Best Spyware Remover

Best Spyware Remover in 2021

The internet has become a breeding ground for malicious software and programs that spread uninhibited like a disease. Among those that pose an imminent threat to computer users worldwide is spyware.

Written by Ria du Plessis - Web Developer

Updated on September 22, 2021

When choosing the best spyware removal tool in 2021, it is important to know that some of these anti-spyware removers only perform when the scan is manually started. You do get others that are continuously running and monitoring computer activity to ensure spyware can't record the user's information, so it’s important to take this into consideration when choosing the best spyware remover for your device. 

Top 5 Spyware Removal Tools in 2021 ( Quick Look )

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  • Multi-device use
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  • Around-the-clock support
  • Strong privacy protection
  • Safe web browsing
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What Is Spyware And Why Do You Need To Protect Yourself From It? 

Do you ever think about the possibility that you can be spied on?

Well, it is definitely a possibility. Not only can you be spied on by your neighbor, but there’s also the digital type of spy. This is called; spyware.

So, what is spyware exactly?

Spyware is a malicious file that hides on your computer and records your digital activity. Spyware can steal your financial information, your passwords, and even log everything you type into your keyboard. It is designed to be difficult to find, so you may not even realize that it’s on your device if you aren’t using the right antivirus tools.

How scary! To help ensure your computer is free and clear of spyware, it’s best to download, install, and run a spyware removal tool.

The 5 Best Spyware Removal Software in 2021 ( Detailed )

#1 TotalAV - Award-winning Spyware Protection 


TotalAV has a good antivirus scanner, a decent variety of security features, and it’s very easy to use.

Operating Systems: Windows, Android, Mac, iOS


  • Real-time malware protection
  • Anti-phishing protection
  • System clean-up
  • VPN (virtual private network)
  • Password manager
  • Data breach monitoring
  • Identity theft monitoring


Supported devices, Pricing Plan and Packages: 
  • TotalAV Antivirus Pro - 3 Devices - $29/year
  • TotalAV Internet Security - 5 Devices - $39/year
  • TotalAV Total Security - 6 Devices - $59/year
Subscription Options:Yearly
Pros: Cons: 
  • Strong protection against malicious URL
  • Solid phishing protection
  • Comes with user-friendly apps for all four major platforms
  • Advanced firewall protection is only available with the paid plans
  • No real-time protection with the free version

Users that are looking for a simple internet security program that they can install and forget about will really appreciate TotalAV’s simple interface.

 TotalAV Smart Scan


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#2 Norton - Powered by Artificial Intelligence 

Norton offers anti-spyware software that protects your PC against online threats. The software can automatically check the programs on your device for malware, survival risks, ransomware, and more. It can scan and remove software that is harmful.

Operating Systems: Windows, Android, Mac, iOS


  • Protects your PC from digital threats
  • Anti-theft feature
  • Protect and restore contact information


Pricing Plan, Packages and Supported Devices: 
  • Norton Antivirus Plus - $39,99/year - Supports up to 5 PCs or Macs
  • Norton 360 Premium - $54,99/year - Supports up to 10 PCs, Macs, Smartphones or Tablets
  • Norton 360 with LifeLock Select - $99,48/year or $9.99/month - Supports up to 5 PCs, Macs, Smartphones or Tablets
  • Norton 360 LifeLock Ultimate Plus - $299,88/year or $29,99/month  - Unlimited PCs, Macs, Smartphones or Tablets
Pros: Cons: 
  • Offers a higher level of online privacy
  • Frequent updates
  • May slow your device down

    Norton is the best at protecting your personal data from spyware and other threats.

     Norton Power Eraser

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    #3 McAfee - Excellent Spyware Detection 

    McAfee Total Protection offers excellent spyware detection and removal rates as well as a variety of useful internet security tools.

    Operating Systems: Windows, Android, Mac, iOS

    Other Features:

    • Wi-Fi network scanning
    • Anti-phishing protection
    • VPN
    • Dark web monitoring
    Supported devices, Pricing Plan and Packages:
    • McAfee Total Protection Single Device - $29.99 - 1 Device/1 year
    • McAfee Total Protection Individuals - $34.99 - 5 Devices/1 year
    • McAfee Total Protection Family - $39.99 - 10 Devices/1 year
    • McAfee Total Protection Unlimited Devices - $69.99 - Unlimited Devices/1 year
    Subscription Options:1- year
    Pros: Cons: 
    • Good value for money
    • Password Manager to manage passwords for all your accounts
    • Can slow your system down

      McAfee offers really good anti-spyware scanning and a ton of excellent internet security tools.

      McAfee Antivirus total protection

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      #4 Malwarebytes - Best for Easy to use the spyware removal tool


      Malwarebytes is a cross-platform anti-malware program that detects and removes malware and other rogue software.

      Operating Systems: Windows, macOS, Android and iOS


      • Scan through registry files, running programs, hard drives and individual files
      Supported devices, Pricing Plan and Packages: 
      • Malwarebytes Personal Premium 1 device - $3.33/month - billed annually
      • Malwarebytes Personal Premium 5 devices -  $6.67/month - billed annually
      Subscription Options: 1- year
      Pros: Cons: 
      • Simple installation
      • Light system impact
      • No inspection on emails
      • No quick scan option

        With Malwarebytes, its simplicity and intuitive design will not become a trouble for those having zero technical knowledge.

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        #5 Panda - Free Full-Featured Spyware Tool


        Panda offers real-time protection for your device from spyware. It also protects your device by preventing the execution of malware from a USB drive.

