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    Are Black Friday Antivirus Deals Really Worth It?

    Black Friday Antivirus Deals

    The need to have antivirus software installed on your devices is becoming more essential by the day. But the truth is, we don’t all have it nor do we all understand just how important it is. The tools used by hackers are always improving, making internet safety even more fragile than in preceding years. 

    With Black Friday just around the corner, is this the right time to bag a bargain and finally takethe leap to protect your digital self? Read on to find out.

    Are You a Bargain Hunter? See Our Selected Black Friday 2020 Antivirus Deals

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    Why Is It Worth Buying Antivirus Software On Black Friday? 

    Waiting for Black Friday to purchase antivirus is the same as holding out for anything else you might want. From games consoles to clothes, if you’re serious about buying, why not wait until it’s cheaper? Reasons to hold out for Black Friday include:

    Big Service, Lower Costs:

    Prices might drop but the quality of the product doesn’t. You’ll still get the same features you expect from antivirus software: great performance, responsive customer support, multi-device compatibility, and powerful security encryption. Plus, any added tools like adware blockers, cloud management, VPN access, threat detection, and firewall monitoring. 

    Compare, Compare, Compare:

    The promotional holiday that started in America is now found in at least half of all countries around the world. What’s more, the urgency involved isn’t quite the same.

    You’ll find that some companies extend their discounts over a whole weekend and through to Cyber Monday; others offer staggered discounts leading up to the date, and many will keep their prices lower for a whole week after. While you want to be quick, there’s a lot of room to be patient and compare the best deals out there. 

    Everyone’s Involved:

     The hardest part about Black Friday shopping is usually where you buy from. All companies get involved because if they don’t, they’ll inevitably lose sales to providers that are offering a similar product at a lower price.

    Chances are, the discounts may be minimal, or require signing up for a subscription longer than you hoped in order to get better value.

    But let’s be honest, if a provider offers its software on Black Friday at full asking price, why settle when you could find something just as good at a lower cost? This benefit goes hand in hand with the chance to compare your options. 

    Black Friday vs Cyber Monday: What Sets Them Apart? 

    The use of the name Black Friday has existed since 1952 and it wasn’t until almost ten years later that evidence of it being used for discounted shopping came about. For businesses, the name allegedly marks the turning point in the year when they’re turning a profit, or ‘in the black’. The post-Thanksgiving US tradition is the busiest shopping day in the year.

    As you can imagine, Cyber Monday was introduced in recent years and has its roots in the spread of Black Friday around at least half of the world. Despite the dates being different, the only real difference between these two discount events is that Black Friday takes place in physical locations as well as online, but Cyber Monday deals can only be found exclusively on retailers’ websites. 

    Antivirus Companies Offering Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 

    Bitdefender Black Friday Deals

    Bitdefender is a popular antivirus provider that’s offering some pretty substantial Black Friday discounts on its high-powered software. It has three separate plans, each with differing levels of protection, and a maximum of 63% off is available on the top-end option. VPN Premium can be added to all plans for $29.99, with a $20 discount off the original price.

    Bitdefender Antivirus Plus: Basic Windows PC protection (Up to 3 Devices, Per Year)

    Price: $19.99 (Original Price: $39.99) 

    Bitdefender Total Security: Comprehensive protection for Windows, Apple, and Android devices (Up to 5 Devices, Per Year) 

    Price: $29.99 (Original Price: $79.99)

    Bitdefender Internet Security: Comprehensive Windows protection (Up to 3 Devices, 1 Year)

    Price: $24.99 (Original Price: $59.99)

    • Multi-layered malware protection
    $39.99 annually/m

    Sophos Black Friday Deals

    Household name Sophos has huge savings available on its Sophos Home Premium product, saving users a massive 20%-40% off.

    Sophos Home Premium: 1 Year License

    Cost: $47.99 (Original Price: $59.99)

    Sophos Home Premium: 2 Year License

    Cost: $59.99 (Original Price: $99.99)

    This promotion is valid from November 25th until December 2nd.

