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    Our Verdict

    If you’re searching for an antivirus software solution designed for your macOS-based devices, Intego represents a great choice. This antivirus has been around since 1997 and is well-known to offer complete protection in addition to some value-added features.

    The antivirus has a long list of certifications and awards from the biggest independent testing labs. Considering the price tag and available features, Intego offers great value for money.

    However, if you’re looking for an extensive security suite, this isn’t the right fit.

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    • Proactive antivirus solution
    • Real-time deep scans
    • Built-in, extremely powerful firewall
    • Certified protection for Apple products
    • Lots of customization options
    • Exceptional customer support
    • Intuitive user interface
    • Great all-round security and reliability
    • 30-day free trial


    • Isn’t able to detect PC-malware that well
    • Minimal protection from phishing
    • Might slow down the system (on older devices)
    • Prices rise when you add extra devices

    Overview of Intego

    Intego is a Mac security software suite and one of the earliest companies to create security tools exclusively designed for Mac-based operating systems. They have a lot of antivirus options to choose from such as Internet Security X9, Mac Premium Bundle X9, ContentBarrier Secure X9, and Washing Machine Secure X9.

    It’s a well-rounded, friendly anti-malware software for Mac users that provides robust security in a single bundle that will keep most viruses and other malware out of your macOS.

    You don't have to have the latest version of macOS installed since this application suite is compatible with OS X 10.8 and up. The prices, though, add up when you attach multiple devices to the plan or include dual protection (PC and Mac).

    How to Set It Up and Uninstall

    The Premium Bundle X9 is rather easy to download and install on your device. All you need to do is follow the instructions provided by the installation manager. Do the following to install Intego on your Mac:

    1)      Choose the Mac Premium Bundle X9 plan and download it (note: the installation file will be in DMG format).

    2)      Double click to install the package. You will be receiving the next steps as the process continues. Click on Continue to complete the installation.

    3)      Once the installation is completed, you will need to restart the device.

    4)      Next, you will need to grant permissions to all the modules (Virus Barrier, etc.) using the System Preferences option.

    5)      On the next screen, you will be asked to choose from three security levels – Minimum, Standard, and Maximum. Select as per preferences and click on Continue to complete the process.

    Uninstalling Intego might take a bit longer than expected in some cases. Even after uninstallation, it may leave behind a lot of redundant files and settings. Hence, follow the steps listed below to ensure you have cleared everything off your system:

    1. Quit the background process by right-clicking the Intego icon on your system’s dock, then choose Quit.
    2. Download and install Osx Uninstaller.
    3. Click Run Analysis and remove the product as well as related components easily.


    The Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 is a loaded suite for Apple products. It comes with some great features like deep scanning, real-time protection, registry startup scan, and auto and scheduled scans. The personal firewall is a nice touch and competes with some of the top known brands like Norton Antivirus Plus ($59.99 at Norton) and Kaspersky ($59.95 at Kaspersky).

    However, it misses out on basic features like USB Virus Scan and Safe Browser.


    Money-back GuaranteeYes, up to 30 days from the date of purchase
    Free VersionYes
    PlatformmacOS, iOS, Windows
    Parental ControlsYes
    Email ProtectionYes
    VPN ServicesNo
    Smartphone OptimizerNo
    USD Virus ScansYes
    Automated Virus ScansYes
    Game ModeNo
    Safe BrowserNo
    Passive ModeNo

    Threat Protection

    Adware PreventionNo


    You’ll get real-time antivirus protection alongside automatic scans which will keep your system safe around the clock. The core antivirus engine is frequently updated to make sure you’re protected from even the newest threats.

    It does a perfect job of scanning Mac devices and a decent enough job for PCs. The additional feature, Washing Machine X9 deep cleans your device to help you get rid of redundant files and makes your Mac faster and cleaner.

    It was able to detect 100% of 585 samples used during the 2019 Mac Security Tests done by AV-Comparatives, leaving behind brands like Avira and F-Secure.


    PlanPriceNumber of Devices
    Top Features

    Mac Premium Bundle X9$69.99 yearly1 deviceReal-Time Data Protection, All Premium Features, Personal Firewall
    Mac Internet Security X9$39.99 Yearly1 deviceVirus Barrier, Hotspot Protection, Scheduled Scans.
    ContentBarrier Secure X9$59.99 Yearly1 deviceParental Control, Chat Monitoring, Blocks Peer-to-Peer Requests.
    Washing Machine Secure X9$55.99 Yearly1 deviceDeep System Clean, Device Optimization, Customized Deletion Criteria.


    Of all Intego products, the Mac Premium Bundle X9 is the sweetest deal. It includes all of the other modules and is priced at $69.99 for a year. The original price of this plan is $84.99 per year.

    For first-time users, Intego is offering a $15.00 discount for the 1st year. Moreover, if you opt for a 2-year plan, you’ll be paying $129.99 instead of $158.99.

    The price rises pretty quickly when you start adding multiple devices. For instance, the same plan for 5 devices will cost you $119.99/year.

    And, if you include the dual protection (partnered with Panda for 1 PC), you’ll be charged an additional $10 per year.

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    Privacy and Security

    Privacy – The Premium bundle comes with NetBarrier X9 – a proprietary Mac network protection that safeguards your devices from unauthorized access. The real-time scan does a commendable job, but the biggest threats lurk online. Intego NetBarrier blocks all incoming requests to ensure that malicious elements aren’t invading your privacy.

    The intelligent firewall auto-switches based on the network connection to provide you top-level security. It detects all devices that try to access your Mac and lets you know what's allowed in and what's blocked. The safe browsing feature, though limited, does a decent job of notifying you about fraudulent websites.

