Norton for Mac

Norton for Mac

Norton for Mac is no ordinary antivirus program. The software is feature-filled, making a standout in the MacOS security field. Mac security vendors typically design security software that does one specific task instead of being a holistic software solution. The team over at NortonLifeLock (formerly known as Symantec Norton 360) have managed to craft a security solution that is omnipotent in terms of security for your Mac at a reasonable price. We will be taking a look at some of these added features from Norton antivirus for Mac.

Written by Ria du Plessis - Web Developer

Updated on September 22 , 2021

Why Choose Norton for Mac?

Apple is famous for its infamous, closed ecosystem, and this has made software vendors treat their Mac software rage as an after-thought. Finding a feature-filled antivirus for Mac can be a mission. Most software vendors in the security space cover the essentials for security but added features are few and far between and, this is not the case with Norton security for Mac.

Norton's 360 Deluxe offers the most outstanding value at a reasonable price. $50 for new customers and $100 a year for returning customers get you security coverage for up to five devices. These devices can be windows and android devices, which is fantastic (Norton). 

The software suite offers more than just antivirus and malware protection. Our 360 Deluxe suite also comes with a password manager, free VPN access, parental control, cloud storage of up to 50GB worth, and Dark Web monitoring. 


  • Feature-filled security suite
  • Customizable firewall
  • No limit VPN


  • Limited detection of malware on Windows
  • No notifications of malware detection

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  • Real-time malware protection


Although Mac already comes with its virus detection software that also protects you from malware and does most of the security work that Norton does, it still fails in comparison because of Norton's ease of use and the fact that everything security-related is centralized. 

A Mac running on stock security software alone doesn't have a dedicated program to launch and run security checks on demand. Having an all-in-one, reliable software like ours will launch and run security checks on your machine, which is a breeze for Mac users. 

General Features

Our software suite comes standard with on-demand malware scanning, on-access malware scanning, website trust rating, malicious URL blocking, phishing protection, file scanner & cleaner, and firewall protection. Additional features include spyware detection as well. 

General Features

Threat Protection

Our software suite comes with phishing, malware, virus, and spyware detection. The features are common to most, if not all, antivirus software suites. What sets us apart, especially for Mac, is that you can get these basic threat protection features on five devices, and we don't restrict your protection to only Apple devices.  

Threat Protection


Norton's on-demand scanning gives you a whole new level of control over your Mac's security. The Mac does not need virus detection software as it comes standard with its proprietary software, but it's also important to remember that you can't launch and manually run scans just like how you can and would on our software. 

What's also great about our software is the scheduled scans feature. You can have scheduled scans run on your Mac  that are set by you. 


Performance and Protection

Generally speaking, our software for Mac is lightweight and does not eat away at your Mac's processing speed. If you ever experience lag on your device, you can rest assured that it is not because of our antivirus software or Dark Web monitoring feature, which runs in the background.

Malware Protection

Norton 360 Deluxe comes standard with malware protection, although you may not be aware of it as it runs in the background for Mac, whereas on Windows, you get notifications of threat detection and routine scans. We have to stress, though you can still manually run malware detection scans yourself. 

Malware Protection

Ransomware Detection

Ransomware-related attacks on small businesses and individual persons are on the rise. Interestingly enough, small businesses and individuals are more likely to be victims of this crime than large corporations. Having antivirus software that offers you robust protection, which includes ransomware protection, is of paramount importance. 

Our Dark Web monitor scans the dark web for your data to see if it's not being auctioned off in dodgy marketplaces for personal financial data. 

Ransomware Detection

Phishing Detection

The internet is like a minefield, one wrong step, and it's bye-bye happy browsing, and hello thousands of dollars repair work. Phishing is the act of fishing for data, hence the name "phishing." Norton 360 Deluxe comes with phishing detection, so you will always be aware of a website or a shady email trying to steal your data. 

Phishing Detection

Spyware Detection

When you're online, apart from phishing attacks, you're also susceptible to spyware attacks. These attacks could be simple, from a webcam hack on your Mac to a more sophisticated attack that will see the attacker gaining access to your accounts, including banking accounts using spyware software. 

For this reason alone, having a dedicated security software suite protecting your machine is vital not only for your Mac but also for your personal information. 

Firewall Protection

Norton 360 Deluxe has a two-way firewall, which prevents a particular data category from getting in or out. It also protects you from risky networks and known IP addresses that are considered dangerous. 

