Antivirus for Lenovo Laptop

The Best Antivirus Solutions for Lenovo in 2021

Antivirus software is essential for any computer or laptop. It is important to keep your device safe from harmful threats and viruses. There are many different antivirus software solutions available for Lenovo laptops As they run on Windows operating systems. This page will give you more information on the best antivirus solutions compatible with popular Lenovo laptops. Read on to learn more.

Written by Adam Stevenson - Technical Content Editor

 Updated on July 15, 2021

Top Antivirus for Lenovo Laptop - Our 3 Picks

  • Complete Protection For All Devices With a single License
  • Configurable Firewall
  • Virus Protection Pledge Or Full Refund Guarantee
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  • Free antivirus protection
  • On-demand scanning
  • Firewall configuration
  • Simple user interface
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  • Real-time malware protection
  • Around-the-clock support
  • Strong privacy protection
  • Safe web browsing
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Do I Need A Antivirus On My Lenovo Laptop? 

A lot of people will ask the question, "do I need antivirus for my Lenovo laptop?" The answer is simple, yes you do. These days, the digital world brings along major online threats. Threats can infiltrate your device by installing a program on your computer without you or the operating system noticing it.

The truth is, even a high-quality laptop like Lenovo, still needs protection from a long list of threats. Once a program has installed itself on your computer it can do a lot of harm. Lenovo laptops do come with already installed protection, but sometimes this is not enough. Especially when you use your Lenovo laptop for business purposes, high-quality protection becomes even more necessary. Just imagine someone gets their hands on your professional information and client data. It can be catastrophic!

Do Lenovo Laptops Come With Built-in Antivirus? 

Lenovo laptops do come with built-in protection. Since they operate on Windows, your device should have come with the built-in Windows Defender. The Windows defender solution is not typically pre-installed with all Lenovo devices. Some of the older models had a free version of McAfee installed. If you happen to have a Lenovo laptop from around 2015, you might have a free version of McAfee.

The Free McAfee version would only be free for 6 months. After this period, you would need to pay for an upgrade to keep using the software and to be protected from future viruses and threats. The question is when you have Windows Defender installed on your Lenovo device, do you need additional anti-malware protection?

Do I Need An Additional Anti-Malware Protection on My Lenovo Laptop?

Windows Defender does protect your device from most online threats. It wasn't always as good as it is now. It has turned into a pretty decent antivirus solution. 

The question is, does Microsoft update their database constantly? What happens if something unknown infiltrates your device? We know antivirus solutions, and we do think that it is necessary to have additional protection. There is malware protection that can work alongside the built-in antivirus protection software on your Lenovo computer. 

Windows Defender does a good job of keeping your device secure from viruses. But you should add extra malware protection software to your device.

The 3 Best Antivirus Software for Lenovo Laptop in 2021

#1 Windows Defender

Windows Defender

Windows Defender is good enough for real-time protection and virus scans.

Top Features:

  • Real-time threat detection
  • Firewall & network protection
  • Protection against phishing sites
  • System performance reports
  • Hardware security
  • Parental controls
  • Free, and built-in
  • Easy-to-use
  • Does not include a file shredder, file encryption, or secure browser

Windows Defender Specifications

Supported DevicesFree download/ 1 device - Windows PC or Desktop Computer
Operating SystemsWindows
Pricing PlanFree
Subscription OptionsNo Subscriptions
User TypeHome

Windows Defender is the built-in antivirus software on a Windows device. The software is available for free and pre-installed on all Windows 10 systems.

For more information about features, visit our full Windows Defender Review.

Windows Defender

#2 Norton


Norton is an antivirus solution with a powerful anti-malware engine, a wide range of internet security tools, a great online dashboard and amazing customer support.

