Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac

Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac

Many on the internet will tell you that Apple users do not need to invest in antivirus or internet security software. This is not entirely true as Apple has introduced a macOS Big Sur upgrade to improve security, and they abandoned the “we don’t get viruses” slogan in 2012. Hackers are getting smarter and have been developing Mac-specific malware in order to take advantage of the growing client base. Kaspersky’s Internet Security for Mac is the perfect companion for safety and peace of mind when surfing the web.

Written by Ria du Plessis - Web Developer

Updated on September 22 , 2021

Why Choose Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac?

Previously, Apple users boasted that their Mac or iOS device was a more secure platform than the Windows counterpart. Mac has been proven to be at less risk than Windows from classic downloadable viruses in the past, but Mac-specific malware increased by over 1000% in 2020. Another reason to invest in internet security software is the increased need to work and play on hybrid or open networks. 

You’re not just at risk because you’re opening a dodgy website or email. You’re at risk because your Windows-using coworker who doesn’t have protection software is opening risky files or sites. Kaspersky’s antivirus and anti-malware software ensures that you’re well protected from the world of malicious software. 

Privacy tools, online protection, advanced anti-virus, and several other utilities like Security Cloud, VPN Secure Connect, and Password Manager make this software vital to true peace of mind. Packages are available for business and home use, with the price depending on your product choice, length of subscription, and the number of devices you need to be covered.


  • Ranked first place in 73 out of 88 independent tests and reviews hosted by nsslabs.com, av-comparatives.org, pcmag.com, and others
  • Kaspersky Safe Kids functionality is included in the Parental Control feature
  • Free virtual private network (VPN)
  • Vulnerability scanning function
  • Flexible pricing and easy upgrade to higher tiers


  • Cannot downgrade as easily as upgrading when security needs change
  • Safe Kids and VPN services are premium subscription services
  • Deep scans are time-consuming and CPU-batteringCheck out the Offer of Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac
  • Basic plan not available to Mac users

Check this offer of Kaspersky Internet Security For Mac

  • Threat detection from sophisticated malware
$49.99 per year/m


The integration of Kaspersky’s software with Mac operating systems is effortless. The development team has spent decades perfecting the optimal programming for Apple devices. We run through the details below.

General Features

There’s been a massive escalation in the number of web-based attacks over the course of the last few years. This number is only expected to increase, but Kaspersky has you covered. 

    The tools included are a firewall, phishing protection, website assessment, and on-access and on-demand malware scanning functions, among others.

    Threat Protection 

    Online threats wreak havoc on your computer by stealing passwords, holding files for ransom, and just slowing your system down to a crawl. When large-scale businesses incur breaches, the costs could be in the millions. Detecting threats on corporate networks is essential to secure client data, prevent hackers from holding your data for ransom, and protect sensitive enterprise assets. 

    Kaspersky has developed tools to keep threats on single computers from infecting your whole corporate network. This protection has many layers as it doesn’t just detect viruses and malware but also provides secure cloud-based backup and password protection software to cover all of your security needs as an individual or business. 

    System Scanning

    Running deep scans is always the preferred option when time permits. Kaspersky offers five types of scans for your Mac device. Each one has its merits and can be set up to run preferred scans on your machine as required.

    You can access the different scans via the scan button available on the dashboard.

    The list of scans you can execute are below:

    • Full scan: Scans the entire machine.
    • Quick scan: Startup objects, system memory, and hard drive boot sectors.
    • Selective scan: Select the things or items you want to be scanned.
    • External device scan: Scanning any removable drives from your computer.
    • Vulnerability scan: Scans your OS and applications for vulnerable areas.

     Performance and Protection

    This software will ensure that your most sensitive data is protected from malware, ransomware, phishing schemes, spyware, and firewall weak-spots while also checking operating systems vulnerabilities. We briefly cover these aspects below.

    Malware Protection

    Malicious software, also known as malware, comes in various forms such as viruses, worms, trojans, etc. Kaspersky earned near-perfect scores for detecting malware on Macintosh machines. This places Kaspersky at the higher end of the performance scale when scanning for malware. 

    Users must note that applications of the Kaspersky suite will be required to turn on protection for potentially unwanted applications manually. This is a minor action that may lead to potentially disastrous data breaches. As a precaution, always check that you have this turned on at all times.

    Phishing Detection

    Phishing scams have been in existence for decades. The process starts with receiving spam or junk mail into your email inbox. These electronic mails can contain harmful viruses and request personal information such as banking details and credit card numbers or even solicit money from you.

    Precautionary measures include things like splitting your interactions into personal and non-personal communications, never responding to emails that seem suspicious or if they’re from someone you don't know, and always keeping your browser updated so libraries can edit that virus registry. This ensures that the program has the latest repository of threats to detect.

