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    7 Top-Rated Password Manager Tools In 2021

    Password Manager Tools

    If you’re still using your child’s birthdate or your dog’s name as your universal password, you’re inviting trouble. With the help of a passcode manager, you can create unique and strong identifiers to secure every website. 

    Keep reading to learn more about the most secure and best password management tools for 2021.


    LastPass has one of the best free plans available among all management tools. This secure software doesn’t limit the number of passwords or devices you use.

    It’s super easy to use and packed with features offering both free and premium tiers for you to choose from. It also supports multi-factor authentication which helps protect you from phishing.


    • Free version available
    • Supports various platforms and browsers
    • Two-factor authentication
    • Available with strength reports and dark web monitoring tools


    • Some personal data types can’t be used for form-filling
    • Doesn’t support U2F
    • Some components list outdated options

    Price: Free or $36 per year for the premium package

    Bitwarden Premium

    Bitwarden is the best choice among open-source software. Since every bit of this tool is polished and user-friendly, it has no limits.

    Its paid plan strives to be the best in password management, but even its free version includes multi-device sync with unlimited online storage and optional self-hosting.

    It's not just the best free tool, it's feature-packed software that can put paid tools out of business.


    • Supports all platforms and browsers
    • Two-factor authentication using a Yubikey or FIDO process
    • Serves as an authenticator
    • Generates TOTP codes for 2FA-supporting sites
    • Analyzes strength and quality
    • Inexpensive


    • Doesn’t work as expected on the Edge browser
    • There’s limited support for iOS
    • It costs extra for a full-scale secured sharing

    Price: Free or basic plan costs $10 per year

    Keeper Password Manager & Digital Vault

    This software offers two-factor authentication to log in to your account. There’s no free version, but you can use a 30-day trial before deciding to commit to the subscription.

    It offers plugins for every major browser along with mobile apps for iOS and Android. It’s also available as a desktop app for Windows, macOS, and Linux.


    • Supports unlimited devices
    • Offers biometric authentication
    • Offers secured record sharing
    • Keeps a complete history


    • Doesn’t offer a free version
    • The web form auto-fill feature is limited

    Price: Premium subscription costs $34.99 per year.


    Dashlane is available with several features that offer the best site breach alerts. It actively monitors the darker corners of the web in search of leaked or stolen data. It then alerts you if the information has been compromised.

    It’s a well-designed and well-executed software offering extra security-focused features. The premium service is even more impressive since it synchronizes all your passcodes.


    • Easy syncing between devices
    • Includes a VPN
    • Offers secured document storage
    • Scan the dark web for compromised accounts


    • Dashlane is expensive
    • The free version doesn’t sync across devices
    • Multi-Page logins may be troublesome
    • The paltry cloud storage of this platform can’t be upgraded

    Price: Premium costs $59.99/year. Other versions range between $29.99 to $39.99 per year


    This software comes with great family plans. Plus, it’s more cost-effective than any other competing brand. Every member of the family gets two vaults: a private vault and a shared vault.

    Some of the best features include Watchtower, Built-in 2FA, local data storage, and the travel mode. This particular mode hides all the sensitive information from the device when traveling and restores it when you return.


    • Offers intuitive organization
    • Simple authentication process to add new devices
    • Two-factor authentication


    • The browser extension system is complicated
    • Limited options to import
    • Sharing is limited for family plans
    • Lacks a password-inheritance feature

    Price: The family plan is priced at $59.88/year ($6.99/month) 

    True Key by Intel Security

    The best features of True Key include note-taking and ID record-keeping. It outstrips the competition because of its multi-factor authentication choices.

    It also blocks any unwanted access to your private information. Since True Key is bundled with McAfee antivirus software, it’s safe to use. 


    • Inexpensive
    • Availability of extensive multi-factor authentication
    • Can easily import data from multiple browsers
    • Windows require facial-recognition
    • Easy to reset master code using True Key


    • Not updated for years
    • Limited features available
    • The free version of the software is useless
    • Doesn’t handle oddball logins
    • No actionable security reporting

    Price: Free up to 15 passcodes. Once this limit is surpassed, it’s priced at $19.99 per year

    Password Boss

    This software is capable of handling all basic tasks. It comes equipped with advanced features like password inheritance and secure sharing. The best feature is the dark web scan which searches the entire web for all logins in the vault and notifies users of any data breach.

    It also includes a secure browser feature which is a built-in browser specially designed to keep online finances secure. It uses a secure DNS service to make sure that the credit cards don’t fall into the wrong hands. 


    • Two-factor authentication
    • Secures web form-filling
    • Digital wallet available
    • Emergency access
    • Availability of cloud storage
    • Strength analysis feature for enhanced protection


    • Customer support isn’t responsive
    • Not available for Mac

    Price: Standard price $3/month and the Advanced plan costs $4/month for five users

    The Bottom Line

    When it comes to your online safety, having a password manager will bring you some much-needed relief and peace of mind. By using this software, you’ll no longer be required to remember various complicated strings of texts, numbers, and symbols.

    If you’re in the habit of repeating your password for multiple accounts, stop right away. Instead, start creating and managing personal passcodes easily with any of the tools mentioned above.