Top Features:

  • Firewall
  • Cloud backup & Storage
  • VPN
  • Password Manager
  • SafeCam for Windows
  • Identity Theft Recovery
  • Complete Protection from Spyware & Malware
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Easy-to-use
  • Does not include a file shredder, file encryption, or secure browser

Norton Specifications

Supported DevicesNorton Antivirus Plus Package - 1 year/1 pc or mac
Norton 360 Standard Package - 1 year or 2 year option / 1 pc, mac or mobile device
Norton 360 Deluxe Package  - 1 year or 2 year option / 5 pc, mac or mobile devices
Norton 360 Premium Package - 1 year or 2 year option / 10 pc, mac or mobile devices
Operating SystemsWindows, macOS, Android, iOS
Pricing Plan

Norton Antivirus Plus - $9.99

Norton 360 Standard - $24.99

Norton 360 Deluxe - $24.99

Norton 360 Premium - $59.99

Norton 360 for Gamers - $19.99 NEW ( up to 3 devices)

Subscription Options1, 2, 3 Years
User TypeHome or Office

Norton is very good. Even on the cheapest plan, in addition to a top-notch anti-malware engine, you also get a firewall, anti-phishing protection, webcam protection, a VPN (with unlimited browsing data), a password manager, and 10 GB of cloud storage..

For more info visit our detailed Norton Review.

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#3 McAfee

McAfee Antivirus

McAfee is a bargain for big families, but doesn't provide perfect protection. McAfee's 2021 antivirus lineup provides decent malware protection, but some other brands do it better.

Top Features:

  • VPN 
  • Malware Protection
  • Password manager
  • File encryption
  • File shredder
  • Identity protection
  • Permanently deletes sensitive digital files
  • Malware detection rate could be better

McAfee Specifications

Supported DevicesSingle - 1 device/1 year - Compatible with any Windows, macOS, Android, iOS device
Individuals - 5 devices/1 year - Compatible with any Windows, macOS, Android, iOS device
Ultimate - Unlimited /1 year - Compatible with any Windows, macOS, Android, iOS device
Family - 10 devices/ 1 year - Compatible with any Windows, macOS, Android, iOS device
Operating SystemsWindows, Mac, iOS, Android
Pricing Plan

Antivirus - $39.99*

Total Protection - $44.99*

*for first year

Subscription Options1-year or 2-years
User TypeHome

Take a look at our expert McAfee Review including info on additional features.


How To Choose A Good Antivirus For Lenovo Laptop

When you choose your antivirus software for your Lenovo laptop, there are certain factors to consider.

The best antivirus solutions for Lenovo laptops will help keep your laptop safe from threats such as Trojan, adware, malware, spyware, rootkits, and ransomware. It will provide a better performance, will not use a lot of disk space, have a strong virus detection engine, advanced level of infection submission feature, and works in a way that does not slow down the device performance.

Always remember, these days, there are no differences between laptops and PCs when it comes to antivirus software. So, when choosing a software, always keep the most important factors in mind.

What Else Can Be Done To Keep Your Lenovo Laptop Safe

There are a lot of people that use their Lenovo laptops for business. So, what would you do if all the data on your computer were suddenly inaccessible or your banking information was compromised? 
Thankfully, there are a few extra steps you can take to make your device safer. 

  • Always make sure you keep your security software updated
  • Do not use public WiFi too often. Public WiFi networks are notoriously easy for hackers to “mimic” and reroute
  • Do not download unnecessary files and open unknown links
  • Watch out for social media scams, there are a lot of fake Social media advertisers out there
  • Use a website scoring tool to rate and score websites. This way, you can safely surf the web

If you keep these points in mind every day, your device will be a lot safer!

Bottom line 

There you have it! Now you know what the best antivirus solution for a Lenovo laptop is. These days, having a good security solution on your device is more important than ever. Make sure you make the right choice to keep your data safe, choose one of our recommendations!


1. Are Lenovo laptops safe from viruses?

Lenovo laptops do include Windows defender as a built-in security solution, but this is not enough. If you want to have peace of mind, we would recommend installing extra malware protection.

2.  Is McAfee antivirus free with Lenovo devices?

Older Lenovo laptops did include a free 6-month McAfee subscription, but the latest Lenovo devices do not include a free McAfee subscription.

3. How to activate McAfee Antivirus in a Lenovo laptop?

It is easy to activate McAfee Antivirus on a Lenovo laptop. You can visit the McAfee Lenovo Registration link and follow the steps.

4. Can I have two antivirus solutions installed on my Lenovo laptop?

It is not advised to have two full-service antivirus solutions installed on a device, but you can have add-on protection such as malware protection or internet protection installed with Windows Defender for example.