Bitdefender for Chromebook

Bitdefender for Chromebook

Bitdefender is a global leader in cybersecurity and antivirus software. It operates 24/7 to keep you and your private information protected. Its built-in VPN works invisibly as you enjoy a secure browsing experience. Bitdefender is more than protection against malware; it’s peace of mind.

Written by Ria du Plessis - Web Developer

Updated on September 22 , 2021

Why Choose Bitdefender for Chromebook? 

Online environments are full of potential risks. When you browse the web, you’re susceptible to encountering hackers, viruses, and malware. Your devices harbor sensitive information that could be stolen.

Bitdefender antivirus software monitors your online activity to keep infections out of your devices.

The Bitdefender for Chromebook Mobile Security and Antivirus app for Android is the most suitable version of this software for Chromebook devices. Bitdefender protects your info and preemptively runs safety checks to identify threats. It scans through your browser activity, files, and incoming messages, looking for indicators of malware and hackers. 

We can’t all be technology wizards, but with Bitdefender, you don’t have to be. Trust your cybersecurity to Bitdefender. 

Pros & Cons

There are ups and downs to every product, but overall, this is one of the best antivirus software providers on the market. 

The premium version is affordable and supports full coverage over unlimited bandwidth. There are also free tools available to help boost best practices at home and in business. 

The centralized management controls make it an effective tool for large and small companies. Bitdefender’s business-oriented GravityZone package streamlines analytics and detection response.

Bitdefender is a Romanian-based software company that employs specialists in multiple countries. Most customer support representatives are located in Romania. Some users have reported minor language barriers when utilizing support resources. This seems to be the only drawback when we assess Bitdefender’s services. Still, these instances are rare and slightly inconvenient rather than unproductive. 

Check out the Offer of Bitdefender for Chromebook

  • Multi-layered malware protection
$39.99 annually/m


Bitdefender doesn’t just run safety checks. It gets to work solving problems. 

The endpoint detection and response (EDR) feature will constantly monitor threats and respond to areas of weakness. This cyber technology kicks into action to solve problems so they don’t escalate. 

Some competing AV providers let sneaky malware invade through the cracks in the firewall. When this happens, you’re helpless to the havoc that ensues.

The Bitdefender Android app for Chromebook is different, though. Even if you mistakenly engage in risky activity, it goes to work eliminating any intrusive threats. It includes anti-exploitation technology and hybrid deployment support mechanisms to counterattack threats from all angles. 

The SafePay feature keeps online transactions secure on any site. Your credit card and bank info will be completely protected through digital transits. 

The File Shredder privacy feature wipes your drives clean of digital documents containing sensitive information. Computers backup files in multiple areas. Even if you think a file lives exclusively in a certain folder, there are copies in other areas of the hard drive. The File Shredder tracks those down and fully deletes them.


Bitdefender has a multi-layer scanning system in place for maximized protection. The software works around the clock to block threats. The new and improved Vulnerability Management Scanner alerts you to areas of online exposure. This feature scans through keychains and passwords to assess the strength or vulnerability of your personal security methods. 

If the software finds weak passwords or logins, it’ll kindly alert you to the risk and offer suggestions to increase security. Bitdefender will even generate new passwords that are strong enough to pass future security scans.

Performance and Protection

Hacker codes and malware infections are smarter than ever. They’re constantly evolving, designing new ways to infiltrate your hard drives. Bitdefender’s firewall and multi-layer Ransomware Protection feature guards against sophisticated cyber attacks. 

The Bitdefender Photon feature enables the AV software to adapt as your device updates, so it always performs efficiently.  It’ll even adjust system settings so that your devices stay charged, cool, and clear of pop-ups. 

multi-layer scanning system

Phishing and Fraud Protection

Phishing is a form of scamming. It’s a cyber attempt to obtain your personal info, such as web logins, home address, or answers to possible security questions. Phishers present themselves as trustworthy third parties who have your best interests in mind, but this is a false claim. 
Bitdefender’s anti-phishing and anti-fraud protection features recognize phishing attempts and alert you of the risk.

Phishing and Fraud Protection

Bitdefender’s anti-phishing and anti-fraud features won Best Protection Rates in June of 2019 when tested against real phishing URLs. This study, conducted by an independent AV firm, proved that Bitdefender provides the most dimensional and reliable protection features on the market. 

