Scanguard Expert Review 2021

Scoring several forums, blogs, and websites, we concluded that many users have questions about a new antivirus tool called Scanguard. As such, we did our tests to find out how well it performs. Is it legitimate? Is it spyware in itself? Read on to find out more.

Scanguard Expert Review
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    Written by Yasir Saeed - Cybersecurity Expert

    Updated on Semptember 14, 2021

    Is it legitimate? Is it a spyware in itself?

    Read on to find out more.

    Latest Scanguard Discounts

    It has a discount of $74.95 for the first year ($24.95) and then priced at $99.95 afterward, which in our review is on the higher side as compared to others. 

    Scanguard Pricing

    Scanguard Antivirus Overview

    There have been several reviews published online questioning the performance of Scanguard. Some users claim it as just another scam tool forcing you to buy the program once it detects a “high number of threats”, that many top paid antivirus could not detect. Others claim it to be better than the competitors.

    Microsoft recommends using only Microsoft Security Essential and Windows Defender as complete antivirus solutions.

    However, certain facts about it can be used to arrive at a conclusion on its working as antivirus software.

    Our overall rating on a scale of 1 to 5, was 4, which is above average.

    Main Features of Scanguard Antivirus Software

    • Identity protection
    • Password manager
    • Virtual Private Network (VPN)
    • Threat protection
    • Multiple Devices Accessibility

    Scanguard is Also Good for:

    • Device optimizer compatible with multiple types of platforms
    • Cookie Cleaner, Password Vault and a disk manager
    The availability of a two-wall firewall Scanning process at times detect false positives.
    Extremely economical for the first yearExpensive renewal prices
    Easy to use interface and fast.Certain compatibility issues when it comes to being used with the standard Windows Defender

    Table of Scanguard Features

    Scanguard offers different tools when it comes to keeping your data safe from any sort of defaults that might arise due to privacy issues.

    Money Back Guarantee30 days (1 year) and 14 Days (1 month plan)
    Free Version

    Yes, but no free trial


    Mac, iOs, windows, android

    Parental Control


    Email Protection




    VPN Services


    USD Virus Scans


    Automated Virus Scans


    Game Mode


    Safe Browser


    Passive Mode


    Smart Phone OptimizerYes

    Threat Protection

    Adware preventionYes
    Malicious URL BlockingYes

    Privacy Features

    Adblock Pro

    The software’s Adblock feature is available as a separate tool. The ad block is not cheap, but it can prove to be very useful in filtering out banner and pop-up ads and helps in preventing your online activity from being tracked.

    In our initial scan, it detected a ad tracker and alerted us to remove it by activating the copy of Scanguard. 

    There is also a 70% discount offered when you activate it for the first year.

    Smart Scan Progress

    Web Shield

    Scanguard’s web shield feature keeps your system safe from various online threats by providing an additional layer of protection to your device.

    When you browse online, Scanguard scans the data transferred in real-time to make sure that no virus or malware makes its way into your system.

    The web shield features are tested and proved to be compatible with all major browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari, etc. 

    Below is a screenshot from one of our tests, when we scaned the data while browsing online, the software found 23 threats where it gives you the option to "rescan" or " resolve threats".

    Web Shield

    Scanguard VPN

    The software’s VPN is another excellent feature, which ensures that your security as it masks your online activities and allows you to browse the internet while being completely anonymous. 

    Using the three different VPN servers, you can connect to Netflix and get access to your favorite shows!


    Password Vault

    Scanguard’s password vault feature allows you to store all your important passwords at a secure location.

    Once stored, the passwords are encrypted. In addition, users can get access to a master password to access their encrypted passwords saved by the software.

    The master password can be used to retrieve original passwords that are stored inside the password vault.

    Password Vault

    Cookie Cleaner

    Advertisers track online activities and use the data to target people with unwanted advertisements.

    Cleaning your browser cookies is one of the features which Scanguard excels at to make sure your browsing experience is free from such adverts and that your online activity isn’t being kept in check.

    In our initial test scan, Scanguard detected 195 tracking cookies and showed how many of them were in each browser.

    Cookie Cleaner


    Most of the features of a web shield, including a firewall and adblocker are already provided by Windows and Chrome extensions respectively, so why is Scanguard charging for this?

    There are 3 features of Firewall.

    The first is to enable Windows Firewall, which is pretty much the standard option.

