Broadcom Symantec Endpoint Security Review for 2021

Broadcom, based in San Jose, California, is a tech company that specializes in the design and production of high-end security software. In this review, we’re going to focus on its Endpoint Protection software, checking out its various features and add-ons as well as seeing how it stacks up against its own claims and the performance of competitors. In the modern age, businesses across the world employ workers who often access the company’s network via a multitude of devices. In order to keep your business safe from threats, you need to have endpoint protection that takes into accounts servers, desktops, laptops, smartphones, and a host of other devices.

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    Endpoint protection, at its core, is about protecting your network against malware, adware, ransomware, and additional types of intrusions from outside influences. It’s also important to have endpoint security to prevent data leakage problems due to human error.

    Overall, Broadcom’s Symantec Endpoint Security products work very well against outside threats. These products are affordable and reasonably priced, but that doesn’t mean they lack anything in the way of power. With Broadcom, you have a range of protection schemes against multiple online attack angles, with the ability to detect, sort, and block problematic or potentially harmful items. One quibble that we had with these products is that they lack the ability to catch phishing emails reliably. That poses a threat, especially since many company employees may not have the tech know-how to spot these potential security breaches.

    Everything You Need to Know

    • Simple installation: easy-to-use one-click process
    • Comprehensive: Endpoint Security Complete includes software capabilities for every phase in the potential attack playbook
    • 24/7 site support: live chat, support email and phone, and on-site resources
    • 60-day money-back guarantee: test it out and make your decision
    • Compatibility: available for all your company devices, and excels in the area of mobile device protection
    • UI: the user interface is streamlined for ease of use and displays potential threats
    • Add-on: additional encryption technology is available for a fee

    There are several factors you should consider before making a software purchase for antivirus protection. We’ve listed a handy guide to our positive and negative experiences with Broadcom Symantec below.


    • Excellent customer service
    • Designed for ease of use
    • Step-by-step protection for all stages of cyberattack
    • Established name and reputation


    • Not transparent about its prices
    • Not transparent about its prices
    • Must connect to a sales partner for purchase
    • Lacks mobile device protection in many of its packages

    Broadcom Symantec Endpoint Security Products

    For this review, we focused mainly on the Broadcom Symantec Endpoint Security Complete and the Symantec Endpoint Security Enterprise. Each of these products does an effective job at providing endpoint protection, but they also bring different elements to the table.

    Endpoint Security Complete

    This is the most comprehensive set of endpoint security available from Broadcom Symantec. Essentially, the aim of Endpoint Security Complete is to provide protection against all threats at every step of the potential attack process. Those steps include:

    • Pre-Attack
    • Attack Prevention
    • Breach Prevention
    • Response/Remediation

    To start the offering, we’ll deal with the pre-attack methods. As part of threat and surface reduction, Endpoint Security Complete has real-time malware detection capabilities. It also continuously sends fake threats through the system to spot potential vulnerabilities.

    The second step is attack prevention. This includes added security against malware and zero-day exploits. The Network Connection Security feature provides VPN services when problematic WiFi spots are detected. In other words, additional protection measures kick in when a network device connects to a sketchy WiFi network.

    Breach prevention is perhaps our favorite feature of Endpoint Security Complete. Symantec’s product uses advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques to continuously grow the parameters of protection used by the software. As threats get better at evading detection, the detection protocols also get better. In addition to blacklisting dangerous websites and devices, the program also uses deception techniques to better judge the intent of potential threats. For example, it provides attackers with false directories and uses bait-and-lure practices to trap attackers with faulty data.

    Finally, response and remediation comes into play to assess the damage done by threats and attacks, and minimize that potential damage. The software is based on the research of over 3,000 Symantec professionals and presents an easy-to-use interface that shows the affected devices. Users are able to isolate devices in order to minimize impact. The software itself also isolates endpoints and immediately begins to retrieve or delete files as needed. Thus, if an attack ever reaches the end stages, the data pool that is compromised will be as small as possible.

