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    Avast Smart Life: A Fully Functional Solution For All

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is a growing trend.

    Still, as the number of devices goes up, so does the scope of security threats.

    This is why most users need a more efficient layer of protection to guard themselves against these threats. 

    To cater to these needs, Avast recently launched a converged solution called “Smart Life”.

    It is a cloud-based security system that monitors all incoming threats at the network level. Keep reading to learn more about this original solution.

    The Features

    With Smart Life, users will receive enhanced privacy, security, and vital insights that are relevant to safeguarding data and devices in the IoT age.

    Instead of standalone features, Avast’s new product offers a converged solution - a preconfigured security suite managed as a single system.

    You will gain a fully secure experience in your home, or wherever you are.

    The new offering boasts state-of-the-art features like:

    • Router Integration - The solution is fully integrated on partnered routers as an additional firmware layer. Also, it can be deployed on 5G networks as a virtual network function.
    • Network Safety - It is able to detect threats in real-time. If the security engine detects a threat on any of the connected devices, it is designed to shut down the attacks before they can cause harm.
    • Device Intelligence - Smart AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning) systems are able to recognize all of the devices connected to your network. This gives these systems ease of accessibility to detect and neutralize unexpected behaviors.

    All About Digital Wellness 

    Digital wellness is aimed at promoting, regulating, and improving the healthy use of modern-day technology.

    Realistically, it is difficult to keep track of what your kids browse on the internet daily.  

    Smart Life provides parents with detailed insights and control over how their children access the internet to avoid undesired content or unhealthy surfing habits.

    It is an enhanced version of Avast’s primary feature known as Parental Control. 

    If your child is spending too much time browsing on a particularly unhealthy website, this can impact their mental wellbeing.

    With Smart Life, you will have all the insights you need to control the websites that your child can access. 

    How It Works 

    You can deploy Smart Life on your router or directly via the gateway.

    Irrespective of the deployment, the Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Language-backed cloud intelligence platform ensures that all of your data is analyzed and processed in real-time.

    You can manage either of these implementations through a dedicated companion app.

    Take for instance if you have installed Smart Life on your router and your devices are connected to it.

    In this case, the app analyzes the data using the Avast Cloud Intelligence Platform, and it processes the data to the Avast Security Layer on your router.

    It is then validated with your Internet Service Provider, followed by a secure connection to a smart device. 

    The smart app continuously learns the behavior of all of the connected devices and processes big data in real-time to provide you with premium security, insights, and privacy across all of your devices. 

    Why A Converged Solution Is The Way To Go In 2020 

    Smart devices like media boxes, TVs, gaming consoles, baby monitors, security cameras, and more are being used by families and companies alike.

    The number of average devices in a household has increased sharply over the last decade and it will be growing leaps and bounds in years to come.  

    As more and more devices are now built with the primary idea of convenience, cybercriminals have started devising new ways to steal data and invade the privacy of users relying on IoT.

    With a single source of connection, hackers can easily take control of all other devices within the network.  

    This is precisely why families need enhanced security both at home and out-of-home - and, they need it in real-time.

    Using multiple solutions is not the right approach and accordingly, a converged solution is the optimal approach for 2020 and beyond. 

    Bottom Line 

    Converged security solutions give you better privacy, security, and control.

    Seeing as our online lives are technologically fragmented across multiple devices, our security measures should be overarching.

    All-inclusive security measures are definitely part of the trends we will see more of in the future due to our shifting habits. 

    Another important element is being able to better monitor our children’s browsing behavior using detailed insights, and by blocking certain websites and controlling bandwidth.

    All of this should be optimally controlled from a single app, particularly if you are building a smart home for your convenience.  

    For these reasons and many more, getting a converged security solution like Avast Smart Life is a perfect choice.