    Firewall Protection

    Firewalls act as a barrier between your personal computer and the wide world of the internet. They essentially work like a buffer providing a second layer of insulation from the threats of malicious applications.

    Choke-points throttle the spread of viruses on networks. Firewalls can now manage external public networks, internal private networks, and perimeter networks. These gated-off areas are a crucial first step in keeping your browsing safe. 

    Kaspersky offers a two-way firewall that protects your Wi-Fi network from invaders trying to creep into your system. This product lets you control the data that reaches your OS and monitors it 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    Privacy and Security

    Privacy and protection is the most important factor when browsing the internet. The reasons for this are self-explanatory. People want to access your information and possibly sell this data for nefarious means. Privacy features veil your IP and MAC address and other crucial personal details, while security features encrypt and secure these details away from prying eyes. A combination of browser protection, identity protection, VPN, ad blocker, and other utilities creates a robust safety field in your digital world.

    Browser Protection

    What's the importance of browser protection when you already have a firewall, a VPN, and ID protection? The answer is simple. As with all forms of protection, there must be a degree of compartmentalization. This establishes a barrier so that there isn't any transference of malware between components of the software.

    Browser hijacking occurs when unauthorized software is dumped into your browser. This software dump augments the way it behaves while online. Unethical companies, hackers, and shady software developers can use these programs to access sensitive information as you surf the web. Kaspersky browser protection guards against these situations.


    The virtual private network acts as a bottleneck when you’re accessing the world wide web. The advantages include traffic monitoring, IP address anonymity, and access to content that may have geo-restrictions applied.

    VPN protection by Kaspersky offers you 200MB of managed data every day, and connection to Kaspersky will increase this to 300MB. As long as you aren't streaming data-intensive videos, this cap will suffice for work communications and accessing cloud-based files. If you've ever asked why the limit is in place, the simple answer is that it's there for your protection. Increasing these data limits may invite unwanted programs to access your machine via hidden executable files.

    Pricing Plans

    Kaspersky provides a seemingly endless list of internet security options. You'll find several home-specific options as well as business plans. The number of devices and duration of service determine the pricing of the software.

    Pricing starts at $29.99 for the home package, which can cover between one and five devices. The business security begins at $75.00 for single-year plans and covers between 50 and 150 independent users. There are several options to suit every security eventuality you could think of, which bodes well for consumers.

    Ease of Use and Interface

    The most challenging thing to do is to make something look more straightforward than it is. Setting up the system on your device will require no more than a few clicks of your mouse and, depending on your broadband plan, could be completed in a few minutes. 

    A clean and uncluttered view of the dashboard makes use effortless, as illustrated below.

    Icons are displayed as large tiles and are straightforward to understand. Scanning your machine and privacy protection is packaged in a way that makes use of the product efficiently.

    In the above image, you’ll also note that updating the software is front and center. This is for a good reason and wasn’t an arbitrary position by any means. No matter how many times you’ve heard it, always ensure that your internet protections are up-to-date.

    How to Set it Up and Uninstall

    To begin using Kaspersky, you’ll need to download and install the program. This can be done through many websites, as there’s a free version available. It’s recommended that you navigate to the Kaspersky secured site or the Mac store to access the app. Follow the steps below to install and set up Kaspersky Internet Security.

    • Once downloaded from the App Store, you must select the folder and install it.
    • Your Mac will now begin the installation process, which may take a few moments.
    • You’ll then need to choose the security preferences button.

    • In the next window, you’ll see an option at the bottom of the page stating that, “System software from developer … was blocked from loading.” This must be allowed as seen in the screenshot below.

    That's as technical as it gets when installing Kaspersky software. The next screen you see will state that the program has been installed successfully.

    Uninstalling the software is equally as straightforward, with a few clicks effectively removing the program. You’ll first need to access the application. 

    • If you have the program saved in the Dock bar, you can right-click and select quit to stop the process.
    • You’ll need to remove the files from the library of your Mac device.
    • Right-click and select "move to trash" for the files to be completely removed and uninstalled.

    Why Kaspersky Is the Right Choice for Mac?

    Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac is a widely respected brand. In recent years, the company has faced some controversy, but they’re making strides to restore their reputation and standing amongst its peers. 

    Mac users are finding that there’s a spike in viruses developed for the Macintosh framework, for example, Mac-specific denial-of-service, trojans, and malicious adware. It’s safe to say that Mac users are about to experience similar software hacks to Windows users.

    The best way to protect your information is to take proactive steps to mitigate the intentions of harmful files. Kaspersky for Mac offers industry-rated performance with an easy-to-understand user interface.