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    Our Verdict

    G Data offers several antivirus related products, with all-round protection costing upwards of $50. The vanilla software costs marginally less; however, with only a fraction of the capabilities, its value for money is questionable.

    As a basic piece of software, this application does the job. If you need a complete experience, though, you may want to stick with Norton or even consider offerings from McAfee or Intego. 


    • Secure online banking and shopping
    • Also protects against ransomware and malware
    • Anti-phishing internet security


    • Costs a lot for limited features
    • Very basic application
    • Won’t work on older PCs
    • Doesn’t present value for money compared to other software on offer
    • Can conflict with existing application from other companies

    Overview of G Data

    G Data is renowned as being the creators of the world’s first antivirus application. This pedigree has helped make this company one of the go-to cybersecurity brands for many people

    Their expertise also makes this software a decent all-round piece of protection application. Its steep price, especially compared to its other products, doesn’t necessarily mean good value for money, however.

    How to Set It Up and Uninstall

    1. The application is available as a free trial or paid. Select the one you want and then click Download.
    2. Run the installation file and choose an installation type (Standard or Advanced). Advanced lets you choose which software components to install. 
    3. Choose an installation folder and click ‘Next’.
    4. Once installed, the application asks if you want to register it as the paid or trial version. Pick one, then click ‘Next’.
    5. You’ll then be asked to complete a personal information form. Then, restart your PC. The application is now ready to use.

    Uninstallation has to be done via your computer’s add/remove programs function. Also, be aware that the next time your PC restarts, the software will try to reinstall itself.


    The software’s free trial is feature-complete, so whether you want to take it for a test drive or dive straight into the paid version, the capabilities are the same.


    Money-back GuaranteeYes
    Free VersionYes
    Parental ControlsNo
    Email ProtectionYes
    VPN ServiceNo
    Smartphone OptimizerNo
    USB Virus ScansNo
    Automated Virus ScansYes
    Game ModeNo
    Safe BrowserYes
    Passive ModeYes

    Threat Protection

    Adware PreventionYes


    This software offers multiple targeted scans, from a full system scan to searching for rootkits. 


    PlanPriceNumber of DevicesTop Features
    G Data Antivirus Free for 30 days / $29.95 per year (price increases w/ each device)1 - 10Antivirus, malware and ransomware protection
    G Data Internet Security$39.95 per year (price increases w/ each device)1 - 10 Quarantine files, app control, available on Mac and mobile devices 
    G Data Total Security$49.95 per year (price increases w/ each device)1 - 10Firewall and parental lock, available on Mac and mobile devices


    There’s no discount available, although upgrading software for extra devices is only a few dollars extra.

    Privacy and Security

    Privacy - This software doesn’t offer any firewall capabilities, although it does incorporate online phishing protection.

    Security - Its innovative Deep Ray and BEAST technologies work to both detect and prevent malicious attacks from almost all forms of malicious malware, ransomware, and spyware. 

    Performance and Protection

    The full system scan is CPU-heavy on older machines, plus start-up is significantly increased once G Data Antivirus is installed. However, scans are comprehensive and relatively quick.

    Malware Protection

    Deep Ray artificial intelligence blocks malware before it can gain a hold on your machine.

    Ransomware Detection

    Brand new BEAST behavioral technology also detects hidden ransomware.

    Phishing Detection

    Scans incoming email and attachments for suspicious content

    Spyware Detection

    Patented Behaviour Blocker detects and stops spyware.

    Firewall Protection

    G Data Antivirus doesn’t feature a firewall.

    Lab Test Results

    As you might expect for a company that’s been around for over 30 years, G Data has racked up several awards. Particularly from reputable companies such as AV Test and OPSWAT.

    Ease of Use and Interface

    This software has a clear layout and is very user-friendly. 

    Customer Support

    Users have access to the customer support team 24/7.