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    Do I Still Need To Use Antivirus Software In 2020?

    Use Antivirus Software

    Antiviruses have been an essential part of every computer’s security for as long as we can all remember. In the early days, installing this software was imperative to keep threats away from our devices. As technology progressed, Windows-based computers started providing an inbuilt security solution on their devices. This leads to the question of if antivirus software is still needed today.

    It is widely agreed that antiviruses are still relevant in 2020. While you do not necessarily need them to keep viruses away, you will need it to protect your device and data against other threats. As more and more users access the Internet, the scope of threats has expanded - and therefore the importance of cybersecurity has grown overall. 

    Windows OS gives you arguably sufficient security at no extra cost. Is it enough? And what about the other systems? Find out all the answers.

    What Windows 10 Offers

    Microsoft offers you built-in security features that will defend your system from external threats. Online safety is paramount, and Microsoft has risen to the occasion. It has built some essential tools into Windows 10 to keep your system safe. 

    This is integrated with the OS and hence is very independent. Microsoft also runs updates at regular intervals with updated definitions of data to tackle the latest threats. The Windows Defender Offline version will help you stay safe even when your system is not connected to the web.

    What About Apple Devices?

    For more than ten years now, Apple has boasted about its security and safety capabilities. It has also claimed that none of its devices need any additional antivirus software. Apple makes use of a closed system to keep your device in check. 

    All security issues or threats to an Apple device will be tackled as part of the basic security features. This can only fail if you perform a "jailbreak" on your device. Many people might opt to give up the default security features of the device for other benefits. 

    Many experts who study malicious programs claim that it is always smart to use antivirus software even on Apple devices. Most Apple users would disregard this as they would have rarely encountered any problem of this sort over the past few years.

    Why It Is Best To Use Antivirus Software In Any Case

    If you are conflicted about using an antivirus, you should take a deeper look into your system and priorities. Some experts say that there is no need for this external protective software because most operating systems these days (such as Windows 10) have an inbuilt threat defending system. You just need to make sure that your software is always up to date. 

    When you have a reliable protection tool that is free, you may not have to go and find a separate antivirus software. However, this does not mean that you can disregard the idea of external antivirus software altogether. As technology gets more advanced, the threats we face are evolving too.

    Being online all the time poses more of a threat to your device now more than ever. An antivirus solution will act as an additional security layer to keep threats at bay.

    Our Antivirus Recommendations

    • Norton

    Norton has always been a strong competitor in the antivirus market. This software package is top-notch and has always been extremely effective at defending systems from threats and keeping them safe.

    Some of the best attributes of this software are its high scores in independent lab tests and its ransomware protection capabilities. 

    • McAfee

    McAfee is one of the most well-known players on the market, and this company has earned its spot. McAfee's antivirus software is probably among the best with its perfect zero-day score and other test benchmarks.

    Installation and configuration are very easy, and the support provided to users is impressive. Even though the scanning times are longer, it gives you better and more comprehensive results. 

    • Bitdefender

    Bitdefender is among the best antivirus packages on the market today. Not only is it packed with advanced functionalities, but it also works incredibly well against major ransomware threats.

    The product contains just about everything you need to keep viruses and malware out of your devices. Excellent pricing and intuitive UI are some of the other benefits of this software.

    Bottom Line

    Today, online protection is very important, and you must consider the possible threats that could be lurking on the web, as well as their continuous evolution.

    Even though modern operating systems claim to take care of these threats without any external intervention, it is indeed prudent to have antivirus software installed for an added layer of security.