Firewall Protection

Privacy and Security

MacOS users are lucky enough to have security issues come as an after-thought to them as the OS comes with a more than capable security suite. However, for Mac users who generally browse the dark web and other shady parts of the internet, using a stock security suite isn't enough. 

Norton offers you adware protection, malware protection, an unlimited VPN (unlike its competitors who have a cap), and let's not forget about browser/phishing protection. 

Although our firewall is not the same in terms of performance for the Mac versus Windows, as Windows has a better firewall protection module. Our software still offers comprehensive protection for your Mac against firewall attacks such as port scans. 

Password Manager

Norton's password manager has no restrictions and works with Safari, Firefox, and Chrome. A password manager traditionally isn't all that amazing and is free with browsers like Chrome and Firefox. What sets Norton's password manager apart, though, is its ability to seamlessly sync your passwords across operating systems and devices included in your plan. 

The password feature now includes a strength report that you can act on. It does, however, lack advanced features like two-factor authentication and digital inheritance. Still, for the money you're spending on the product plus all the other benefits that come with the software, it's a great deal. 

Norton Clean

You might have a hundred terabytes of disk space, but eventually, every machine needs a clean-up. Norton Clean removes duplicate files on your Mac, and it removes junk files such as temporary app data and other unnecessary temporary files on your machine. 

Norton Clean

Norton VPN

Our VPN comes with a decent number of servers across multiple locations globally. We also maintain a no-log policy for your privacy, and on top of that, our VPN has an ad-tracker blocker too. 

Norton VPN

Dark Web Monitoring

Our software comes with a dark-web monitoring feature that are powered by LifeLock Technologies. There's a cool feature that comes with this feature, and that's an active scan of your data on the Dark Web to see if nefarious individuals are not selling it on the shady corners of the internet. 

Pricing Plans

Below is a table breakdown of our pricing plans, including the 360 deluxe plan. 

PlanNorton StandardNorton 360 DeluxeNorton 360 Deluxe with LifeLock Select

Ease of Use and Interface

Our product is so feature-rich that we had to have a split-screen interface. The leading screen houses Scanning Info, which includes protection status and the quick scan button in the top row of the screen. 

Below that, you get buttons for Dark Web monitoring alerts, the enable Norton's VPN service button, cloud backup window (which does not work on Mac), password manager, and parental control button (the latter does not work on Mac). 

Norton Interface

Accessing our security window is as easy as clicking open under device security. Once you're there (device security), you will find five sections: Security for adding devices and viewing your status, scans, LiveUpdate and Clean for deleting unwanted duplicate files, and My Norton for returning to the main window. Each of the windows listed above has its pane with its own set of preferences. 


The preference settings for each window pane can get a little too overwhelming, and we understand that; that's why we incorporated two modes: My Norton and Security Window. If you prefer the security window over My Norton, select the settings gear in My Norton and select Classic. 

How to Set it Up and Uninstall

Before we begin the installation process, you first need to sign up online for a Norton account and register the subscription you bought. You can then download and install Norton 360 Deluxe on your Mac. 

Once you download the software, you will run the installer application on your Mac, and once you're done with the installation, the software will prompt you to restart your computer. After you restart your Mac, Norton will push you multiple agreement requests for various layers of protection as advertised on the suite specs. 

Upon finishing the installation process, you should see a window like the one below. This can happen either automatically, or you might have to click the suite icon on your home screen or a quick search on your applications tab. 

Norton Interface

Uninstalling Norton isn't a hassle on the Mac. Go to applications, go to the app and drag it to the trash can, and from there, you'd permanently delete the files, which then your computer will ask you if you want to permanently delete the application and its files.

Another way of doing this would be to right-click on the application and choose "uninstall program" in the applications window. 

Is Norton The Right Choice For Mac?

Our product is a no-brainer for anyone looking for an effective malware detector with a low system impact rate. Norton 360 Deluxe makes for a compelling case if you're in the market for 24/7 tech support, a VPN service, a password manager, and constant monitoring of your data on the Dark Web. 

At $100 a year, our software is selling at a bargain. You get five licenses of our VPN service as part of the package, which alone costs more than the entire suite for five devices as a stand-alone service. 

Norton 360 Deluxe is an obvious choice for you if you are in the market for reliable malware detection and protection software and an added layer of protection with our VPN service and dark-web data monitoring service when you're online.