information to complete a transaction, verify your credit card, place an order, arrange for a delivery or return a purchase, you are allowing them to collect this data to complete the contract between them and yourself and use it for that specific reason only. If they ask for your personal information for an additional reason, like marketing, they will ask you openly for your consent. You may withdraw your consent at any time.

Intego won’t share, sell, rent or trade your information with other people or companies unless expressly stated in their privacy policy. Intego has an online chat for you to use if you need assistance. You’re requested to provide personal data such as your name and contact details. 
However, Intego promises that such personal data is stored solely for assisting you and for their record keeping.


SecurityIntego uses commercially suitable physical, electronic, and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information they collect. These procedures include encryption, SSL (secure socket layer) protection, passwords, and physical security. They’ll also limit access to any personally identifiable information they receive to employees who need access to that information to do their jobs. 
Interestingly, if you’re a parent of children under the age of 18, you can be reassured that Intego's site is not accessible for them.
Intego's privacy policy is regularly updated, so you need to review it continually.

Pricing Plans

Intego is reasonably priced. There's a variety of Intego products and plans to suit your pocket. All of the plans have one or a combination of the Intego products. The Mac Washing Machine X9 package is a one-time payment. All the other options are for either one or two year's protection.

Multiyear/multi-device subscription configurations, covering just macOS devices or macOS devices plus a single Windows device, range in price from $39.99/$49.99 for a single-year/single-device subscription to $149.99/$184.99 covering three devices for two years.
The company also sells two of its utilities individually: ContentBarrier X9 for $39.99/$49.99 to $149.99/$184.99, depending on the number of years and devices; and Mac Washing Machine X9, which costs $40 a year for one device or $60 a year for three devices.
Intego's Windows-only antivirus plans cover one, three, or five PCs for $29.99/$35.99, $39.99/$47.99, and $79.99/$95.99.

All of the packages have a thirty-day money-back guarantee, so you can get a full refund if you don't like it. You really must agree that Intego's packages, although not the cheapest, are great value for money and will give your Mac all-around protection. 

Ease of Use and Interface

Intego is straightforward to set up. We timed how long it took us to install the software. It was no longer than five minutes, which was particularly fast. Once Intego was installed on our test Mac computer, we were prompted to input the serial key that we received upon purchasing the software. Once we added the serial key, our installation was complete!
On setup of VirusBarrier, we could select the level of protection — "Minimum", "Standard", and "Maximum". We would recommend that most people choose "Maximum" as it offers protection from all cybersecurity threats.

Intego has done a great job of providing information overlays that explain how to use each feature — great for beginners who aren't too familiar with using antivirus programs.

How to Set it Up and Uninstall

Downloading Intego

When you click on the link from your email or click the green "Download" button on the Downloads webpage, you’ll see a small progress bar in the upper right corner of the Safari window. Click the small progress bar in the upper right corner of the Safari window to see a larger view of the download progress. 

Once the file finishes downloading, you’ll find it in your Downloads Folder. There are several ways to navigate to your Downloads Folder:

  • You can open a new Finder window by clicking the icon in your Dock.
  • You can also click Go at the top of your screen in the Menu bar and select Downloads to view your Downloads folder. 

Installing Intego

Follow these instructions to install Intego:

  • Once you have found the disk image file in your Downloads folder
  • Double-click on it. In the window that appears
  • Double-click on the installer to start the installation.
  • The installer will automatically start the process.

Uninstalling Intego

If you want to uninstall Intego, your best option is to use the App Cleaner and Uninstaller. Follow these easy steps

  • Launch App Cleaner & Uninstaller.
  • Select all items related to VirusBarrier and Intego from the list in the Applications tab. ...
  • Click Remove in the bottom right corner to delete the apps and their remainders.
  • Review the items you’re going to delete and click Remove.

 Why Intego is the Right Choice for Mac?

After reading the above, we’re sure you will agree Intego is the best antivirus for Mac. It’s ahead of its rivals, especially with its range of features and customization options. The Washing Machine and Personal Backup are very beneficial and make Intego's Mac Premium Bundle X9 package worth spending on. So don’t hesitate, give it a try!