Trusting Our Reviews and Credibility 

Our site was born due to a lack of impartial and objective review platforms available on antiviruses. With so many antiviruses available on the market, all with different features, price points, and customer ratings, we saw the need to bring the key details of each of them under one roof. 

Every writer on our team uses their professional experience and interest in the antivirus industry to perform in-depth research on every company that we scrutinize. We recognize the importance of picking the right provider, both in terms of security and financial investment, which is why we make sure all information included is relevant and up to date. 

Should any providers run promotions, exclusive offers, or make developments to their services, it’s our aim to keep on top of this information and ensure any decision you make through our recommendations is a positive one. 

How it Works

Besides reviews, we make it our mission to cover all things antivirus. That means advances in technology, what’s new in the industry, and whatever changes any of the brands are making. With how-to guides, blogs, tips, and other engaging antivirus-related content, we keep our readers well informed. 

Our efforts don’t stop after our content is published, however. We’re regularly assessing our approach to providing content and looking for new ways to deliver. That means reviewing hit counts, finding new information to include in our existing posts, and taking into consideration what our audience wants to see. 

Something we recognize with antiviruses is that for many people, the topic is somewhat confusing. We feel that a lack of understanding with regards to antiviruses and the way they work contributes to the number of unprotected devices and the number of hacks taking place every year.

We aim to simplify this information while promoting the benefits that using this software has. 

What is an Affiliate Link?

Any reviews or comments relating to brands are done so cautiously. Balance and objectivity are two of the main focuses of our content which is why all brand-related information and opinions are based on dutiful research. From time to time, we’ll include links to these brands in order to strengthen our content and offer a convenient opportunity for our readers to engage further with the topic they’re reading about. 

One type of link we use is called an affiliate link. The number of readers using these links is tracked and we earn a commission for every sale made on the website. All companies that we provide affiliate links to understand our non-biased approach and agree to an arrangement with this knowledge. What’s more, our writers are entirely impartial, and they use their own interpretations of companies and their products based on extensive research and industry experience. This commission is devoted entirely to keeping our writing team in the opportunity to provide our readers with content. 

Following the Guidelines

In order to meet the standards of the Federal Trade Commission’s guidelines on affiliation and linking, we regularly review the information available and ensure all content is published accordingly. 

By monitoring these guidelines, we’ve adapted the way we communicate with other companies and in our approach to writing too. We’re proud to say that our content is consistently honest and all opinions are shared impartially. We only publish the conclusions of writers following in-depth research and analysis, never on a proprietor’s convenience.  

Compensation Disclosure

As part of our transparency policy, and due to a legal requirement, we want to bring to your attention the relationship between our company and our community, i.e. our readers, audience, etc. Though our focus is placed entirely on delivering honest reviews, we strongly recommend performing your own research to ensure that any purchases made are done so cautiously and independently. While our reviews are impartial, the opinions of our writers may not reflect those of every reader.   

Material Connection

A large number of the products and brands mentioned on our site are done so due to an existing relationship with the two parties. That being said, all reviews are made by independent writers who’ve used or tested the product or service for themselves. 

It should be assumed that any and all content on this website is published in good faith. Also, any affiliate links that are present should be known to be due to existing relationships between the two parties. 

Product/Service Partiality and Fairness 

Everything we publish on our website is produced by a team of independent writers. All products and services are carefully scrutinized, in most cases tested, and all brands are reviewed critically. 

In order to satisfy our relationships with affiliates, efforts will be made to reach positive assumptions about their products and services, but not at the expense of our readers, our writers’ opinions, or our values.

Compensation For Reviews

If you intend to purchase a product reviewed on our website and use the affiliate link to do so, it must be known that the owner of this company may receive compensation, either in the form of services, products, or money. All purchases made through our affiliate links should be done with this understanding. 

Compensation Disclosure Statement

This statement exists to offer transparency to the users of our website and provide information about our material links with affiliates. Though we aim to make our reviews positive where possible when discussing our affiliates, we keep them fair and honest, ensuring all our users are informed with accurate findings. 

Should you have any questions relating to our privacy policy and how it applies to our users, reviewers, and product owners, don’t hesitate to contact us