        Operating Systems: Windows, Android, Mac, iOS


        • Protection against viruses in real time
        • Additional firewall for Windows devices
        • VPN for private Internet use (150MB/day)
        • Wi-Fi protection against hackers
        • Virus scan for external devices e.g. USB
        Supported devices, Pricing Plan and Packages: 
        • Panda Security Essential - $35.39 1 device/1-year
        Subscription Options: 1- year
        Pros: Cons: 
        • You can install the software with ease
        • You can watch multimedia content without any disturbance
        • Free VPN limited at 150mb per day

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          How Does Spyware Remover Work? 

          Most of the time anti spyware software is integrated with your antivirus software. Anti Spyware or malware products typically use signatures, like an antivirus program, these will need to be updated regularly.

          Anti spyware programs work a lot like antivirus programs, except they scan for different things.

          A spyware remover actively scans your computer for spyware by analyzing the codes of all of your programs and files and comparing these to its database of known spyware definitions.

          Spyware remover when scanning;

          Spyware remover when scanning

          Some spyware removers can show false positives, especially when it comes to network-related utilities.

          Because an average user doesn’t use these networking utilities, they are often flagged as malware. You will need to take this into account and provide some means to review the scan results, and preferably form a white list of approved users and/or products to reduce the false positives.

          Spyware remover showing false positive;

          Spyware remover showing false positive

          Most good spyware removers will provide you with detailed information about the spyware it finds. Such information can include the spyware's name, its origin, and what it was designed to do.

          You can use this information to determine if the spyware should be deleted.

          Key Features Of The Best Spyware Removers 

          Cyber companies have created anti-spyware programs in an attempt to curb the spread of spyware. These programs are either distributed for free or are available for purchase. Essentially, all anti-spyware programs must contain certain features to be effective against the constantly evolving nature of spyware.

          The following features are necessary for the best security:

          Real-Time Protection - Real-time protection prevents the installation of spyware by blocking user access to data that is considered malicious

          Scanning and Spyware Removal - If a computer is already infected, the anti-spyware program should be able to scan all files and folders, drives, and registries to identify all threats. Once identified, it should be removed

          Updates - Updates to expand the database are an essential feature

          Online Support - A sold online support is essential because of the complex nature of spyware

          Reduced False Positives - Harmless programs can often be mistaken for spyware. An ideal anti-spyware program will have a small number of false positives

          Scheduling Capabilities - This feature enables users to schedule the anti-spyware program to automatically run

          Integration with Anti-Virus - Anti-spyware packaged with anti-virus is the best choice to make when dealing with internet threats. A standalone anti-spyware program might be effective, but without anti-virus software, protection is limited

          User-Friendly Interface - An elegant and easy-to-handle interface is also essential if you want to avoid frustration

          How To Choose The Right Spyware Removal Software? 

          The best spyware remover is not the most expensive solution, but rather the one that suits your needs the best. You need protection against malicious software, so it is important to look for something that comes with the right capabilities and features.

          You should look for software with the following in mind;

          • Real-time monitoring - Your device will constantly be monitored for malicious files.
          • Behavior analysis - This way, you can make sure your device is protected from threats that haven't been documented yet. All the best anti-spyware solutions come with such a feature.
          • Online Security and Safe Banking Transactions -  You need to ask yourself what your real needs are. If you are constantly using your device for online banking transactions, it is important to take into consideration that you will need this as a feature when choosing the right spyware removal software for you. 
          • Network diagnostics capabilities - If you have a large number of smart devices in your home, you may also want something with network diagnostics capabilities to find and plug any vulnerabilities. 

          What Are The Most Common Types Of Spyware? 

          “Spyware” refers to a group of malware that’s designed to hide on your computer and then steal your data. It infects computers and other internet-connected devices.

          It will secretly record your browsing habits, the websites you visit, and your online purchases. Some types of spyware also record your passwords, login credentials, and credit card details.

          In reality, there are many different types of spyware that consumers should be concerned about. All forms of spyware can be divided into the following five categories:

          • Info stealers - Info stealers are programs that can scan infected computers and steal personal information. This information can include browsing histories, usernames, passwords, email addresses, personal documents, and media files.

          • Password Stealers - Password stealers are very similar to info stealers. The only difference is that they are designed to steal only login credentials from infected devices. 

          Here is an example for Password stealers;

          Password Stealers

          • Keyloggers - Keyloggers are spyware programs that record the keystrokes typed on a keyboard connected to an infected computer. Keyloggers are mostly used by hackers to gather sensitive data.
          • Banker Trojans - Banker Trojans are programs that are designed to access and record sensitive information that is either stored on or processed through online banking systems. 

          What Is The Difference Between Antispyware And Antivirus? 

          Spyware gathers your personal information and relays it to advertisers, data firms, or external users.

          Spyware is used for many purposes. Usually, it aims to track and sell your internet usage data, capture your credit card or bank account information, or steal your personal identity. This is where anti-spyware comes in. Anti-spyware was created to protect your device from these spyware criminals. 

          Antivirus software is the overall term for programs with many cyber protection features.

          Many antivirus solutions include anti-spyware abilities from the start. Purchasing a good antivirus solution with anti-spyware included will be your best option when it comes to the safety of your device and data.

          Bottom line

          Choosing the perfect anti-spyware program for your needs can be difficult, but with our guidelines in mind, choosing one should be easier. Always remember that your device safety should never be a second priority, and the right anti-spyware will make sure you sleep easy at night.