    Broadcom Symantec is one of the big names in cybersecurity, so it’s no surprise that it tested highly. We would recommend this software for small and mid-sized organizations, given that its software allows for lots of configurability and insight into the specific endpoints of a network.

    Endpoint Security Enterprise

    The other product we focused on is called Endpoint Security Enterprise. This is a slightly less robust product than the Complete version, but it’s along the same lines. We also liked how you can upgrade your existing subscription from Enterprise to Complete with little hassle, allowing your company’s security to grow as its network of devices and endpoints enlarges.

    Endpoint Security Enterprise is flexible, with software that targets the full range of cyberattacks a business can experience: ransomware, viruses, spyware, etc. It also offers a centralized system for protecting the passwords on network devices, which is especially useful for smaller businesses that may not have a built-in feature on their networks. The software is also great at detecting signatureless malware.

    Again, what we like about these products is that they can be configured as needed. Fine-tuning isn’t for everyone, and no doubt many business owners’ eyes glaze over when thinking about the technical aspects of network security. But any company’s IT department will be excited to get its hands on Symantec Endpoint Security products and set up specific protocols for the types of protection your company needs.

    Pricing Plans

    Unfortunately, Broadcom Symantec does not directly advertise its pricing structure. Instead, it encourages users to call the sales team or connect to a specific Broadcom partner located near them. We found this lack of transparency quite frustrating.

    Reportedly, the base level of software offered by Broadcom Symantec, called Endpoint Protection Cloud, is priced at $28 per device. It appears that the company offers specific deals for corporations, however. If you are interested in the product, you’ll need to contact a sales office for a better idea of the price.

    Final Verdict

    As far as cybersecurity goes, there is a reason that Broadcom Symantec has been in the game for so long. Its products work well, play nice, and can be easily integrated into your network devices. Installation is simple, the instructions and explanations used by the software are easy to understand, and the price point is on the affordable end of the cybersecurity spectrum.

    These products are good at catching loads of malware threats, including the ever-worrisome ransomware. Where the products have a weak spot, though, is their ability to detect and prevent phishing scams. However, through the use of machine learning and AI inherent in the Endpoint Security line, we expect that this will be addressed in the future. It still gets a recommendation for us, especially if you own a smaller or mid-sized business.


    Below are some of our answers to the most frequently asked questions related to Broadcom Symantec Endpoint Security products.

    1.  Is Symantec an antivirus program?

    The Symantec endpoint security system is much more than simply an antivirus program. However, yes, it does detect and block viruses effectively. It also does the same for most forms of malware  and cyberattacks, aside from phishing scams.

    2.  What is the difference between endpoint protection and antivirus?

    Endpoint protection is a much broader form of security than antivirus. Whereas antivirus protects exactly one endpoint (the device on which it is installed), endpoint protection systems protect all of the endpoints within a given network. Those include devices, servers, etc. Also, antivirus software typically protects against limited kinds of malware (mostly, viruses). Endpoint protection aims its defenses at viruses as well as additional malware like ransomware, spyware, and more.

    3.  Has Broadcom bought Symantec?

    Yes. In 2019, Broadcom purchased fellow cybersecurity firm Symantec for a reported fee of $10.7 billion USD. Now, the firm uses Symantec’s technology in its cybersecurity products, such as the Endpoint Security Complete and Endpoint Security Enterprise products reviewed here.

    4.  Is Symantec Endpoint Protection good for home use?

    Symantec Endpoint Protection is good for home use either as a personal subscription or as protection for devices that also connect to your work network. Particularly, we were impressed with the ease of integration and advanced protection measures of Symantec’s EPP software on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

    5.  Is Symantec Endpoint Protection good for business?

    We recommend Symantec’s Endpoint Protection products for small to midsize businesses. The software is very capable of providing the protection your company needs to keep data safe from outside influence and attack while also displaying information in usable, actionable ways. To get the most out of what’s on offer here, your company should be small enough that your IT department can really use the customizable options and track real-time situations as the software points out threats and vulnerabilities.