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    The 7 Best Free Online Virus Scanners In 2020

    7 Best Free Online Virus Scanners

    With the rising threats of malware and cyberattacks, having top-notch antivirus is paramount for your device and data security. Still, the catch is that most of these antiviruses only offer a limited free trial. Compared to the contemporary antivirus, an online virus scanner is easier to use. It doesn’t consume much space or slow your computer while delivering real-time protection.

    Luckily, some online virus scanners are completely free to use and add a layer of protection when you’re browsing online. Keep reading to uncover the top seven free virus scanners.

    Comodo Free Online Scanner

    The virus scan feature offered by Comodo is extremely effective and focuses on preventing malware and virus attacks from infiltrating a device. Like most modern-day antivirus solutions, it too relies on signature-based threat detection. 

    The scanner detects malicious items one at a time by matching the files with a known database of frequently updated signatures. Once detected, it presents the user with three choices: delete, ignore, and quarantine. 


    ThreatExpert is also a reliable online scanner which allows users to upload huge amounts of files (as large as 5MB) onto their servers. After these files are checked for malware, trojans, viruses, and worms, the system notifies users of the results via email. 

    The solution makes it easy for users to keep track all of the scans using their online interface once they create a user account.

    Meta Defender

    This scanner uses 3 AV engines at the same time to scan your files for threats. It analyzes and scans files, hashes, as well as IP addresses to ensure complete security. All you need to do is upload the files or enter an IP address and the advanced scanning engine gets to work. 

    Additionally, it also allows you to analyze suspicious emails by letting you forward questionable emails to


    This scanner works specifically with Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Once you install the browser extension, the tool immediately starts scanning your device’s critical areas. It can autorun files and programs within the installation directories of your device and provide in-depth results regarding malicious codes if any appear. 

    BullGuard’s scanner is well-known for detecting and eliminating all types of threats including spyware, phishing URLs, social engineering, identity theft, and fraud attacks.       

    Bitdefender Free Mac Scanner 

    This dedicated online scanner is Mac-specific. It is simple yet effective when it comes to detecting and removing viruses, PUPs, and malware from your computer. The tool offers 3 scan modes - custom scan, deep scan, and critical locations scan. 

    If you feel that your Mac is running slowly and shows unwanted pop-ups or notifications, Bitdefender Mac Scanner is a must-have tool. 


    VirusTotal is possibly the best free online scanner. It allows you to upload specific files to detect malware. Once the system scans for anomalies, it shares the data automatically with a global security community. The tool uses over 70 different anti-phishing and malware engines globally. 

    Norton, Panda, Comodo, Microsoft, and others have volunteered their engines to be used by this scanner. Best of all, the tool is easy to use and you don’t need to download anything on your device.


    This is a tool that scans your servers or websites on a weekly basis for intrusions and vulnerabilities. The service provider scans your blogs and websites to see if it is vulnerable to hacks on a page-by-page basis and sends a confidential report of their findings. 

    To access the report, you’ll need to create a free account on their website. It is a completely free service and there is no need to download anything onto your device.

    Top FAQs About Online Virus Scanners

    • Are Online Virus Scanners Effective? Most online virus scanners work effectively. However, they might not offer the same level of functionality when compared to a downloadable antivirus suite. 
    • How Do These Scanners Work? Some scanners need to be installed as browser extensions, while some don’t require any download. 
    • Can They Remove Viruses From My Device? Most online scanners can only provide you the results. To be able to delete or remove infected files from your device, you’ll need to download and install an antivirus suite.
    • How Safe Is My Data On These Scanners? Most online scanners ensure complete confidentiality of your data by sending reports to your registered user account. VirusTotal shares the scan reports with the global community, only if you accept the terms on their homepage.
    • What’s The Difference Between A Vulnerability Scanner And A Virus Scanner? Vulnerability scanners keep your device’s native security features up to date, while virus scanners scan the complete device for threats.

    Bottom Line

    The rising threat of cyberattacks makes it important for everyone to opt for additional security measures. You can use premium paid antivirus suites, but online virus scanners are also a good way to add an extra layer of security. Fortunately, these free tools can keep your device and data protected at no cost.