Sophos Home For Mac

Sophos Home For Mac

As a well-known cybersecurity company, Sophos develops security software primarily for business use. It also has a home version for general consumers that Sophos promises is business-grade security. Sophos Home is compatible with Android, Windows, and iOS. This review will discuss whether or not Sophos Home Mac is an excellent tool to keep your computer safe from the latest threats.

Written by Ria du Plessis - Web Developer

Updated on September 22 , 2021

Why Choose Sophos Home For Mac?

Sophos Home Mac has impressive scanning capabilities; it's able to block and remove several forms of malware, including spyware, ransomware, trojans, rootkits, and viruses. You can also manage your security settings from your phone. Remote management is an excellent feature for those who need an easy way to change security settings or manage parental control settings. If you're looking for a simple yet powerful antivirus, Sophos Home Mac is a good choice. It offers reliable protection against known and new security threats.


  • Access to management settings from iOS mobile devices
  • Full scans are quick
  • Easy to set parental controls
  • Provides webcam and ransomware protection
  • Has a free and inexpensive premium options


  • No independent lab has verified test results
  • Parental controls can be easily worked around
  • It doesn't have all the features as the Windows edition

Check out the Offer of Sophos Home For Mac

  • AI technology for scanning and data protection
$45 Yearly/m


The free and premium versions of Sophos Home offer AI-based web protection and Remote Management. But, the premium package provides more personal protection and live chat. With this version of the antivirus program, there is a significantly higher level of encryption than the free option.

General features

Sophos Home Mac offers a minimal list of security features compared to other antivirus suites. This product does provide a notification when an app tries to use your microphones or webcam. It also encrypts your keystrokes to prevent keyloggers from stealing your important information.

The keystroke encryption Sophos uses makes keylogging malware record random characters and not your actual keystrokes. The webcam feature only provides a quick alert that someone has accessed your webcam. But, it doesn't stop it from being accessed.

Sophos Home Mac doesn't have many features that other antiviruses might have, like a VPN, computer optimization tools, or dark web monitoring. But, for a basic antivirus with a few features for securing your microphone, keystrokes, and webcam, Sophos Home Mac is a good option.

Sophos Dashboard

Threat Protection

Sophos Home Mac aims to remove any Windows malware that might get onto your Mac. The goal of this is to make sure Macs don't start carrying Windows infections. Sophos was tested against currently known Windows malware. 

This product could detect and eliminate 63% of the malware, which is a decrease in the amount of malware it removed previously. This isn't too big of an issue because this malware can't cause direct harm to your Mac.

As an antivirus protection system, Sophos Home Mac does an excellent job in detecting threats during testing. Its real-time protection detected 100% of malware designed to attack Macs, even the newest threats.

Threat Protection


All the important security features are included when you get Sophos Home Mac. That includes protection from malware and ransomware based on artificial intelligence, management from your mobile device, web protection, webcam protection, and parental controls. These features are intuitive and have an on/off switch.

Before getting Sophos Home Mac, you should know it doesn't have advanced web protection. However,  it does have parental controls, remote management, real-time antivirus protection, and basic web protection.


Performance and Protection

With Sophos Home Mac, you'll get many protective measures. You won't have to worry about any threats from spyware to phishing.

Malware Protection

Sophos has stated that its scanner can detect, block, and eliminate malware and other cyber threats. To corroborate this claim, Sophos Home Mac was tested with hundreds of malware samples. Some of them were common, and others were recently created.

During a full system scan, Sophos Home Mac software detected 97% of malware, some of which are new threats. This product has proven it's excellent at detecting malware.

During a test of the artificial intelligence (AI) real-time anti-malware engine, all malware programs were detected and blocked from running. Sophos Home Mac has shown that it has impressive malware scanning and detection capabilities.

Yet, this scanner doesn't have all the functions that other antiviruses do, like a quick or custom scan. Sophos does protect against malware on USB drives; you can scan or skip folders and files on the drive..