    • AI technology for scanning and data protection
    $45 Yearly/m

    Intego Black Friday Deals

    This Black Friday, you’ll save a massive 64% off for your Intego Mac Internet Security X9 protection. Hurry up! This sale is available for limited time only.

    Mac Internet Security X9: 1 Year

    Cost: $19.99 (Original Price: $49.99)

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    • Real-time protection
    $24.99 - $69.99/m

    Norton Pre-Black Friday Deals

    While you won’t find major discounts with Norton, you’re getting a well-known provider with at least some of the costs lowered. Students, however, get up to $50 off. 

    Norton 360 Standard: 1 Device, 1 Year

    Cost: $32.99 (Original Price: $39.99)

    Norton 360 Deluxe: 5 Devices, 1 Year

    Cost: $44.99 (Original Price: $54.99)

    Norton 360 Premium: 10 Devices, 1 Year

    Cost: $59.99 (Original Price: $69.99)

    • Real-time malware protection

    McAfee Antivirus Pre-Black Friday Deals

    McAfee has been around a long time and doesn’t really need to put out substantial discounts, but here we are. This is likely the best deal you’ll find anywhere between Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

    McAfee Live Safe: 1 Year

    Cost: $24.99 (Original Price: $119.99)

    • Complete Protection For All Devices With a single License

    Are There Any Black Friday/Cyber Monday Antivirus Free Trials?

    Most antivirus providers are so sure of their products that they offer some kind of guarantee, whether it’s to get your money back after 30 days or a straight-up free trial for 30 days. Ideally, you’ll pick one that offers either of the two, since it pays to try before you buy, as we all know, especially when what you’re signing up for may bind you to annual contracts. If you’re keen to get a great product for a lower cost, then the longer contracts are what you’ll want to consider.

    The nature of Black Friday and Cyber Monday means that you likely won’t see any free trials being offered as part of the promotions since providers that offer them have them available anyway. As a potential buyer and someone that would prefer to have a trial system in place, the best thing you can do is factor this option into your decision making and decide how important it is when compared to price and performance. 

    Who Offers Better Deals: Providers Or Retailers? 

    Buying directly from the source is probably going to be the most affordable way of picking up antivirus software. Of course, there’s always the chance that you’ll find it cheaper elsewhere, but it’s pretty unlikely that you’ll get it lower on Black Friday than a provider.

    Most people buy antiviruses online, and it’s not all that common to see names outside of big ones like Norton in electronics stores.

    Plus, these companies tend to hike the prices, and you only start to see any value when the software comes as a combined purchase with a new laptop, for example. Kind of like the Microsoft Office Suite.

    There are so many providers out there now with not much to set them apart. Anything that falls in a reasonable price bracket and above is a worthwhile investment; getting antivirus software that’s affordable and effective is a lot simpler these days. Turning to the local electronics retailer with a limited and expensive selection isn’t necessary anymore. 

    Bottom Line

    Some deals simply aren’t what they appear to be. Couch companies always seem to have sales on as at least some of us will know from the advertisements, and this isn’t because they’re overly generous. They do this to instill urgency and turn onlookers into buyers. Antivirus companies are quite the same in that a large majority of them never seem to not have some kind of price slash or promotion available. 

    That being said, Black Friday is an opportunity to get discounts from those that don’t make them available all year round, or even to secure a price that you wouldn’t manage to get at any other time. Whether you choose to take up an antivirus subscription through a Black Friday promotion is up to you, but the need to have one installed isn’t going anywhere.

    As we all know, Black Friday isn’t the only opportunity for companies to drop their prices. Some have their own sporadic sales and there are key seasonal dates across the year where all costs are briefly lowered. Either way, our site is at least one place you can keep track of any discounts and learn more about the companies you’re comparing. If you’re looking to save some money on software and stay safe online, you’ll find all you need to know with u