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    Our Verdict

    FireEye is a reputable company focused on detecting and fighting cyberthreats. Its Endpoint Security Antivirus software is a pretty robust piece of kit. 

    For everyday use, however, it may be like swatting a fly with a sledgehammer. Therefore, you might want to stick with a less-complicated provider such as Intego.


    • Several levels beyond typical antivirus software
    • Uses a signature-based engine to block malware
    • A behavior analysis engine protects against exploits


    • Incredibly complex for an antivirus program
    • Older Windows operating systems not supported
    • Has to be deployed onsite
    • Confusing set-up protocol
    • Still possible to flag false threats
    • Expensive

    Overview of Fire Eye

    FireEye is an expert in the field of cyberthreats. However, if you’re looking for antivirus software just for personal use, or a small business, its focus on large-scale enterprises makes the software less significant.

    How to Set It Up and Uninstall

    FireEye doesn't offer typical antivirus software. Instead, a team has to come to your place of business and install a high-end protection engine. This can then be upgraded with various modules. Malware protection and antivirus is the bare minimum that’s included.


    If you run a huge business or work for the government, then FireEye might be right for you. It takes cyber threats seriously, but too seriously for simple individual needs. Unless you’ve got money to burn and the need for indicators of compromise, you should probably stick with a more modest antivirus company like Norton.


    Money-back GuaranteeUnknown
    Free VersionNo
    PlatformWindows, Mac, Linux
    Parental ControlsUnknown
    Email ProtectionYes
    VPN ServicesUnknown
    Smartphone OptimizerUnknown
    USD Virus ScansYes
    Automated Virus ScansYes
    Game ModeUnknown
    Safe BrowserYes
    Passive ModeYes

    Threat Protection

    Adware PreventionYes


    The FireEye Endpoint Security solution offers intensely detailed and extensive scanning options. These include behavioral analysis and cyber forensics. Evidently, probably not something you need for day-to-day antivirus scans.


    PlanPriceNumber of DevicesTop Features
    Endpoint SecurityUnknownUnknownAll-in-one solution to every conceivable cyberthreat
    Helix Security PlatformUnknownUnknownImplements threat intelligence and behavioral analysis
    Verodin Security Instrumentation PlatformUnknownUnknownIdentify gaps in detection coverage and optimize security
    Network Security and ForensicsUnknownUnknownCombines heuristics, code analysis, statistical analysis, emulation, and machine learning


    At the time of writing, there were no apparent discounts available. There’s also no way to trial the software since they’re fully-integrated systems.

    Privacy and Security

    Privacy - as a leader in the world of cyberthreat defense, FireEye takes privacy measures very seriously. It’s possible to access its privacy policy on the site and see how your data is used and what is done to protect it.

    Security - Every solution FireEye offers, from Endpoint Security to Helix, puts safety first. Each of its systems utilizes cutting-edge security protocols against a wide range of online threats.

    Performance and Protection

    FireEye’s various solutions cover every conceivable type of online attack.

    Malware Protection

    The Endpoint Security option utilizes Malware Guard to detect and stop malware from happening.

    Ransomware Detection

    Endpoint Security also cuts any hacker activity off at the pass with its machine learning.

    Phishing Detection

    You need never worry about spam email infiltration due to advanced phishing software.

    Spyware Detection

    Endpoint Security obliterates spyware before it gets a chance to take hold.

    Firewall Protection

    As part of the built-in antivirus protection, Endpoint Security also includes high-level firewalls.

    Lab Test Results

    As an expert in countering cyber threats, FireEye has racked up various awards. These include the 'Best Security Company of the Year' Award at the 2019 Cyber Security Awards.

    Ease of Use and Interface

    Unfortunately, at the time of writing, it wasn’t possible to test out the software since it needs to be installed in a large-scale business environment.

    Customer Support

    FireEye can be contacted in a variety of ways, according to support options. These cover the customer programs available and include government-level tiers.