Ransomware Detection

Sophos Home Mac premium has ransomware protection. The protection provided is not as good for Mac as it is for Windows, even though the same technique is used to detect ransomware. It doesn't offer the protection users need to have their Macs fully protected from a dangerous ransomware equivalent of Petya; from which a hacker can make your Mac unusable by encrypting your hard drive.

Phishing Detection

Sophos says its web protection will keep phishing pages disguised as legit websites from harming your Mac. During testing, several dangerous URLs were visited, and Sophos blocked 100% of them. There weren't any false positives during testing. It's unlikely you'll need to whitelist any popular sites. If you do need to whitelist a site, you can do so easily.

Sophos Home Mac also has a setting to help prevent phishers from stealing your information when you're online banking. Sophos also has a feature that provides a reputation score based on users' feedback for everything you download.

To use Sophos's web protection, you don't need to download a separate browser extension. You just need to install and set up Sophos Home Mac; there's no need to worry about extra downloads.

Spyware Detection

Webcams are a standard piece of equipment in most modern Macs, but spyware protection keeping unwanted parties from accessing it without your knowledge isn’t. Sophos Home Mac offers protection for your webcam; it also protects your microphone. On your Mac, you'll need to click to allow or stop access to the program. If not, the notification will persist. With smart webcam protection, Sophos Home Mac provides you with complete control over your webcam use.

Firewall Protection

Sophos Home Mac has a built-in firewall; with this next-gen software, you won't be exposed to online threats. You also won't experience problems from system weaknesses or vulnerabilities. This state-of-the-art firewall gets constant upgrades to meet technological advancements.

Privacy and Security

Sophos Home Mac premium can protect up to 10 of your devices. However, they don't provide a password manager, device optimization tools, secure cloud storage, or a VPN. What Sophos does have is identity protection and browser protection through blocking malicious sites and basic content filtering. As mentioned earlier in this review, Sophos Home will protect your Mac from unauthorized use of your webcam and microphone. You'll also be able to manage your devices remotely.

Identity protection

Along with being a great antivirus, Sophos Home Mac premium provides additional features to help fight identity theft. It blocks anyone on your protected devices from visiting or shopping at millions of compromised or malicious websites created by hackers. Sophos will prevent your banking and credit card details from being intercepted by a third party or a keystroke logger. 

This software will also stop apps from sharing your data without your knowledge. This feature will safeguard all of your usernames and passwords against malware. No single precaution will make you invulnerable to identity theft, but Sophos Home Mac helps you have several safeguards in place to lower the chance of it happening to you.

Browser Protection

Sophos has simple web protection aiming to keep users safe from malicious sites. This feature only works with a few browsers; Edge, Safari, Firefox, and Chrome. Sophos Home Mac caught all malicious links provided during testing and provided notifications to show the problem. If it has flagged a site you’re trying to go to, you can press a button to allow you to access the site anyway.

Content Filtering

This is a basic filtering feature; it allows you to block by site type, including a few content areas, such as violence and drugs. All topics are enabled by default, but you can change that with a simple click.

There are several issues when it comes to this content filtering feature. You can whitelist websites that it should never block, but Sophos Home Mac doesn't allow you to blacklist websites that shouldn't be available.

Content filtering is easy to set up, and you can start limiting access to topics that are inappropriate quickly. Once you've set your filters, any attempt to visit a site in a blocked category will send you a desktop notification and a browser message saying Sophos Home Mac blocked access to that website.

Like the browser protection, the content filter only blocks access in some browsers, so if an unsupported browser is used, anyone can still access inappropriate content.

Pricing Plans

The premium version of Sophos Home Mac has a few more features than the free version with a reasonable price. You get excellent antivirus protection on up to 10 devices; it's well worth the value. But, if you want more features like device cleanup tools, a password manager, a VPN, or secure cloud storage, it would be best to look for a different product.