    The next two options are also built into Windows 10’s firewall features

    Scanguard Firewall

    Our rating: We rate it 4 out of 5, which is above average.

    Security Features of Scanguard

    The software has anti-phishing, built-in firewalls, and auto-scanning features. You can read more about these tools and features in more detail herein.

    Malware Protection

    Scanguard’s ability to protect against malware is worthy of being challenged in the antivirus solution market.

    Upon installing Scanguard on a Mac, users can get access to an antivirus gateway. If the need arises, it will remove any type of malware detected in the system.

    Spyware Protection

    Scanguard’s highly resourceful spyware protection feature can detect the type of malware that can reach your device’s core without giving any sort of notification of its infiltration process within your device’s system.

    Adware Protection

    Adware is unwanted software that will spam you with unwanted advertisements on your web browser. Scanguard has advanced adware protection features that can keep these unwanted adverts at bay.

    Scan progress

    Scanguard also offers the Adblock Pro feature for removing unwanted and annoying adverts. This feature is compatible with four major browsers including Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Opera. Unfortunately, this feature does not come for free.

    Phishing Scams

    Scanguard was tested to have functional anti-phishing features that can detect and diminish different types of phishing scams. Scanguard combats these scams by intercepting and scanning any nefarious links or possible malware downloads.

    Phishing still remains the most popular option by hackers to extort money. The ability to detect and block access to suspicious pages is an excellent option by antiviruses as not all people are tech savvy to figure out if they have been scammed.

    Another alternative to avoid such phishing scams once and for all is to make use of Scannguard’s Safe Browsing (VPN) option. However, this feature might cost another $39 in order for it to be activated. 

    Ransomware Protection

    Scanguard provides ransomware protection by filtering through links to search for those that might have malicious attachments or infectious viruses. Virus scanning features, included in the software, aid in detecting and removing such viruses that might restrict the user’s device access until a ransom is paid.

    Ransomware Protection

    Security features are rated 5/5 because it was able to detect all of the malware and viruses in real-time.

    Scanguard Performance

    This section reviews Scanguard’s performance as an antivirus software. Here they are: 

    Disk Cleaner

    Scanguard’s disk cleaner feature is equipped with a Duplicates Remover that deletes duplicate files intending to free up space on your device’s disk.

    This feature is not included in the software’s core features list but it is a nice extra protection feature that can be purchased to add weight to your efforts to keep your device’s performance top notch.

    In our initial test scan, it detected several temporary and junk files. While this feature comes with the paid version, it is no different than Windows’ built-in disk clean.

    Tune-Up Optimization Tools

    The tune-up tools, offered by Scanguard, ensure that users can enjoy increased system performance and speed.

    Additionally, this feature frees up space from your device’s storage by removing all junk files from the system so as to allow the system to be utilized more efficiently. 

    This cleaning up process includes removing caching and your device’s old internet history.

    tune-up optimization

    Finally yet importantly, this feature installs the most recent software updates on your system to protect it from being exposed to harmful vulnerabilities.

    Scanning Options

    Scanguard has been tested and proven to scan and remove different types of malwares through its ability to function as an antivirus scanner.

    The application offers varying options for several different kinds of scans. Some of these scans and their functions are as listed below:

    • Quick Scan: It scans temporary program files, downloads and registries, which are the most common places where viruses are found.
    • Custom Scan: It scans files and folders present on your device’s system.
    • Malware Scan: It scans every item inhabiting the space on your hard drive.
    • Smart Scan: This scan initiates with a Quick Scan and then later proceeds to performing system cleanup processes. This process is done to speed up the boot sequence, to get rid of junk files and to remove cached browser files.

    While testing Scanguard, 100% of the malware files were discovered.

    Malware Scan

    Browser Cleaner

    The Browser Cleaner feature present in Scanguard has been tested to clear out your internet search history, remove all cookies, and get rid of cached files to speed up browsers. This feature’s compatibility with four major browsers (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Opera) has been tested and proven. Our tests showed around 5% of improved performance and speed after clearing cache and history entries.

    Browser Cleaner

    Ease of Use and User Interface

    In terms of user-friendliness and eye-catching graphics, Scanguard is super easy to use and navigate. The installation and set-up process of the software is straightforward. Having to access advanced settings is also simple due to the software’s versatility.

    On our system, it did not take more than 3 minutes to install.

