Avast for Chromebook

Avast Antivirus for Chromebook

When you buy a Chromebook computer with a Chrome operating system, the first step you should take is finding an antivirus program that’ll secure your data and privacy. While it does have multi-layered protection installed, it isn’t sufficient to handle all the online threats on the internet. In this article, we’ll look at whether Avast Antivirus for Chromebook is the best solution for you.

Written by Ria du Plessis - Web Developer

Updated on September 22 , 2021

Why Choose Avast for a Chromebook?

One of the most significant questions asked is whether you need an antivirus program on Chromebook. The operating system doesn’t allow executable files to run, so there’s no way for malware to find its way onto your device. However, threats can still appear on Chrome while searching the internet when hackers attempt to steal your information or hold your data ransom. 
Therefore, you should still look at getting Avast Premium or Ultimate Security for tools like Online Security or AntiTrack.


  • Protects against ransomware and phishing
  • Prevents tracking of private data
  • Secures your online identity
  • Hides your activity with a VPN
  • Cleans your browser from malicious content
  • Blocks scam apps and sites


  • Enabling Chromebook’s Developer Mode may conflict with Avast
  • All the best tools for Chromebook are in Avast’s paid plans

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  • Real-time malware protection


While the antivirus software had loads of functions and tools, not all of them apply to these devices. Since the operating system checks for malicious content by default, there are only a few features that are beneficial with Avast for Chromebook.

Online Security Features

When you’re surfing the internet, the last thing you want is for a harmful site to infect your browser and spy on your activity. Avast has anti-tracking and anti-phishing tools in place to ensure that no one spies on you or steals your information. Chromebook doesn’t have enough functionality in place to prevent this from happening.

Online Security Features

Threat Protection

When you click on a link to a site, Avast goes the extra mile in checking whether it’s safe to proceed to the page. It evaluates whether there are any hacking apps or harmful files located on the URL, giving you a warning before you access it. Of course, you can override the system, but you might give someone access to all your passwords. 

Threat Detection

Wi-Fi Security

If you’re using your Chromebook in a public area, you are in danger of someone using the unsecured network to access your device and potentially spying on you. Avast provides additional Wi-Fi security to prevent this from happening. It’ll hide your laptop and browsing activity from any prying eyes on the network.

Wi-Fi security


Chromebook might be well known for scanning your system on a regular basis, but it doesn’t monitor the safety of all online sites. With Avast Antivirus for Chromebook, you can hover over a link to see whether there are potential risks. In this way, you’re better prepared in case it's a fake website ready to steal your usernames and passwords. It also scans emails in your inbox to ensure that there’s no phishing or ransomware.


Performance and Protection

Fortunately, your device won’t suffer any performance issues with Avast for Chromebook. Everything runs quietly in the background, only alerting you when it detects a threat. Here’s some of the protection you can expect for your computer.


The internet is rife with harmful sites, emails, and popup chatbots that’ll attempt to steal your card information, pin, password, username, and more. The hackers generally use a trustworthy name to trick you into clicking on a link, which may infect your browser. Avast has advanced anti-phishing tools available to prevent anyone from accessing this information.


Protecting from Ransomware

While ransomware might not be able to infect your device thanks to the Chrome OS, it can still obtain your private data from the internet. You’ll be asked to pay to have the information released back to you, with no guarantee that they won’t hold it against you again. Avast Antivirus for Chromebook ensures that ransomware is stopped in its tracks before you even open the email or select the link.

Ransomware Shield


Some sites track your activity and online behavior, which it then sells to the highest bidder. You may see more adverts appear on your browser related to the products and pages you view. Avast has an extension anti-tracking feature that blocks these attempts and hides your internet habits from prying eyes.


Privacy and Security

Keeping your online details safe from the wrong hands is a top priority for Avast for Chromebook. We’ve already mentioned some of the functions available for optimal data security, but here are a few extra tools you’ll find for increased privacy.

SecureLine VPN

Avast’s virtual private network will provide an improved incognito mode that has better security than the standard Chrome version. You can view international content from wherever you are while stopping prying eyes from watching your activity. What’s more, it won’t log anything you do online. 

SecureLine VPN

Ad Blocking

Besides being annoying, some marketing campaigns seem genuine but contain malware or ransomware. The Avast Chrome extension will block all adverts, whether or not they’re safe. You won’t see banners or pop-ups appear unless you allow them.

Ad Blocking

Identity Protection

We’re sure your usernames, passwords, physical address, and contact details are essential to you. Avast Antivirus for Chromebook understands how this information can be used against you and takes several steps to prevent this from happening. The private data stored in your browser and cookies will be secure.  

Identity Protection

Browser Cleanup

Your browser may already have some harmful data or apps installed that steal your information as you sign in to sites and create new accounts. To ensure performance and security integrity, Avast does a full sweep of your current settings to eradicate future problems. You’ll be able to start from scratch with a clean search engine.

Browser Cleanup

Pricing Plans


Number of Devices

Top Features

Free Antivirus



Security against ransomware, viruses, and malware

Premium Security


Per device

Wi-Fi security, anti-phishing



Per device

SecureLine VPN, cleanup, AntiTrack 



Per device

Blocks tracking cookies

SecureLine VPN


Per device

Hides online activity

Ease of Use and Interface

Since the Chrome OS on your Chromebook device will take care of protecting your device, you’ll mainly use your Avast security tools on the browser. It adds as an extension to your browser, keeping a weathered eye for any threats. You can click on the antivirus icon to see whether websites are safe or if your privacy remains secure.


When Avast detects an issue with a site or link, you’ll receive a message letting you know that it’s not safe to proceed. You can also hover over URLs to see what the page’s security rating is, helping you decide whether or not you want to visit it. The interface is easy to use and read, and you should have no problem finding your way around the menu.

Website Scanner

How to Set it Up and Uninstall

Chromebook limits the programs you can install on your device. Fortunately, there are two ways you can take advantage of your Avast antivirus software, no matter which plans you have. The first method involves obtaining it from the Google Play Store, which will install it as an app on your laptop.

  1. Launch the Google Play Store from your Chromebook
  2. Search for Avast
  3. When the app appears, click on “Install”
  4. Open the application
  5. Log into your account or create a new one
  6. Configure your security settings
  7. If you need to uninstall, simply go to the settings and click on “Uninstall”, and the app will be removed. You can also go to the Google Play Store to remove it.

Google Play store

The second technique involves installing it as an extension on your Chrome web browser. It saves you from placing it on your desktop as an extra application, and you’ll still receive the complete security package to protect your internet activities.

  • Open the Chrome Web store
  • Search for Avast
  • Find the Avast solution you want and click on “Add to Chrome”
  • Approve any permissions needed
  • Wait for the extension to install and pin it to your search bar
  • Log into your Avast account or create a new free one

Chrome Web store

Is Avast the Right Choice for Chromebook?

You could comfortably live without Avast Antivirus for Chromebook, as the operating system and browser have their own security measures in place. However, there are still online threats that could find their way around the Chrome online protocols, holding your information ransom or stealing your private details. It’s perfectly fine if you want to add more safety systems to protect your data, and Avast is one of the top choices if you aim for one of the paid choices.