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    Our Verdict

    Forticlient is a well-rounded package of protection, especially for users who like to multi-task. You’ll like the endpoint systems plus a variety of other features, including Web Filtering.

    It tends to override your other anti-virus programs if you have any. The problem with this is when you have powerful applications like Intego or McAfee, it’s not worth the exchange. 


    • Easy to use
    • Custom VPN
    • Web Filtering
    • Login-enabled configurations


    • Slow scan
    • Weak antivirus
    • No spyware protection
    • Vulnerable to uncommon viruses
    • Vulnerable to phishing
    • No virus auto-scan

    Overview of Forticlient

    One of the flagship products of Fortinet, Forticlient is a multipurpose VPN / web shield software. It has the basic functions of an antivirus, but would not serve as one. To have a customized gateway, you need to subscribe to the EMS service, which comes as an option for the free-to-use program.

    How to Set It Up and Uninstall

    It’s fast and easy to set up Forticlient. Follow these simple steps:

    1. Select your platform (Windows, Mac, Linux). Linux users have access to more installation methods depending on the updates of your operating system.
    2. Once downloaded, click on the file. It will start configurations.
    3. Read the user agreement and click accept.
    4. A window will pop up, prompting you to select the setup type. Checkbox all of them.
    5. Once installed, Forticlient will start running in the background. Make sure you go into Task Manager and end any Forticlient scan (only if you have another antivirus active).

    When you want to uninstall it, do so as you would with any other software. Check “remove all components.” After this, go to the Fortinet folder and remove any files left behind, then delete the folder.


    Forticlient separates key web protection functions into individual features, which makes it look like there’s a lot to explore. Norton and McAfee do them all without any extra buttons. 

    Some of the most relevant features include Web Filtering, Application Firewall, and Vulnerability Protection.


    Money-back GuaranteeN/A
    Free VersionYes
    PlatformMac os, Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, Chrome
    Parental ControlsYes
    Email ProtectionNo
    VPN ServicesYes
    Smartphone OptimizerYes
    USB Virus ScansYes
    Automated Virus ScansNo
    Game ModeNo
    Safe BrowserYes
    Passive ModeNo

    Threat Protection

    Adware PreventionYes


    Forticlient can scan for vulnerabilities in your operating system. It takes a pretty long time for Windows, but it’s faster for mobile and Mac. The process also takes up a bit of RAM.


    Forticlient is a free-to-use software with an optional EMS purchase. If you think about it, that isn’t much of a choice since you’d need it to configure a VPN.


    There’s no discount for the EMS services, but you can download a free trial. Sign up with your email and receive further information.

    Privacy and Security

    Privacy - The Forticlient VPN masks your IP address, making you anonymous to any site. The EMS server adds an extra layer of protection. Registered users have access to their own private EMS IP and gateway.

    Security - While it does scan for vulnerabilities, it doesn’t do a good job fixing them. Neither does it have auto-detection like Intego or McAfee. It’s not good against spyware or uncommon viruses.

    Performance and Protection

    Forticlient performs well in general. It runs smoothly in the background, and will notify you of any inconsistency. Unfortunately, it doesn’t do so often. The Web Filtering helps reduce the chances of entering a malicious website.

    Malware Protection

    Forticlient does protect against and prevent malware.

    Ransomware Detection

    It detects ransomware through the endpoint features.

    Phishing Detection

    The software doesn’t seem invulnerable to phishing, but with Web Filtering, you shouldn’t end up on those sites.

    Spyware Detection

    The anti-exploit and firewall prevent exposure to spyware. If you do find spyware, you would need your other AV programs like Intego.

    Firewall Protection

    There’s an application firewall, but it’s not as effective as your default OS firewall.

    Lab Test Results

    Highest ratings for Security (4/5) and Usability (4/5)

    Ease of Use and Interface

    The interface is straightforward and easy to use.

    Customer Support

    Only inquiries on EMS services are available.