Avira vs Bitdefender

Avira vs Bitdefender - The Ultimate Comparison

Written by Ria du Plessis - Web Developer

Updated on August 12 , 2021

Do you need a new antivirus solution with well-rated malware protection? In this head-to-head comparison of Avira vs Bitdefender, we will compare typical security features to determine which one is the best option.

  • Enhanced ransomware and malware detection
  • Multiple devices (up to 25)
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Pocket-friendly pricing
  • Multi-layered malware protection
  • Fast system scans
  • Secure web browsing
  • Enhanced security suite and advanced features

Overall Comparison

Our verdict on overall best antivirus program is Bitdefender Antivirus

Bitdefender Pros

Avira Pros

  • Webcam security
  • WiFi vulnerability scanners
  • VPN protection
  • Password manager
  • File encryption
  • Firewall protection
  • A solid firewall
  • Protects the framework from security threats like dialers, phishing, spyware, rootkit, viruses, and trojans
  • Offers full protection
  • Effectively protects your device from and eliminates spam
  • Constant updates hence protecting your device against the latest malware

Bitdefender Cons

Avira Cons

  • May slow your computer down
  • Less user-friendly
  • No cloud backup for your files
  • A little bit expensive
  • Server suppliers don’t effectively disseminate the framework’s live stream
  • Some users found it hard to use the UI
  • May label unrecognized programs as dangerous
  • The free version of the antivirus has a lot of ads

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Both Avira and Bitdefender have reliable free packages available, but Bitdefender’s premium offerings come with a better interface, faster performance, more features, and a better malware detector than Avira. Of course, Avira’s premium plans also come with better protection, but when deciding which software is the better of the two, Bitdefender is the winner. 

Overall Winner: Bitdefender 

Key Features

Let’s take a look at Avira and Bitdefender’s key features;


Avira Pro and Prime

Bitdefender Home and Premium

Virus Scanner



Threat Protection



Malware Removal

Yes. Based on an independent test conducted by PCMag, the software scored in the upper 80th percentile 

Yes. Based on the same test conducted by PCMag, the software also scored in the upper 80th percentile, but lower than Avira.

Phishing Detection

Yes, and the detection rate was better than Bitdefender.

Yes. According to PCMag, Bitdefender and Avira both scored in the 90th percentile, with Avira slightly edging out Bitdefender.

Spyware Protection



Ransomware Protection



Cloud Backup









Browser Protection



Webcam Protection


Yes.This comes with the built-in spyware detector.

Password Manager



Identity Theft Protection


No, but available as a stand-alone subscription.

Parental Control


Yes, across platforms  

Safe Banking

Yes. The feature is called SafeShopping.

Yes. The feature is called SafePay.

Performance Optimization

Yes. Comes as a stand-alone application called Device Optimizer.

Yes. It’s called OneClick Optimizer.

Cleaning Tools



File Shredder



Game Mode

Yes, but available only with Pro.


Mobile App



Key Features Compared

You wouldn't be able to tell that Avira Pro is an entry-level premium security suite software based on the number of features it has. Avira Phantom VPN is a free VPN with servers in over 20 countries. 

There’s also the Avira Software Updater, which mitigates exploits based on unpatched security updates on your system. Then there’s the Avira Privacy Pal, which checks more than 200 privacy settings and reviews any vulnerable security patches. 

Despite all of that, Bitdefender Total Security offers more; the suite comes with a VPN, ransomware detection, and advanced parental control. Other bonus features include a File Cleaner, Video and Audio protection, and a Firewall, among many others. 

Avira's anti-phishing detection was average when compared to Bitdefender, for both the free plan and paid plan. Overall, Bitdefender has the best features. 

Bitdefender Features;

Bitdefender Features

Avira Features;

Avira Features

Best for Antivirus Features: Bitdefender Total Security

Malware Protection Capabilities

We all know the importance of Malware protection capabilities. To find out which antivirus solution has the best malware protection capabilities, we looked at third-party testing done by AV-Test.

Avira Results;

Avira Results

Bitdefender Results;

Bitdefender Results

The Windows version of Avira and Bitdefender both have a score of 6, and their Android programs both score at 6, which is good. 

With iOS and macOS devices, Bitdefender has a higher score of 6 while Avira has a score of 5.5.

When comparing the malware detection and protection capabilities of the two, Bitdefender wins. 

Best for malware protection: Bitdefender

System Performance

When getting an antivirus solution, it is important to be sure that the antivirus solution has little impact on your system performance.

We looked at third-party testing from AV-Test again to see which antivirus solution has less impact on system performance. 

Avira Results;

Avira Results

Avira had an impact on the system performance of a Standard PC when launching other sites and installing other applications and for this reason, Avira scored a 5.5 out of 6.

Bitdefender Results;

Bitdefender Results

Bitdefender had less impact on systems than Avira did and scored 6 out of 6.

Best for system performance: Bitdefender


Avira’s free software solution is only for basic antivirus protection. Additional features come with its paid plans, which include Avira Antivirus Pro, Avira Internet Security, and Avira Prime. Bitdefender is a premium software solution, and its plans are Bitdefender Premium Security, Bitdefender Total Security, Bitdefender  Small Office Security, and Bitdefender Family Pack. All these packages cover Mac, Android, Windows, and iOS. 
  • Avira Pro retail price: $44.99
  • Avira Internet Security: $57.99 
  • Avira Prime: $99.99 
  • Bitdefender Premium Security: $75 
  • Bitdefender Total Security: $40
  • Bitdefender Small Office Security: $75 
  • Bitdefender Family Pack: $50

The above plans and prices are yearly subscriptions.  

Best Price: Avira

Ease of Use and User Friendliness

We found both antivirus solutions to be equally user-friendly, they were easy to install and even easier to navigate.

Avira has made significant improvements in interface design in the last few years; it moved away from its gray and red color scheme to a more modern gunmetal gray with blue highlights.

Avira’s Interface;

Avira’s Interface

Bitdefender's dashboard is straightforward, the buttons are easy to read, and there is a sidebar for quick access to other features. If you need help, there is an easy-to-spot “Support” button on the bottom of the sidebar.

Bitdefender’s Interface;

Bitdefender’s Interface

Both solutions are easy to use and responsive. Honestly, there isn’t much difference between the two titles in this aspect.

Most user-friendly provider: Tie

Customer Support

Bitdefender has three points of contact for their users to get in touch with them; a user can contact them via email, live support, and phone call. 

Avira, on the other hand, only has phone and email support. By virtue of the number of different communications channels available, Bitdefender gets our vote for the best customer service. 

Best customer support: Bitdefender


It’s easy to see that Bitdefender Premium and Total Security are feature-rich suites that one can’t overlook, but Avira’s free antivirus is loaded with functions that Bitdefender’s free version lacks. 

It was a close race, but Bitdefender took the cake. We picked our winner based on the fact that it has more features, a better design, a great support system in place, and less overall system performance impact. 

Although, if you're looking for value antivirus software, and that's your only concern, then Avira is for you. If you're looking for a complete security suite that's also easy on the pocket, then Bitdefender is the best.

Which antivirus do you think is for you? Choose Now!

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