    Once a smart scan is initiated, it takes anywhere between 3 to 5 minutes for completion when tested on different devices. And that’s pretty much about it. There are no customization options on how you want the scan to take place. Once a quick scan is complete, you can go for a full scan which is customizable.

    When it comes to a user interface, Scanguard antivirus software is comprehensive and has a welcoming experience.

    After every quick scan, you will be warned to remove viruses, threats, and trojans. When you proceed, you will be asked to purchase the software at a discounted price of $24.95. This isn’t the case with other reputed antivirus software such as Norton, McAfee, Bitdefender, etc.

    We rated ease of use 5/5, which is the highest for any section of Scanguard.

    Scan Results

    Scanguard for Mac

    Scanguard for Mac provides a set of optimization tools along with antivirus protection features.

    For keeping your MacBook safe from different kinds of malware, online attacks, scams, and harmful viruses, Scanguard offers a wide variety of antivirus features. Some of the many functions, which Scanguard serves for owners of Mac devices, are discussed as follows:

    • Parental control and file protection tools provided by Scanguard are very effective against malicious threats and they help in managing your device usage.
    • Antivirus scanning tools keep your MacBook’s system protected in real-time.
    • Virus updates are done regularly to protect your device from new types of malware and potential threats.
    • An advanced scanning system helps in achieving a high speed of operation on your MacBook.

    Scanguard for iPhone

    The installation and downloading process completed through AppStore has been tested to be easier and faster as compared to other application installation services. Scanguard offers high-quality protection and does not heavily affect the device’s battery or storage.

    The latest version of iOS and 800 MB is all you need to avail Scanguard’s photo manager, which helps in pointing out random pictures that you might not need.

    Scanguard Iphone

    Source: Scanguard

    Scanguard for Android

    While taking up only 49.95 MB of your android’s memory, Scanguard protects and optimizes your device. The antivirus scan is easy to use due to the pleasing interface. 

    Other features provided on androids include app lock, VPN and password vault, etc. 

    Scanguard AndroidAndroid Protection

    How to Setup and Uninstall Scanguard

    If you ever think about uninstalling Scanguard, you need to follow the steps below:

    1- Head over to the Add/Remove programs in Windows.

    Click Scanguard, and now click Uninstall.

    Uninstall Step 1

    2- You will be prompted with a MASSIVE Discount Offer of 85%. You will be redirected to a new page to buy it at a special offer for just $19.95 if you click Grab this offer. Click Uninstall.


    3- Simply follow the onscreen instructions and click uninstall.

    Uninstall Step 2

    4- Once the uninstallation is complete, you’ll need to restart your system to ensure it is completely removed.

    Uninstall Step 3

    Pricing and Packages

    So far, the website only has one pricing plan available, at $24.95, renewing at $99.99.

    Here are the details:

    • Protection for up to 5 devices
    • Adware, malware and spyware protection
    • VPN services with over 60 server locations worldwide
    • PC tune up and optimization tools

    If you don’t have a paypal account or reside in a country that doesn’t support one, you are out of luck. Scanguard only uses Paypal as its primary payment gateway.


    Customer Support

    The Scanguard Company provides exceptional customer support with email and live chat available around the clock to all its customers. However, while trying to get more answers regarding technical support through phone services, the experience proved to be less satisfactory.

    Customer Support

    Our Verdict

    As compared to using other leading antiviruses, Scanguard came out slightly above average. This is because the company is like a “new kid on the block”, having no lab test results and hardly any information about the parent company found in their About Us section on the website.

    Nevertheless, we believe that there is a lot of potential in the product as the paid version worked out well.

    The company needs to invest a lot of time and effort in rectifying its reputation and justifying its stance as a reliable antivirus solution.

    The company also needs to stop its push marketing strategy forcing customers to buy their products, and giving ridiculous discounts for the first year. Sometimes, it all seems too good to be true.


    1. Does Scanguard have a free version?

    No. The only free version is more like a trailer. You have to pay to watch the movie. Similarly, you have to pay to remove threats, use VPN and other system optimization tools.

    2. Is Scanguard a good antivirus?
    In our initial tests, we found it to be an average antivirus program, but not good enough to the likes of Bitdefender and Norton.
    3. How do I cancel my ScanGuard subscription?

    Log in to your portal, and before renewing, cancel your subscription. You can also email their customer support and ask them to cancel the subscription before renewal.

    4. Is Scanguard safe to use? 

    In our test results, it is safe' to use Scanguard.