    Security- Intego is one of the best antivirus programs for Mac. You get the option to choose from automatic and manual antivirus protection. Multiple test results from leading labs have confirmed that Intego can block 100% of malware. The VirusBarrier X9 is designed to keep your system clean from spyware, Trojans, worms, adware, keyloggers, scareware, dialers, and other malicious codes. It also scans for viruses within the document directories to make sure your device is completely protected.

    Additionally, it checks and blocks suspicious emails, attachments, and archive files. You’ll receive detailed logs and flexible malware-management options.

    Performance and Protection

    Intego leads the charts when it comes to protecting Apple devices. It claims to have partnered with Panda for providing security for PCs, but test results show it isn’t that good. That being said, the brand has a long list of awards and certifications. In the June 2019 macOS Mojave test by AV-Test, Intego received a 6/6 protection score and was able to detect 100% malware (out of 557 samples used).

    Malware Protection

    This antivirus option is capable of detecting 100% of the prevalent and widespread malware. The real-time scans and frequently updated virus definitions provide 24/7 protection from new threats as well.

    Apart from keeping your Mac free of Trojans, MS Word and Excel macro viruses, spyware, adware, worms, Unix viruses, and others, it can even scan and detect hidden malware in archived files, document directories, and emails.

    The solution also maintains the history logs and will also send you email notifications whenever it finds malware.

    Ransomware Detection

    The software can block ransomware immediately. As the virus and ransomware signatures are constantly updated and added to Intego, it stops all types of known dialers, keyloggers, scareware, and other hacking tools used to snoop into your data.

    Additionally, the Personal Backup feature is a great add-on to protect your files and maintain a copy of them. As per tests, it can only detect known ransomware unlike competitors like Trend Micro and Bitdefender).

    Phishing Detection

    Intego scans for viruses in emails and has a full-time application for monitoring anti-spyware measures. The Premium Bundle comes with NetBarrier X9 which helps easily identify all incoming and outgoing requests made by your system. You’ll be able to configure network channels as needed for optimal protection.

    Additionally, it filters and blocks objectionable online content. However, it misses out on a safe browser and a VPN. Overall, phishing detection isn’t one of the strongest assets of Intego.

    Spyware Detection

    Intego gives you the option to choose from three levels of protection as per your needs. The core antivirus engine is based on the original Mac anti-malware scanning engine and protects your devices from spyware, keyloggers, dialers, and other similar programs designed to access your data. The automatic and scheduled scans quarantine even deep-hidden files.

    In addition, the personal firewall constantly reviews all incoming and outgoing requests to make sure any application doesn’t fall prey to hackers or other online threats.

    Firewall Protection

    Intego offers some of the finest and most-sophisticated firewall protection within the industry. This intelligent feature called NetBarrier is perfect for protecting your home and hotspot network. Irrespective of the network a device is connected to, NetBarrier automatically switches to the correct firewall configuration, thus providing optimal security.

    The two-way firewall provides anti-spyware measures as well as monitors all active applications using your network connection. You also get the flexibility to block applications from accessing specific domains.

    Lab Test Results

    Intego has a long list of awards and certifications from the biggest independent antivirus testing labs. It participated in the June 2019 AV-Test which evaluated macOS Mojave 10.14.3 and the accompanying antivirus protection against malware infections (worms, viruses, Trojan horses, and more). Out of 557 samples of widespread and prevalent malware added over 4 months, Intego scored a perfect 6/6 and was able to detect 100% of malware (industry average 99.9%). Additionally, it scored a fair 5.5/6 on performance, leaving behind competitors like Avira .

    As per AV-Comparatives reports, it was able to detect and block all of the 585 samples. However, it didn’t receive an APPROVED Mac Security certification. This is mainly because AV-Comparatives found some unexpected behavior while testing the antivirus on the macOS Mojave platform.

    However, new test results for the updated version are yet to be published. The antivirus has also proved its usability and received a 5.5/6 in the June 2019 AV-Test. In the same test, every other brand except F-Secure had a perfect 6/6.

    A full-scan takes about 20-25 minutes, which is great. The normal scans are extremely light on the system and don’t take up many resources. However, the initial scan may sometimes consume more than 50% of the available virtual CPU cores.

    Ease of Use and Interface

    The software has been designed with every type of user in mind. It has in-depth guides right from the installation to advanced feature management. All of the apps are logically and neatly arranged. The main screen shows any vital function and data which is convenient.

    The dashboard has a unified design across all products that makes it easier to access.

    You can access all important features with one to two clicks. An additional list of customization options is available under Preferences. The main screen is under the tab ' Scan' which is what you will see when you open the platform. There's a sidebar on the left side that lets you do a fast or full search and you'll find lots of interesting things on the right side as well. In your web browsers, you can enable/disable real-time and auto scans, as well as set up scheduled scanning.

    The application also sends you email notifications every time it detects malware. It’s extremely customizable and offers you flexible options to repair, quarantine, or perform an action later. Furthermore, it maintains an extensive history log.

    Customer Support

    Intego offers comprehensive support to get the most out of the product, starting with a detailed knowledge base of both simple and advanced tutorials. A ticketing system lets you contact their agents if necessary. Users can submit a sample of malware for review by their team and can sign in to monitor their request status.

    The antivirus provider offers various other options to connect with them as well. You can fill the contact form on the website or reach a representative via live chat, email, and phone to connect with the customer service team directly. Besides these resources, you’ll find a lot of information and tutorials on their website’s resources section. Although the company isn’t accredited by the Better Business Review, they have a 4.7/5 score on Trustpilot.

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