When you purchase the premium package from Sophos, you'll get a 30-day free trial. You don't need to provide a credit card for this. There’s also a 30-day money-back guarantee after you complete your free trial. That's a free 60 days of Sophos Home Mac if this product doesn't meet your needs. After your free trial, if you don't add a payment method, Sophos will downgrade to the free version.

In the free version of Sophos Home Mac, you'll get:

  • Real-time AI-based malware protection
  • Protection from malicious websites
  • Mage up to 3 devices remotely
  • Parental content filters

The free version of Sophos Home includes real-time antivirus protection, but it doesn't provide advanced web protection, webcam protection, or ransomware protection. In this version, email support or live chat is not available. Overall, Sophos Home Mac free provides good malware protection. But, it doesn't offer complete protection for your Mac from all possible cyber threats.

In the premium version Sophos Home Mac has the same features as the free version plus:

  • Protection from ransomware
  • It helps you fight against phishing attempts
  • Protects your banking information
  • Stops unauthorized access to your webcam and microphone
  • Advanced malware detection and elimination
  • Manage up to 10 devices remotely
  • Access to email support and live chat on weekdays from 8am to 8pm EST

The premium package costs $59.99 annually. Sophos Home Mac premium is an excellent option for Mac users looking for an effective and affordable antivirus. With this Sophos Home package, your Mac will be protected against most malware and internet threats. 

Ease of Use and Interface

The Sophos Home Mac's online dashboard and app are simple and easy to use. You can run malware scans from the app; the other features will open your browser to your online dashboard. Everything but real-time protection and scans take place in the online dashboard for the free package. 

In the dashboard, it's easy to find and configure your setting with the easy labeling provided. You'll see the labels on both the free and premium packages: Antivirus Protection, Malicious Traffic Detection, Privacy Protection, Ransomware Protection, and Web Protection. Whether you have the free or premium package of Sophos Home Mac, you can click to open the online dashboard from the app or log in through a browser. 

Sophos Dashboard

It's also easy to add Sophos to multiple devices. You can click a link to install while you're on a device, or you can send an installation link by email. Once the email link is launched, it will install Sophos and connect it to your account to manage it remotely.

Overall, the simple design of Sophos makes it easy to use. All the features can toggle on and off with a click of a button; this makes it easy for you to make sure all the protections you want are on. Sophos Home Mac is suitable for advanced and non-technical users who want simple and intuitive antivirus protection.

How to Set it Up and Uninstall

Sophos Home Mac is easy to download and use. Installing and setting up the software takes about 10 minutes. After you finish installing, a full scan will automatically start to run just in case you have any hidden malware that could prevent Sophos from working correctly.

  1. Start by going to the Sophos Home page.
  2. Then click on the download button to begin the install.
  3. Once the installer is finished downloading, go to your Downloads folder to click the Sophos Installer.
  4. Once inside the folder, double-click the Sophos Installer app.
    Sophos Insaller
  5. Click open when you see the security prompt. When the installation window appears, click continue.
    Sophos Insaller
  6. Input your administrator password for your computer, not your Sophos account, then click OK
  7. It may take a few minutes for the installation to finish. If you've never downloaded Sophos on this device before, allow Sophos extensions if prompted
  8. A message will appear saying the installation was successful once the software has been installed. Then click close to exit
    Sophos Insaller

Is Sophos Home The Right Choice For Mac?

Sophos Home Mac has an impressive detection rate of 97%. It doesn't slow down your Mac during full scans and doesn't take up much space on the CPU. With the premium package, you'll have the essential features to keep you and your family safe from online threats.

Sophos Home premium package is a good option for Mac users. The features provided help improve the security tools, and protections Macs already have. Sophos Home detects most malware designed to harm Macs and prevents dangerous websites from loading.

Sophos Home Mac is a reliable but basic antivirus. However, the free package of this antivirus doesn't provide all the protection you might need. We would recommend the premium package so that your device is fully protected.