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    The Top 5 Encryption Software Suites For 2021

    Encryption Software

    Encryption is one of the best ways to keep all your digital information safe and private. Modern cipher tools are very difficult to crack, even if powerful supercomputers are used. Accordingly, you should consider this approach for protecting your files, communication, and internet activity.

    Keep reading for a closer look at the top five best encryption software tools for 2021.

    AxCrypt Premium

    AxCrypt is an open-source file encryption software offering. It’s been widely adopted and worthy of consideration if more than one individual is using the same machine daily.

    Although AxCrypt provides a limited free encryption software option, it comes highly recommended for its premium suite. The service is fast and flexible while boasting special multi-device compatibility that can also be linked to a smartphone app. 


    • A multi-platform file security software
    • Intuitive and easy to operate
    • Secure important files with an advanced encryption system
    • Embedded password management feature
    • Capable of editing encoded files


    • It’s a bit risky if the system’s local security isn’t in place
    • The free version of Axcrypt is used only to view encoded files on Mac
    • The AES-256 cipher is limited to premium subscribers only

    Price: Free version and a Premium version for $2.92/month

    Advanced Encryption Package

    The Advanced Encryption Package (AEP) offers the strongest encoding and decryption key solutions available. AEP is an award-winning, feature-rich offering that also generates, decrypts, and shreds zip files.

    Beyond these abilities, the software handles secure file transfers, sends encoded emails, and handles batch folder encryptions as well. Moreover, it’s very easy to carry out backups in the cloud with AEP software. 


    • Offers up to 20 encoding algorithms
    • Supports all common file types
    • Supports Public Key Encryption
    • Features password-strength indicator
    • Secures deletion
    • Encoded files and folders are compressed to save hard disk space


    • The program interface is dated
    • The program isn’t immediately instinctive to use
    • AEP lacks customer support
    • The password generator feature doesn’t function well
    • Features in the Help system are minimal

    Price: Price starts at $49.95 for a single license

    CertainSafe Digital Safety Deposit Box

    CertainSafe provides fully secure and completely compliant digital cloud storage so online data can be saved and protected against cyberattacks.

    It deploys the same military-grade encryption technology that’s used by governments, data centers, and state healthcare exchanges to defend data from cyber theft.

    Noteworthy features include a secure portal to store any file format online, easy collaboration, and convenient file management, and there’s no need to download any desktop or mobile app.


    • Micro-encryption technology makes bulk data breaches of cloud-stored files impossible
    • Log-on handshake helps authenticate the user and the server
    • Easily share files with guests and other users
    • Retain previous versions of modified files
    • Secure chats


    • If you forget the password or security questions, you lose all access
    • Users can only share entire folders and not individual files

    Price: Price starts at $12.00


    NordLocker is a newer solution in the space but comes from long-time digital security and privacy master NordVPN. The company is committed to delivering enhanced digital defensive measures that stretch beyond its VPN capabilities.

    It uses the two most powerful forms of encryption available via AES-256 and 4096-bit RSA ciphers. NordLocker also features top-notch encoding that supports the whole alphabet soup of this technology for a smooth and secure experience.


    • The software is straightforward and simple to operate
    • Enables secure file sharing
    • Best free encrypted software available in today’s market
    • Integrated with Dropbox for sharing


    • Doesn’t handle secure deletion of unencoded original files
    • Two-factor authentication isn’t available

    Price: Price starts at $8.00

    Folder Lock

    Folder Lock acts as the Swiss Army Knife of encryption apps. It helps to encode files and folders and also features cipher-based cloud storage. Furthermore, it’s used to secure safe locations that help you to dump files and folders before locking them.

    When it comes to dealing with files, folders, and even removable storage, its performance is unparalleled. Besides these attributes, Folder Lock ranks among the best file encryption software options thanks to its one-time purchase feature.


    • Lockers protect files and folders
    • Offers secured online backup
    • Can easily lock files and folders by making them invisible
    • Helps shred files
    • Free shredding space available
    • Offers self-decrypting files
    • Provides many useful bonus features


    • The product serial number is the master password by default
    • Locked files can’t be encoded
    • Secure backup requires a separate subscription

    Price: Price starts at $40.00

    The Bottom Line

    Encrypting data is an efficient way to secure it against any unauthorized access. The software offerings listed above employ the most up-to-date cipher methodologies.

    If you aren’t already using a cipher to protect your data, you’re taking a substantial risk with your information, especially if hackers and cybercriminals make you the target of ransomware exploits.

    Make sure that you invest in the best tools to defend your sensitive data without fail.