Avira vs Avast

Avira vs Avast - The Ultimate Comparison

Written by Ria du Plessis - Web Developer

Updated on August 12 , 2021

Sometimes choosing an antivirus solution can be confusing, so this is where we come in. We compare Avira and Avast to see which one is the best option for you. Avira is one of the top antivirus programs globally, while Avast is a household name known for its malware protection capabilities. 

  • Enhanced ransomware and malware detection
  • Multiple devices (up to 25)
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Pocket-friendly pricing
  • Real-time malware protection
  • Advanced security features
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Value for money

Overall Comparison

Our verdict on overall best antivirus program is Avira Antivirus

Avira Pros

Avast Pros

  • A solid firewall
  • Protects the framework from security threats like dialers, phishing, spyware, rootkit, viruses, and trojans
  • Offers full protection
  • Effectively protects your device from and eliminates spam
  • Doesn’t slow down the system when running
  • Constant updates hence protecting your device against the latest malware
  • Clean, modern interface
  • Easy to maintain
  • Compatible with most of the Operating Systems
  • Reasonably priced

Avira Cons

Avast Cons

  • A little bit expensive
  • Server suppliers don’t effectively disseminate the framework’s live stream
  • Some users found it hard to use the UI
  • May label unrecognized programs as dangerous
  • The free version of the antivirus has a lot of ads
  • Easy to Install
  • It lacks a per-user license model
  • Resource heavy
  • Slows the system during a full scan
  • Contains minimum system requirements

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The features of antivirus software will help dictate its overall value for money. The best antivirus solution should not just protect you but also have several advanced security-related features and tools that provide extra protection.

Avast has great protection against all kinds of malware with several advanced features such as;

  • Two-way firewall
  • Junk email filter
  • WiFi Inspector 
  • Sandbox feature 

Avira also has top-notch anti-malware security and a bunch of advanced features and tools. This includes features such as the HomeGuard utility which identifies problems and checks for vulnerabilities in your network, an email filter to stop junk/phishing emails, and a smart firewall that protects against a variety of digital threats.

Overall winner: Avira

Key Features

When comparing Avast and Avira, we have to look at the features of each antivirus program. Let us see what the benefits you will get from subscribing to either of the programs are;




Virus Scanner



Threat Protection



Malware Removal



Phishing Detection



Spyware Protection



Ransomware Protection



Cloud Backup









Browser Protection



Webcam Protection



Password Manager



Identity Theft Protection



Parental Control



Safe Banking



Performance Optimization



Cleaning Tools



File Shredder



Game Mode



Mobile App



Key Features Compared

Avira offers real-time protection, which accesses and stops any malicious program on your device. Other features like adblocker guarantee you unlimited browsing with zero interruptions from unnecessary advertisements, and email protection makes sure your emails don't have any malicious programs or attachments. 

Avast also offers real-time malware and ransomware protection but also comes with features such as;

  • DNS cache protection
  • Secure sandbox 
  • Wi-Fi network security
  • A Remote access shield
  • App updater

Avast antivirus has more lucrative protection features for your devices than Avira.

Best for antivirus features: Avast

Avast Features;

Avast Key features

Avira Features;

Avira key features

Malware Protection Capabilities

When looking at the malware protection capabilities of Avira and Avast, they are equally matched. We looked at third-party testing by AV-TEST to see which solution is stronger than the other. 

Avira Windows Results;

Avira Malware Protection

Avast Windows Results;

Avast Malware Protection

The Windows version of Avira and Avast both have a score of 6, and their Android programs both score at 5.5, which is good. 

With iOS and macOS devices, Avira has a higher score of 6 while Avast has a score of 5.5.

When comparing the malware detection and protection capabilities of the two, Avira stands out as the best. 

Best for malware protection: Avira

System Performance

When getting antivirus for your PC, you want to look for a lightweight program that will offer ultimate protection with zero effect on your system performance. 

We looked at third-party testing from AV-Test again to establish the system performance impact of the two antivirus solutions.

Avira Results;

Avira system performance

Avira had quite an impact on the system performance of a Standard PC when launching other sites and installing other applications. Avira scored a 5.5 out 6.

Avast Results;

Avast system performance

Avast performed well when it comes to system performance, the program had less of an impact on the system and got a 6.0/6.0 in the test. 

Best for system performance: Avast


The pricing of an antivirus program will play an essential role in your decision. Both Avast and Avira have different pricing plans offering additional features. You can also enjoy different discounts from the two antivirus providers. Customers can enjoy basic protection on their PC by picking from the various versions offered by Avast and Avira.

Below are the different price plans for both Avast and Avira.



Avast Free Antivirus


Avast Pro Antivirus

$49.99 / year

Avast Internet Security

$59.99 / year

Avast Premier

$69.99 / year

Avast Ultimate

$119.99 / year




Avira Free Security Suite


Avira Antivirus Pro

$44.99 / year

Avira Internet Security Suite

$57.99 / year

Avira Prime

$99.99 /year

The Avira payment plans are cheaper, offering user-friendly pricing and better value. If you’re on a budget, then it’s the best option.

Best price: Avira

Ease of Use and User Friendliness

The user interface used by Avast is simple and easy to understand, creating a dark, sophisticated, and elegant display. You can access the required settings from the four tabs on the left side of the screen. 

Avast Ease of use

Recent updates from Avira revealed a more modern and sleek user interface. Like the Windows Start menu, it’s located on the left side of the screen and contains five tabs and users can access the tools of the program from the various tabs. 

Just like Avast, the green color indicates the protection status of your device. Generally, the user interface is good, but there is much that Avira can do to make it better.

Avira ease of use

Most user-friendly provider: Avast

Customer Support

Free customer support services are hard to find; Avira's only free support is its FAQ page. Avira lacks a live chat option, which would have solved the problem of paid customer support. Instead, it offers customer service via phone or email.

If you’re using the Avast free version, then be prepared to be left hanging when looking for customer support. Even the paid packages lack free service. With Avast, you have to rely on community forums and automated forms. When you’re frustrated or have questions, you have to go through a long process before talking to a customer support agent over the phone.

Best customer support: It's a tie


When comparing Avira vs. Avast, we notice that both of these two are efficient antivirus programs. Users can enjoy the free versions of the products or go for the various payment packages.

Both offer premium protection to all kinds of devices. Even though Avast has more features and is more straightforward, Avira offers a cheaper option. 

Which antivirus do you think is for you? Choose Now!

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