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    Best Antivirus With VPNs

    A virtual private network, or VPN, uses advanced protocols for encrypting data. If you’re looking for a secure and private browsing experience, you can use the service to mask your Internet Protocol (IP) address.

    The best service providers have the capability to make your online actions untraceable. 

    While there are standalone services, some premium antiviruses also offer this feature included.

    Some brands may have a capping on the low-tier plans, but you can always upgrade.

    There isn’t much difference in pricing, hence you should choose an Antivirus + VPN solution for:

    • Enhanced online security
    • Online identity protection
    • Safe banking and IP masking

    Why You Need To Choose Quality

    Most well-known cheaper brands include the virtual private network module in their antivirus software. The problem is that a lot of these aren’t 100% secure and can be extremely slow.

    When it comes to security, you shouldn’t merely focus on the costs, otherwise, you’ll get limited protection.

    The Best Antivirus Software With VPN Included In 2020

    Finding the perfect balance of an antivirus and a virtual private network is difficult. You need to find the right blend between both for complete security.

    We tested multiple products based on various parameters and here’s our pick for the top 5.


    Norton offers a virtual private network with all of its antivirus plans and allows you to choose the subscription type. You can get it with the top-tier plans and as a standalone service. The module is extremely easy to use and users have the option to select coverage for 1 to 10 devices across platforms. 

    Prices start as low as $4.99 per month for 1 device. Unlike most other products, it is the only brand to offer no-capping VPN services on all of its plans. 

    Some standout features are:

    • Unlimited data even on the lowest plans
    • Access to geo-restricted content from secured servers like Netflix
    • DNS Leak and kill switch protection
    • Zero-tracking guarantee to ensure the solution doesn’t log your internet activity
    • Available for up to 10 devices under one license
    • Other add-ons like bank-grade encryption, real-time protection, webcam protection


    Bitdefender VPN is a decent solution that works together with the core antivirus. It's pretty cost-effective but misses out on some of the functionality and features offered by other industry leaders. The module is easy to use and the security is good, but you won’t get an option to change or edit the encryption or protocol. 

    What it misses out on add-ons it makes up for with great connectivity speed. Unfortunately, you can’t use it as standalone software. It costs $6.99 per month to use it on 5 devices without capping or $39.99 for up to 10 devices.

    A few great features are:

    • Enhanced security on public Wi-Fi networks
    • Banking and online data protection
    • Cross-platform compatibility
    • No IP leaks while connecting across locations


    Panda is another reliable antivirus with a decent virtual private network solution. The Panda Dome service uses the same technology as the award-winning service provider Hotspot Shield; hence it offers the fastest connectivity. 

    As with most service providers, the free plan has limitations of just 150MB a day. You can rely on 99.9% uptime and advanced encryption since it’s a robust antivirus that works alongside an economically priced VPN service.

    You can get premium protection on 3 devices simultaneously starting at $9.99 per month. If you choose a 3-month plan, you can get it at $6.99 per month, and $5.83 per month for a 1-year subscription.

    Some additional features are:

    • Fast and stable connectivity using multiple servers globally
    • Advanced encryption algorithms for privacy and data protection
    • 256-bit bank-level encryption guaranteed
    • Extremely user-friendly across all devices
    • Zero activity-log tracking. The company doesn’t collect any identifiable information

    AVG Secure

    Another powerful antivirus that recently rolled out its standalone virtual private network service is AVG Secure. You’ll like the simplistic user interface and straightforward setup of the module.

    Almost every add-on and feature comes built in with this reliable product. It guarantees an ultra-secure 256-bit AES encryption that can be used simultaneously on 5 devices across platforms. 

    The pricing is on par with other brands, but there are noticeable problems with the connection speed consistency.

    You can rest assured of the overall safety from DNS and IP leaks as it does a commendable job of masking the solution by pinging over 50 servers across countries.

    You can protect 5 devices starting at $4.99 per month.

    The company has packed in some nice-to-have features like:

    • 256-bit AES standard military-grade encryption
    • Simultaneous support on 5 devices
    • Effective IP masking and geo-location pinging

    Avira Phantom VPN

    The Avira Phantom is an easy-to-use service from the renowned German antivirus company. The premium service has everything you need – quality encryption, multiple servers across countries, zero-logs guarantee, a kill switch, unlimited bandwidth, and more.

    It features AES-256 CBC and GCM layers of encryption with SHA-512 data protection and an Open VPN protocol. The module is easy to use, but you might run into some confusion when setting the country locations.

    It allows you to customize settings like auto-connect to use this solution when on public or open Wi-Fi networks.

    The free version offers 500MB bandwidth daily, and this is way better than any other brands in the same league.

    Pricing starts at $6.50 per month for multiple devices.

    You receive features such as:

    • Bank-grade encryption
    • Unlimited bandwidth and connectivity across 50 servers and 26 countries
    • Unrestricted content streaming on geo-restricted websites
    • Kill switch, DNS and IP Leak proof, and a no-log guarantee

    Other Notable Software

    In addition to the aforementioned products, there are a few others that deserve a special mention. Be sure to check out:

    • McAfee VPN – It’s priced decently and allows simultaneous usage across 5 devices. You’ll also get bank-grade encryption, private internet access, Wi-Fi protection, and a free plan with a bandwidth of 250MB per month.
    • Kaspersky – Featuring 256-bit AES military-grade encryption with IPV6 protection and a kill switch, this product bundles most of the features at an unbeatable monthly price.
    • Total AV – Another easy-to-use solution with 256-bit encryption running on OpenVPN protocol. It has over 60 global server locations and is priced fairly. 

    Features You Need to Look Out For

    If you’re interested in getting an antivirus with VPN, consider these essentials:

    • 256-bit AES encryption levels
    • No-logs policy
    • Access to geo-restricted content
    • IP masking
    • Servers across countries
    • No capping on bandwidth
    • DNS and IP Leak proof
    • Supports multiple devices across platforms simultaneously.
    • Customer support

    Bottom Line

    We recommend using a premium antivirus with VPN included to keep your devices protected.

    There are a lot of options to choose from and you should consider all aspects mentioned above before you subscribe to a plan.