After testing 500 URLs, Bitfinder came back with zero false positives and full protection. It’s no wonder that more than 500 million devices are entrusted to Bitdefender for top performance and protection. 

Privacy and Security

Bitdefender is proven to protect you against infections, worms, hackers, spyware, and more. Installing this antivirus software is like putting a padlock on your digital information. 


Even when you’re using public Wi-Fi, it goes to work blocking possible exploits. The minute you connect to a new network, the software scans activity, and incoming data so you can work anywhere without added risk.

The Preferred Gamer Protection Plan

The Bitdefender Mobile Security and Antivirus app for Chromebook is a favorite amongst the iGaming community. Online gamers value smooth streaming service with zero on-screen interruptions. Many online games are streamed across multiple networks and involve open chat rooms where there’s ample opportunity to plant infectious malware. Luckily, Bitdefender keeps working while you play. 

This AV software mutes notifications and pop-ups during online game time. Scheduled updates are automatically postponed and rescheduled during downtime. Bitdefender goes quiet while you game, but it never stops running checks and addressing threats. It maintains a secure connection while filtering out the risks that come with online gaming. 

Gamers can configure the in-app Gaming Profile to enable these features for specific games and sites. Get full protection with zero distractions when you use Bitdefender for iGaming. 

The Preferred Gamer Protection Plan

Built-In VPN

Bitdefender products include a built-in VPN for privacy and anonymity. This keeps your IP address private in the exchange of metadata between you and online platforms. 

You can even use the Bitdefender app for Chromebook to change your location settings and access digital content unavailable in your area. Enjoy Netflix and Hulu titles from around the world when you install the Bitdefender app on your Chromebook devices.

Pricing Plans

There’s a free version of Bitdefender that secures up to 200 MB of internet traffic each day on one device. Add-ons, upgrades, and Advantage Plus plans require a yearly subscription payment. There are flexible options for every purpose and budget. 

The Antivirus Plus plan starts at $23.99 for the first year. Other personal plans, like the Family Pack plan, run around $49.99 for the first year and covers up to 15 household devices. 

Business plans start at $570 for the first year. The GravityZone Elite package covers five to 100 devices, four servers, and 15 mailboxes. Check out for more pricing details.  

Ease of Use and Interface

Installation is simple, and once it’s complete, the functions run virtually hands-free. The app for Chromebook is easy to navigate and they have user-friendly descriptions of each service they offer. 

The layout of the app is clean and clear. Notifications are concise and noticeable without being overwhelming. Even if you’re technologically challenged, you’ll understand the products and functions of Bitdefender antivirus software.

Bitdefender interface

All members receive access to customer support 24/7. You can connect with a representative through email, phone, or online chat. Response time is highly rated and faster than most AV comparatives.

Live Support

How to Set it Up and Uninstall

To install the Bitdefender Mobile Security and Antivirus app on your Chromebook device:

  • Visit the Android or Google Play store and download the app.
  • In the app, you can sign up for services and complete payment transactions. Just create an account and agree to the terms and services to get started.
    Google Play store

From here, the Bitdefender Mobile Security and Antivirus app will go to work accessing your files, messages, and metadata. If you’re using the app on a mobile device, like your smartphone or tablet, you may have to enable the settings before Bitdefender can go to work.

The app will notify you when other applications need updates or attention. Fraud and phishing alerts will run through the device. You can monitor Bitdefender’s effectiveness by opening the application and viewing reports and notifications. 

 Google Play store

To uninstall the program:

  • Right click or press the app icon on your home screen
  • Select ‘Delete App’

Even if there’s still time left on your service agreement, deleting the application will stop Bitdefender from operating on your device. Keep in mind that uninstalling the app will result in loss of protective coverage.

Is Bitdefender the Right Choice for Chromebook?

All signs point to yes. Bitdefender is rated #4 out of 58 in a recent SafetyDetectives report. It’s considered the best application for Chromebook security by Lifewire. 

Bitdefender’s AV tests consistently report better than competing software providers to keep infections and malware out of your data. 

Bitdefender offers web attack prevention for individuals and businesses, earning Tech Radar’s Editor’s Choice Award for 2020. This software delivers real-time protection from online fraud so you can focus on your own agenda.