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    Top 4 Free Antivirus For Windows Server In 2020

    Free Antivirus for Windows

    A business can suffer a tremendous loss if its server system is compromised. Fortunately, an antivirus can protect an entire network from the dangerous effects of malware and cyberattacks. Large servers are especially vulnerable to these threats. Therefore, companies must protect their most sensitive data by using a robust security solution.

    If you’re on the lookout for a free Antivirus For Windows Server, Windows Defender (AV) is probably the only entirely free option. Although, paid options will typically offer free trials. Premium solutions come with many advanced features for added security.

    You won’t find these benefits with any free or pre-installed solution. However, there are times when you may only need a basic protection for your data. In such cases, services that come at no cost should be your go-to. 

    Make sure you evaluate each option and choose one that best fits your security requirements.


    AVG’s server antivirus helps keep your business data safe from all types of threats, including malware, ransomware, viruses, and phishing. The company offers a free trial so you can test its performance before subscribing to a paid plan.


    • Has excellent email protection against the malicious activities that hackers often use through messaging. It consists of anti-spam features that scan and check all your emails for any dangerous code
    • Secures all the essential files that are kept online. Moreover, it doesn’t allow any unauthorized attempt to modify or erase the files
    • AVG File Server Protection checks every website you’re surfing and it comes with a Wi-Fi guard
    • Has the efficiency to keep the user’s financial information safe from any online threats


    • The UI is a bit complex to use

    Price: $20.41 for one year, $30.41 for two years, and $44.00 for three years.


    Bitdefender is among the leaders in providing top-notch security for both home and business environments. It also offers a series of antivirus programs for servers. Bitdefender GravityZone Endpoint Security is the most representative software that gives the server with the highest level of security.


    • Supplies efficient and fast malware detection and removes these threats without slowing down the device
    • Command-Line Analyzer helps prevent macro and script-based attacks
    • If any suspicious files are found, Bitdefender automatically sends them to the cloud sandbox for further analysis
    • With Bitdefender, it’s easy to specify if the firewall is enabled and what type of devices can be plugged into the system


    • There’s a lack of alert notifications through email and text messages when malicious software is detected
    • Can be complicated to set up

    Price: The pricing for Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security for three devices and one server costs $77.69 for the first year (originally $110.99). The price increases as you add more devices.


    Kaspersky should be mentioned when it comes to the use of antivirus software. It offers an exceptional cloud-based service that protects your business server from all ransomware and zero-day attacks.


    • Automatically downloads and installs the necessary patches. It also updates its software so that hackers are unable to unleash any zero-day attacks
    • Identifies any malware or ransomware that can easily damage or steal your data
    • Offers mobile protection as well. Upon purchasing the package, you’ll get two mobile licenses for free per user
    • With its unique tool, Kaspersky can detect and eliminate vulnerabilities existing in your system and help fix them


    • Pricing doesn’t suit small businesses
    • Requires improved reporting capabilities

    Price: Kaspersky Endpoint Security cost starts at $40.00 for one user for the first year. Unfortunately, this company doesn’t offer a free trial period. 


    Avira is the most used antivirus software, both at home and in the office. It’s suitable for any small business and provides decent server security.


    • Offers real-time protection by making sure that no malware can sneak into your system. This is because the software is always up-to-date
    • Prevents the most common cyber-attack from stealing any potential information
    • Allows manual scanning whenever required. This provides an additional layer of safety to your device
    • The botnet is one of the cruelest cyberattacks. Avira helps prevent such malware from being executed. It completely blocks the communication between the device and the command center, keeping the endpoints safe


    • Requires Windows 2008 with all the new updates and doesn’t support Windows 2019
    • Many features require payment in order to fully function

    Price: Avira Antivirus Server pricing starts at $82.82 per year, per user.


    Avast is one of the best antivirus programs available. It has received the highest scores in its recent AV-Test protection evaluation. The software comes with customizable options that include the protection of Android devices through Avast Mobile Security.


    • Received good scores from independent testing labs and the hands-on test
    • Has browser-independent protection against dangerous URLs
    • Comes with a secure delete function
    • Highly configurable
    • Protects the system when online, blocking malicious URLs, and stops auto-downloads from occurring
    • Monitors the activity of your app for any suspicious malware


    • Only provides full protection against dangerous URLs in Chrome and Firefox
    • Limited features are available on the password manager
    • Bonus features require a separate purchase

    Price: Avast Business Antivirus is required to be installed as part of Avast Patch Management. It costs $83.76 for the first year.

    The Bottom Line

    As a business, you must ensure the complete security of your servers. If a hacker can get access to your server, they can easily steal financial and user data.

    Finding the right solution for the safety of your Windows Server takes time since the requirements vary on your business type, number of employees, and so forth. 

    Make sure to run free trials of multiple products before finalizing on the antivirus for your Windows Server. In doing so, you’ll find the best product for your specific security needs.